A double-judged Abu Dhabi race will decide the F1 world champion

In order for the British pilot not to look at the result of a Mercedes teammate and the only competitor Nico Rosberg from Germany, the Yas Marina will have to run second, with a normal sixth place. But while Mercedes is still dominated by Mercedes, Hamilton still has very good cards.

The eventual Mercedes victory will mean a record sixteenth win for one team in the season. Hamilton already has ten of them, so many times in one year have succeeded only Germans Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, both of them also celebrated the title. In addition to Mercedes, which can reach the record eleven doubles, only Red Bull won this year – Daniel Ricciardo triumphed in Canada, Hungary and Belgium.All statistics and records, however, will overshadow the fight for an individual title on Sunday.

“I do not have a comfortable lead at all,” Hamilton said, seeking a second title after 2008.In the game, 50 points will be the first. “You can not guess what the last race will be, so I’m going to win,” he said. “We have to prepare the most reliable car for both of us to make it a fair battle and not a fortune or a bad luck,” Mercedes Wolff said. That double points will be split on Sunday, probably for the first time and last time. he likes Rosberg in a Formula One world, which gives him a better chance of reversing the season. “The double points are a little strange, surely, but after all, the championship is open until the last minute,” Rosberg said. “It’s the same for everyone, and it’s good for the tension in the fight for the title to the last minute,” the German added.

But most of them are reluctant to rule. “It’s like giving you double points in the last round of the German Football League.It’s absurd, “he criticized the situation, for example, the unsuccessful advocate of the Vettel title. Riders say the third place in Abu Dhabi will bring more points than a standard victory.

But the race will not only be a title. The fight for the third place in the Red Bull Constructors’ Cup is open and better developed for Williams, who can defeat Ferrari for the first time since 1997. The most famous team of history has the last chance to win at least one season win; without winning was the Italian stables last time in 1993.

Vettel in Abu Dhabi joins the last race in the colors of the Red Bull, Fernando Alonso again takes a farewell start for Ferrari, where after the season vacancies Vettela. For the last time in the formula can go World Champion of 2009 Brit Jenson Button.Stage McLaren ends with Mercedes and will use Honda engines and will probably sign a contract with Alons from the new season.

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