Can Iniesta be more interesting about marketing than Cristiano Ronaldo?

BRATISLAVA. German company Repucom, which specializes in sports marketing, has compiled a ranking of ten of the most attractive European footballers in the market.

It’s not surprising that the TOP 10 dominated the Portuguese phenomenon CR7, the second one ended with Ronald’s former teammate from Manchester United Wayne Rooney, the third straight to Andrés Iniest from Barcelona.

We do not find either a defender or a goalkeeper in the leaderboard. All awards are rhythm attack types.Top 10 list of Europe’s most marketable footballers: #CelebrityDBI #SportsData – Repucom (@Repucom) June 11, 2015

Germany and the Netherlands (both after two nominations), the richest English Premier League. Moreover, only three of Iniesta, Pirlo and Götz have no direct experience with the Premier League.

The youngest member of the elite selection is the aforementioned Gold Goal Shooter from the 2014 World Cup, German Mario Götz (23 years).

On the other hand, the 36-year offensive master Andrea Pirlo, by the way, is the only representative of the Italian top competition.Two factors

The Repucom setters assessed two key criteria: Global awareness and so-called ” The Davie-Brown Index (DBI), which enables marketers to assess and quantify the perception of world celebrities by the eyes of ordinary consumers.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the most famous face among the dozen. Around 85% of the men’s population and 80% of the women’s population were reported by the Portuguese midfielder.

The results are exclusively for Europeans, so we do not find Lionel Messi or Neymara in the ranking. It is certain, however, that in the global TOP 10, these two offensive assales would not have lost Gareth Bale or Eden Hazard.Hidden Benefits

However, as the authors of the study report, apart from the two main factors, the players’ interest in the player also influences the underlying factors, which may not be so in the eyes, but they are no less important.

This includes, for example, the desire of the environment to resemble its public aspirations, or the confidence or credibility of the football player. Whether at a national or global level.

And Andres Iniesta reigns in these scales.Within Public aspirations, he has reached 90% in his home country, which means that a fresh winner of the Champions League with his performance and total self-expression inspires 9 out of 10 people in Spain.

The FC Barcelona midfielder also has a high figure, as well as the confidence of the Spanish public towards his person, namely 87%.

Similarly, Italian Pirlo is reaching high levels.With 41% of global awareness @Pirlo_official is one of Europe’s most marketable players: – Repucom (@Repucom) June 12, 2015

(Stoch, Balotelli, Baros), but we also know the other group.

Man does not need too much imagination to think of Iniesta with Pirl.

Of course, the decency, humility and personal integrity of the chosen sports personality are just a cherry cherry for companies.

Finally, which company does not like the stability?Strength of appearance

Not only for women – sportswomen applies that beauty sells.For many businesses, the second most important indicator of interest is the player’s appearance.

Of course, far higher percentages of women have identified a personal affinity for players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Mario Götz.

Men admire their sporting achievements on the players, the female part of the audience is interested in distinctly different attributes.

Therefore, corporate patrons respond differently, as well as demonstrating the annual revenue of players from sponsorship.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a non-sovereign leader, earning around 30-35 million euros.

But the second one in the Wayne Rooney rankings is at best only 5.5 million euros.The third Andrés Iniesta receives from the sponsors even less – about 2.5 million euros.

On the contrary, despite the lower rankings in the rankings, Gareth Bale is second in terms of Spartak’s finances. Welchan, serving Real Madrid, spins $ 5-6 million a year from sponsors.

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