A big stone fell from our heart, coach Hasek admitted after winning Třinec

This is a rare phenomenon this year. Pardubice footballers, after a two-league match with Třinec, were locked in the cloakroom, from where he was enthralled for the victory. Last time the same happened in the 6th round of the 13th September, when they beat the same result, 1: 0, at home in Frýdek-Místek. Otherwise, at Pod Vinicad stadiums were only collecting draws and defeats, even though they played well on other playgrounds.

“During the week we talked to the players maybe more than ever, because we were aware that this game was From a point of view of a later balancing of the work of the entire team and the staff around him, such a crossroads, “said Pardubice coach Martin Hašek.He added: “If we did not score, it would be clear that the autumn will be evaluated negatively.”

Pardubice started the game actively, and the captain Jeřábek, where Hasek escaped, tried hard in the attack. At the end of the opening ten minutes, he accidentally tapped Trinca, but none of that was the same as when he sent a dangerous balloon for defense or a point where he headed just in the middle of the goalkeeper’s goalkeeper Rohel. However, Pardubice Frydrych must have been the goal – for the first time at the time when Stoper Vencl wanted to kick the ball into safety, but headed for his own goal.But Frydrych was the most distinguished player against the head of Těchovský Motyčka shortly before the end of the first half.

“It was a clear goal chance, Luděk (Frydrych) dissuaded her with a great deal. If we were to get a goal, it would be hard to guess how the match would have been, but in any case it would be much more challenging for us, “said coach Hasek, who immediately after the breaker had been oxygenated by the offensive by two bullets and the Crane pulled down the hitch. As it turned out, it was a good move. One of the forwards, Michal Petráň took the ball from the midfielder Řezníčka in 54 minutes and hit the right pole.

However, the Goal Fuse did not come, and Třinec, who flopped forward, scared the home bench a few times. “Fortunately, we did not bother. It was obvious that the players went out of their way.A great match fell from the heart, “said coach Hasek.

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