How to start betting online step by step

wettbüros onlineHere we will tell you something about start with online betting. You can be a rookie and you does not need to know anything. If you want to bet online, just follow these simple steps.

1) Learn the rules
Before you start, learn something about the principle of betting. Bettin online and in stone offices is mainly the same (see step 2).
Betting is all about the fact that you choose an event or events from the offer of betting office about which you think you know how will end in the result.
If your guess is right, money is given to you on your account at the office. If you know something about sport, you have nothing to solve and you can start.

2) Choose your betting office
The most important part is choice of betting office. Because we want to make it easy for you, we chose offices which we think that are above average.
Why to sign in via this site:
-we offer complete help with registration, betting and everything about it.
-we provide help via email and forum
-we guarantee a reply in 24 hours
-we test all offered office on our own
-your registration via this site supports the quality of this web.
Don´t bet in stone offices. It´s a disadvantageous for you. Let´s name some main advantages of online betting:
-maximal offer of events
-live betting
-no manipulation fee
-great odds, 10-50% higher than in stone offices
-minimal bet since 0,10 AUD
-bonus or free bet for registration and first deposit
-any systems are allowed
-you can bet from home
-you can bet 24/7
-you can bet via phone or tablet
-results directly to your phone
-easy and comfortable interface

3) Make a deposit to your account
Have you already chosen your betting office? Then craete your account and transfer money to it, for which you will get a bonus. You can use many methods of deposit

4) Get your bonus
If you already bet from home anytime, why don´t you also get bonus? After registration and deposit of money you will get a welcome bonus, which is available in every office.
If you create your account and transfer enough money to every presented office, you can get up to 550 AUD as a bonus ( Bet365, Unibet, William Hill ). Complete overview of bonuses is available here.

5) Start your betting
You have money on your account, you have a bonus, so there is no need to wait. Start betting please.
How to do it? Every of the listed offices has very user friendly website. So you will surely not be lost in it. Some offices also offer an instructional animation for your first deposit.
How to bet:
-choose a sport
-choose a league
-choose a match
-click on odd you want to bet on
-the event will be shown on your ticket
-add other events if you want (we recommend max 4 matches on one ticket).
If you dont only bet on win, loose or draw, choose Other bets. There will be a list of other odds like handicap, double result (10, 02, 12), total amount of scores and so on.

6) Withdraw your money

If you want to enjoy your money, just withdraw it. You can use a bank transfer which takes 2-5 days, Visa card which takes 1-3 days or Moneybookers online wallet which gives you your money immediately.



Košice after another toothless failure with a knife in the neck, dramatic shootout in Zvolen

Compared to the previous encounter significantly they add guests, but domestic countered them well. Already in the 2nd minute, the home could take the lead, but Markovic raid defused Habal. With 7 minutes to burn Corbeil Bartánus, but Martin’s goalman was appropriate. The next minutes were experienced Košičania better, but Corbeil confirms the good form. With 11 minutes played, the happiness when Suju shot went just beside the goal. In the 15th minute, he awarded after a shot Bartos and was still on fire missiles. From goal but enjoyed Martinskí hockey players. After a nice combination of the second attack was close asserted Heizer. In the 19thminute solo Pulliho ended just wide.

Also in the second act will be something to look at. After 21 minutes, he headed Suja next attempt and Tibora Vargu domestic collided. 24 minutes after the event Surovka Rzavský headed over. The attacks took turns on both sides, both goalkeepers were however support. After 34 minutes at a power play yet again maintained the domestic Corbeil chance at Hunu. Martinskí exemplary hockey players fighting, carefully defended, and even though he had more of the favorite games, hardly enforced in the attack. Goal has not fallen even further advantages with guests on single player as well as after the second period led Martin 1 0.

With 41 minutes played cope Huna, but missed Martinska goal.Do not you-get confirmed again. With 43 minutes just pointed to the blue Pulli he added a second goal enthusiastically struggling domestic. Guests then step up their efforts after a goal, Martin pushed into a deep defensive and fired from each position. Canadian goalkeeper Corbeil, however, pulled the blind, was the best player on the ice and kept a clean sheet. Ninety seconds before the end guests appealed keeper, but Koyš, putting the empty goal finally decided. Home on ice all your strength, and when to add and hockey heart was born the next big surprise.Martin leads the meeting unexpectedly 3: 1.

In the fourth quarterfinal match playoff hockey Tipsport League HKM Zvolen beat HC Zilina 5: 4 and equalized state series at 2: 2nd The fifth match is scheduled to Zilina ice upcoming Saturday. & Nbsp;

Zvolencania started against the previous match in the scrambling assembly and rozkrútili perfect carousel. Again, the initial scored two goals for the third time in the series and the citizens of Žilina again had to lead skresávať. In the 1st period they were able to cope well, but to break the goal-scorer feast nevertheless losing. Scores opened in the 3rd minute after Hraško shot that found its niche in gear goalkeeper Tomek.About 28 seconds later the bomb Valenta added another goal and address the plight coach Jančuška resting time. He fell on deaf ears, as early as 7 min completely free Húževka power play and dropped in 13 minutes J. Jurík from blue equalized. Domestic favored in the 15th min goal frost numerical superiority following a shot from the point and was really deserved. Zvolencania in the first period overshadowed opponent in 11 minutes burned chance Habšuda, after it hit the rod for Hraško and the number of shots in the ratio of 18:10 was obvious who had superiority on the ice.

Offensive guests broke out soon after the break. The 23rdmin Gmitter in a great chance to hit the rod for Zvolenska goal, soon outnumbered the pears again foundered before wicket Hovorka a an opportunity Handlovská weakening in the 27 minutes called for a better ending. In the 30th minute he fell in his own third Zuzin a Hovorka was barreling alone at the goalkeeper Šimka, but again missed the network. Spectators thrilled 32 min and fighting title insert with the most active Novak Rogoń and quite fragmented game led to the equalizing goal behind Handlovská goal 20 seconds before the break.For home can also be quite frustrating when the puck into his own goal steered Smith.

In the third period Zvolencania already boarded without Klhůfka with a serious knee injury and weakening was very uncomfortable. The conscript Simko was replaced Baroš a under pressure guests had to be constantly on the alert. After 47 minutes Petras tried Tomeka attention and it was obvious that both teams realize the importance of which only one scored goal. With 48 minutes as a bolt from the blue came Zuzin all alone in front of the goalie, didn’t hesitate and after 53 minutes of breakaway Frost scored another goal Zvolencania, dvojgólovým deficit already liquidated citizens of Žilina difficult.Nearly six minutes before the end they played the power play not only guests, but also referred to the goalkeeper and the gamble has brought them only contact goal 57 minutes after the end of the numerous advantages with flow Čížka. & Nbsp; & Nbsp;

Betting odds

Betting odd says what chance gives the bookmaker to the event. Event means tennis match, football match or horse race. During last few years there also occured such events like president elections, win in talent shows or whether Eurozone will fall or not.

Odds has different levels and it´s usually not easy to say whether the odd is good. Multiply odd by your bet and you have a potential win. If you bet 1000€ for win of home team with odd 1,8, potential win is 1800€. The lower is odd, the higher is chance according to bookmaker.

If you bet more events on one ticket, odds are multiplying. In words of mathematics, odd is inverted value of probability. That´s why favorite always has lower odd (high probability of win) and outsider has higher odd (lower probability of win). Betting is all about finding a value odd.

At the end let´s say that knowledge about odds is key to success. Remember that odd says how high is the probability that the event will come true. And at the very end we recommend to compare odds of more offices, because they may differ. Lot of people say that Bet365, Unibet and Bet-atHome has the highest betting odds compared to the others.


Betting and online bets

Most of clients moves frome stone casinos and betting offices to the Internet. This type of betting is much more interesting for bettors but even for casinos and offices. Thanks to saved money which are neccessary to run a stone office can online offices offer many advantages and benefits.

Online betting is full of advantages. You don´t need to go anywhere, you only need an Internet connection which can be also solved by mobile internet. You can also watch live streams and bet live. In a short time you can compare odds and change your bets in real time. Odds are usually lower than in stone offices. Online ofices provides you some great entry bonuses (like Bet365 , William Hill or BWin ) which can be used for your bets. Thanks to lot of information available on the Internet you can also see stats and development of situation, so you can guess the result better. Online betting is wide ranged and you can bet on various events, not only the sport ones.

Online betting is also suitable for betting strategies which would be never accepted in stone office. Financial matter of the thing is also no problem. Online betting is fast, safe and you can use many payment methods. For example credit card, bank transfer or online wallets. The same is available also for withdrawals.