Best to home: the first match in Hradec spring arrives leader of Pilsen

“He’s coming rival of the most difficult that it also showed that a week ago at home scored Ceske Budejovice six goals,” he recognizes the strength of the opponent, one of the coaches Hradec Kralove team Bohuslav Pilný.

But even opponents must be alert, because Hradec, though still a significant drop in the table last spring came into sympathetically. A week ago in Mlada Boleslav, although he lost the opening half 0: 2, but in the second compared to a big favorite of course he won the match point.

“Hradec did well winter training, succeeded him as well as entry into the spring. Therefore, we expect a tough game.But we’d like to Hradec brought the mood and style of play of the game with Budejovice, “said team coach Miroslav Koubek pilsner.

Both teams in this season not complain that they do not know how your opponent plays. In autumn, he had fought three times, next to the league and twice in the Cup. League duel fell clearly for Plzen to him in the course won 4: 0, but cup matches have been more balanced, albeit after the results of 1: 2 and 0: 0 ceded favorite.

“In Pilsen we uhrála a goalless draw, but a lot of us held the goalkeeper Kuciak.On the other hand, play can be with each and with one hundred percent performance of all the players, and when to us leans happiness is not the only reason we were previously defeated, “said Diligent.

Hradečtí coaches probably do not have much reason markedly interfere in the assembly that a week ago uhrála draw in Mlada Boleslav.Unlike him, but they already have a stopper Nosek, who Hradec came in winter, in preparation took but a match in Mlada Boleslav not let him stripped nail on the big toe.

Out of the way from basic cadre remain just another stopper Juraj cross which artists worked their magic with injuries since the beginning of the preparation, but in recent days began with a light workout and ill Jan Shejbal.

Sunday’s match is one of the highlights of the season in Hradec Kralove, thanks povedenému entry into Hradec spring games are waiting for a decent visit, in addition to football fans can look forward to parting with Marek Kulič, who winter in Hradec ended professional career.

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