How to start betting online step by step

wettbüros onlineHere we will tell you something about start with online betting. You can be a rookie and you does not need to know anything. If you want to bet online, just follow these simple steps.

1) Learn the rules
Before you start, learn something about the principle of betting. Bettin online and in betting shops is mainly the same (see step 2).
Betting is all about the fact that you choose an event or events from the offer of betting office about which you think you know how will end in the result.
If your guess is right, money is given to you on your account at the office. If you know something about sport, you have nothing to solve and you can start.

2) Choose your betting office
The most important part is choice of betting office. Because we want to make it easy for you, we chose offices which we think that are above average.
Why to sign in via this site:
-we offer complete help with registration, betting and everything about it.
-we provide help via email and forum
-we guarantee a reply in 24 hours
-we test all offered office on our own
-your registration via this site supports the quality of this web.
Don´t bet in betting shops. It´s a disadvantageous for you. Let´s name some main advantages of online betting:
-maximal offer of events
-live betting
-no manipulation fee
-great odds, 10-50% higher than in bettting offices
-minimal bet since 0,10 AUD
-bonus or free bet for registration and first deposit
-any systems are allowed
-you can bet from home
-you can bet 24/7
-you can bet via phone or tablet
-results directly to your phone
-easy and comfortable interface

3) Make a deposit to your account
Have you already chosen your betting office? Then craete your account and transfer money to it, for which you will get a bonus. You can use many methods of deposit

4) Get your bonus
If you already bet from home anytime, why don´t you also get bonus? After registration and deposit of money you will get a welcome bonus, which is available in every office.
If you create your account and transfer enough money to every presented office, you can get up to 550 AUD as a Bet365 bonus. Complete overview of bonuses is available here.

5) Start your betting
You have money on your account, you have a bonus, so there is no need to wait. Start betting please.
How to do it? Every of the listed offices has very user friendly website. So you will surely not be lost in it. Some offices also offer an instructional animation for your first deposit.
How to bet:
-choose a sport
-choose a league
-choose a match
-click on odd you want to bet on
-the event will be shown on your ticket
-add other events if you want (we recommend max 4 matches on one ticket).
If you dont only bet on win, loose or draw, choose Other bets. There will be a list of other odds like handicap, double result (10, 02, 12), total amount of scores and so on.

6) Withdraw your money

If you want to enjoy your money, just withdraw it. You can use a bank transfer which takes 2-5 days, Visa card which takes 1-3 days or Moneybookers online wallet which gives you your money immediately.


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Kozák: This team has not reached its peak yet

“In particular, the first half was sensational, we played football as I wanted to produce this team further. Under the impression of the lead, we made some mistakes after the change of sides and the opponent lowered. It’s a nice team of fighters who do not give up in any state. But the most important thing is victory, we have won. “

” We still have a lot of work to do, but I would not believe we can do it this way. It’s a great feeling, I appreciate the boys. I believe fans are also happy. We only relied on ourselves. Nobody helped us during the qualification. The strength of our competitors was enormous. Spain and Ukraine have been making constant pressure on us.

“I did not doubt our success for a second.The team has character, quality, and I was convinced that we can do it. I thank fans not only for what they have been to here, but for all of us in Slovakia, who have been cheering us and creating a fantastic atmosphere in Zilina. Passing to the European Championship is something amazing, I have a very good feeling at home. I appreciate the boys. The last matches showed that we have something to work on. However, there is enough time for the ME to get the championship in good light. I made good boys who were progressing in clubs and teams. “

” It was exhausting days, but they were worth it, giving the team a crazy match with Belarus was not easy.I came to the national team with the fact that as a player I was previously in the world and European championships. I said what if I could do it as a coach. It was a huge challenge. If the challenges are fulfilled, it’s a great feeling. “

” It was not easy. When we started together, the confidence of these players was low. Škrtel and Hamšík were the top players in the eyes of the media and the public. Little has been written about the rest. Gradually with Pekarík, Hubočan, Ďurica, Kucka, Maka, and Weiss, they built very good players. It’s a good idea that some of them do not play in better teams. However, they gained self-confidence, and the game began to work together. This is coherent and balanced. Sure it would be good if we had another three or four quality players.But we are small Slovakia. “

” This team has not reached its peak yet. I feel she matures for two years, she has room for improvement. “

” I will be honest. When I saw how many people came to our last preparatory match before qualifying against Malta – I was very sad. I was wondering who we were doing for that? We still have good players, and will not come to encourage us. Even from this point of view, the first victory in Ukraine was very important. Right now, we have overtaken Spain, and our fans have just started to believe us. Football has reached the positive light.The proof of it was that we had all the home matches sold out. “

” I’m not too crowded at all but a champagne cup after such a success. I’m very tired. “

David Willey participeghja u T20 di u Munnu di cunfurmità cù hat-trick in contru l’Inghilterra

David Willey hà fattu u so casu per un pianu iniziali à u XXimu XXIII pigliatu un caprettu cù i so cumpagni di inghilterra in un calore incù un Mestimentu-and-match with a Mumbai XI.Kumar Sangakkara: l’Inghilterra hà realizatu Bet365 mudellu intelligente Nantu à u mentore Mahela Jayawardene Aghjuderam més

U cumpagnu di Yorkshire hè statu unu di i quattru partiti di l’squadra in parachuted à u locu locu – uniscendu Adil Rashid, James Vince è Jos Buttler – e finiscinu l’innings cù trè viticuli in quelli Bola.

Joe Root hà statu a Bet365 prima vittima, seguitata da Moeen Ali è Chris Jordan chì Willey mostrà a so morte a credenza di bowling in u Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

Ingrambdiu finitu in 177 per Ottu, Root avutu u puntuatu in 48.Rashid hà impressionatu ancu in i so primi trè overs, cuscendu chì l’avvelenata Jason Roy (32) è Alex Hales (37) ani smashed for two big sixes da u so cumpagnu di u so cumpagnu di Yorkshire in a so quarta.

Hè finitu Cù duie per 33, cun l’esse finale di Willey chì Bet365 mobilno klađenje guariscenze trè for 35. L’armatura speddetta Willey, chì ghjucanu cun Liam Plunkett è Liam Dawson per l’ultimu postu in Linea di bowling d’Inghilterra, avianu fattu pocu per avanà a so causa finu à esse messu in manu Finali di l’innings

Perchè accadutu sette da e so primi trè trè ridoni, Ghjesù cullava à Root, chì svilò à longu. U moeen hà avutu l’ultimu postu di cunsigliu è era bè cù un Bet365 buttler back-tracking detrás da i stumps.

Hè purtatu à Jordan à faccia a bola di triccata, chì era strapatu fora di fora.L’alla scaccionu ùn hà micca imprudendu cumplittatu à u travagliu è aghjustatu solu una catturà à Jay Bista nantu à a cunfini frontiale.

Riluttante, Rashid hà finita l’altri pruprietori di l’abreure Roy è Hales. Tutti l’altri figuranu in bonu tuccu perdu in u partitu di u Bet365 mumentu cù l’Antiglie, u Roy seguita u 55 in contru à Nova Zelanda u sàbbatu cù un altru rinfriscenu chì cuntene quatre quattru e un sei.

Hà accuratu un scupertu à u terzu omu Per finisce u stoppiu di stazione à 69, prima Hales chiatciò una reticura per piglià à Rashid.

U leg-spinner hà avutu una manu à escecà u Bet365 capitanu Eoin Morgan di 11, ma Ben Stokes truvò una misura di forma Cù 30 da 23 pilami.

Betting odds

Betting odd says what chance gives the bookmaker to the event. Event means tennis match, football match or horse race. During last few years there also occured such events like president elections, win in talent shows or whether Eurozone will fall or not.

Odds has different levels and it´s usually not easy to say whether the odd is good. Multiply odd by your bet and you have a potential win. If you bet 1000€ for win of home team with odd 1,8, potential win is 1800€. The lower is odd, the higher is chance according to bookmaker.

If you bet more events on one ticket, odds are multiplying. In words of mathematics, odd is inverted value of probability. That´s why favorite always has lower odd (high probability of win) and outsider has higher odd (lower probability of win). Betting is all about finding a value odd.

At the end let´s say that knowledge about odds is key to success. Remember that odd says how high is the probability that the event will come true. And at the very end we recommend to compare odds of more offices, because they may differ. Lot of people say that Bet365, Unibet and Sportingbet has the highest betting odds compared to the others.

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