Americans helps the shooter Emmons. Biathlete admire, says

well-known and quite unexpected reinforcements have American biathletes World Cup in Nove Moravia. The garish orange team jacket with the word USA and a skull cap with a pom-pom monitors their behavior Matt Emmons, sport shooter and husband of Olympic champion Kateřiny Emmons. The team advises the shooting because, he says, is almost the same as that in the career always paid.

Matt Emmons is popular in the sports world figure. Its immediacy gained fans and good mood spread around the Highlands region. “It’s wonderful. The atmosphere races.I’m enjoying it, “he says enthusiastically.

In the race stands at the shooting range in the American section for binoculars and together with the other coach watching actions of their competitors. Records, where they go missiles, rushes with the council. In his hand he has a radio.

“I help at the shooting range, I can analyze, recognize, if certain things are repeated. If necessary, we solve things immediately, “he says.

This collaboration has its roots about five years in the past when sports psychologists, with which it is in contact Emmons, began to cooperate with the US Biathlon. “I told them that if they ever need help, be sure to let you know. I understand shooting, biathlon, too, I love it.I have a couple of them tried it and it was fun. Well, before he called the head of the US Biathlon. So here I am, “said the 35-year participant in four summer Olympics.

With the team undergoing some camps, the rest of the season provides consultations over the Internet or on Skype. Concern as shooting techniques and psychological side of things. He and his wife Catherine lived in the Czech Republic, where last year he started as a coach in the shooting Dukla, so his first World Cup of the season personally went right to the Highlands.

Most apparently needs a moment to recognize when someone is need to intervene. “But as well as when and at what level.The younger shooters error detection is faster because they make more. The man shoots a longer period, the smaller are its mistakes. Then I need to see more of his shots to the detail in the image, knew his habits, “says Emmons.

Shooting the biathlon Rimfire is in his words, similar to the shooting, which was donated. “The style is almost identical. There are some differences that I know, so I pay attention to them. And of course, the difference in firing rate. Biathlon is much faster, “he says.

The shooting is to say a few.At four Olympics, won three medals, and although many fans it has all is fixed in memory, mainly due to his often funny minelám as when one accidentally fired into the opponent’s target, do not be fooled: Emmons is a very successful sportsman.

he admires biathletes. “They are amazing. Hit the target if you have a normal heartbeat is not so difficult. But when you have a high pulse and you are tired, it is extremely difficult to shoot. Extremely for everyone. I have a lot of respect for biathlete, “he says.

He tried to biathlon in Minnesota, where once lived with his wife Catherine.There he ran cross-country skiing, biathlon and because few knew eventually bought the gun to have a complete experience.

significantly heavier in his opinion shoot standing. “Shooting is lying entirely mechanical thing. If you know how to build a position and stay in it, you should be fine. It should work. Handstand on the other hand, especially at the end of the race, it is something else entirely. When a contestant is tired, the calm breath and feet…it’s just very difficult matter, “he says. It can also take the role of Czech representatives whose actions follows at the range of twenty thousand spectators. “It is understandable that it is a little nervous.I have not spoken with either of them, but in combination with mental fatigue may be the reason why they do not always succeed in standing shooting the way they want. This pressure, in which the boiler is very, very difficult to deal with, “he says.

After the World Cup returns to the Highland family in Pilsen, and the Americans will join again before the World Cup, which is in February. “Races like the highlands I saw it was needed. It is always preferable to see the athletes in action. Some races other than trains. But if we have something to work on while racing a little time. From that serves a training camp that we have before MS. I will attend.Biathlete admire, says & amp; url = http: // .html “target =” _ blank “>

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