Bloody Gordie Howe? The nearest to him is Jagr

BRATISLAVA. NHL was still 52 years old. “You must love what you are doing. If you like, you can overcome any hurdles or pain and play for a long time, “said Gordie Howe, 68, of the NHL website.

A member of the Hockey Hall of Fame played in the 2421 olympic profily, the last one in 1980.

It is now unrealistic to play hockey players actively up to the fifties. There are, however, many who play at the highest level even after over the age of forty.

Here are eight of those who could join the current NHL. There are only two Jaggers and Gonchar in the list. FirstJaromir Jagr (42 years old, assailant)

It belongs to a group of twenty-five players who have won the three most important collective trophies in hockey – the Stanley Cup victory, Olympic gold and world champion title.

Still three years ago, he played in the Competitive Continental Hockey League (KHL). Returning to the NHL in 39 years seemed unrealistic.

However, before the 2011/12 season, he signed a Philadelphia Flyers contract and earned 57 points in the base. The next year started for the lock in his native Kladno, after which he moved to Dallas Stars.

Before the end of the transfer shuttle, he changed it to Boston Bruins.Together with Captain Zden Chárom, they finally got to the Stanley Cup final.

Since September 2013, she has been dressing a New Jersey Devils jersey. If someone is to emulate Gordie Howe, it’s Jaromir Jagr.

“I love hockey. I do not know if the next season will be my last in the NHL. If I stay healthy, it will certainly not be the last one. I want to play in 50 years, maybe more. I want to stay in the NHL until I’m good, “Forty-three-year-old Czech striker told Sixth most productive NHL player.

The past year has played at full load with a minimum break.In the NHL he played all the duels of the base, in February he took up the ZOH in Sochi and in May he also performed at the World Championship in Minsk.

The upcoming season will be his 21st in the Canadian-American NHL. Overseas experts are predicting a profit of 60 points. He could become the fourth player to score 1800 points.

New Jersey Devils has captured over 14 decades of unbelievable 1464 meetings in over two decades. He created several records and became a symbol of success.

Two years ago, the team from Newark brought the next Stanley Cup final. He was about forty years old.

“I know a lot of people say it’s great to end a career on top. For me, however, it is essential that when I say the end, it will be the end. I will not return.I want to be sure I make the right decision. Right now I bid for a return, “Martin Brodeur told reporters during the final round between New Jersey and Los Angeles Kings.

The decision could be changed after the triumph, but the loss made it even more motivated. In the last two seasons he has not been among the best goalscorers, since July he is also a free player. But his desire is to get another Stanley Cup.

“I’d like to play in a competitive team, that’s clear. If I do not get caught often, I want to have at least the chance to win every time I’m in the goal.There are places where I really do not want to go, but there are places where I would not mind, “Brodeura quoted the AP news agency.

“He certainly wants to win 12 victories that are missing him to 700. Marty is physically and mentally ready to capture another season. When the season begins, there will be opportunities for him. It can come sooner or later, “Brodeurov agent Pat Brisson told

In profilige he debuted a couple of weeks before his twentieth birthday. He built up a stable place in the competition in his twenty-five years. He recently celebrated Ray Whitney 42 and played the 22nd NHL in the NHL.

“It was not the best season. My legs are still strong.But it’s almost impossible to bend them when you are over 40 and you only play eight to ten minutes for a match, even in hardcore games, “a veteran Canadian veteran last dressed in the Dallas Stars jersey told the Edmonton Journal.

Whitney does not belong to high hockey players, it only measures 178 centimeters. But he has a great sense of play and skillful hands. He has 385 goals and 1064 points in his account. He is currently without an engagement and is waiting for a phone call from the agent.

“I’m in a hurry and skating. At this moment, I’m limited and I can not choose where to go, “ESPN’s 2006 Stanley Cup winner said in an interview with ESPN.

The draft was twenty-one, even from 133rd.However, none of the players that clubs have chosen before him has become as famous as he did.

The best years of his career he spent in Ottawa Senators, where he was fourteen years captain. Still, striker Daniel Alfredsson decided to leave Canadian capital last season and played the season in Detroit. He is currently a free player, but he should talk to Detroit.

“He said he felt better. I think this week will be important to him. We believe he will be with us. I think it was good that you took the time to relax. Hopefully this will work, “Henrik Zetterberg, a co-player at Detroit, told the club website.

“I love this sport, it’s the best job in the world.We will sit together with our wife and we will develop, “said Alfredsson last year, with 1157 points the second most productive Swedish NHL hockey player.

The 54-year-old Swedish has won both a gold and a bronze Olympic medal in the career, with four precious metals together. At the end of his career he is not ready yet, the desire to win the Stanley Cup premiere.

The career of this Russian goalie can be divided into two halves – before and after the NHL in the 2004/05 season. In front of her was the top scorer, he won the bronze Olympic medal and the Stanley Cup. After he finished, he was worried. In the last season he was a substitute for the Chicago Blackhawks.

“I have to get used to it, of course, but I try to prepare for every game as if I were to catch it.Regardless of whether or not I am actually, “Nicholas Chabibulin, 43, told Chicago.

The native of Yekaterinburg skipped half of the seasons for the shoulder operation. In July he became an unlimited free player. It is not yet clear whether it will ever appear in the Overseas Profilige.

When Defender Chris Chelios was hiking, he was 47 years old. Russian defender Sergei Gonchar will most likely be just reminiscent of a career at this age. But it does not change the fact that he is currently preparing for his twentieth season in the Canadian-American NHL.

The winner of Stanley’s 2009 Cup kicks off a new year where he finished last – the Dallas Stars team.Even though he was threatened with retirement in the summer, the club’s leadership was unsuccessfully trying to replace him.

He has experienced an unusual catch-up style that has greatly plagued opponents. In 2011, Boston Bruins made the last Stanley Cup. After season 2012/13, however, Tim Thomas announced that he wants to relax for a year of hockey.

The ice came back in the autumn of the past thirty-nine years. In the year, he caught on average, for Florida Panthers and Dallas Stars, he scored 48 starts. However, in the current competition of goalkeepers, they have decided steady performances and did not show them in the last season.

For several years Vancouver Canucks and Finnish representations have been supported.However, the three-time Olympic Winter Olympics medalist has many injuries during his career. The same was true of the last season he spent in Tampe Bay Lightning.

Since July, Sami Salo has been a free player. In a recent Tampa Bay Times daily, he said he would like to continue his career. The problem is unstoppable wrist injury from the last NHL play-off.

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