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How to start betting online step by step

wettbüros onlineHere we will tell you something about start with online betting on Unibet or another top betting platform. You can be a rookie and you does not need to know anything. If you want to bet online, just follow these simple steps.

1) Learn the rules
Before you start, learn something about the principle of betting. Bettin online and in betting shops is mainly the same (see step 2).
Betting is all about the fact that you choose an event or events from the offer of betting office about which you think you know how will end in the result.
If your guess is right, money is given to you on your account at the office. If you know something about sport, you have nothing to solve and you can start.

2) Choose your betting office
The most important part is choice of betting office. Because we want to make it easy for you, we chose offices which we think that are above average.
Why to sign in via this site:
-we offer complete help with registration, betting and everything about it.
-we provide help via email and forum
-we guarantee a reply in 24 hours
-we test all offered office on our own
-your registration via this site supports the quality of this web.
Don´t bet in betting shops. It´s a disadvantageous for you. Let´s name some main advantages of online betting:
-maximal offer of events
-live betting
-no manipulation fee
-great odds, 10-50% higher than in bettting offices
-minimal bet since 0,10 AUD
-bonus or free bet for registration and first deposit
-any systems are allowed
-you can bet from home
-you can bet 24/7
-you can bet via phone or tablet
-results directly to your phone
-easy and comfortable interface

3) Make a deposit to your account
Have you already chosen your betting office? Then craete your account and transfer money to it, for which you will get a Sportingbet bônus. You can use many methods of deposit

4) Get your bonus
If you already bet from home anytime, why don´t you also get bonus? After registration and deposit of money you will get a welcome bonus, which is available in every office.
If you create your account and transfer enough money to every presented office, you can get up to 550 AUD as a Bet365 bonus. Complete overview of bonuses is available here.

5) Start your betting
You have money on your account, you have a bonus, so there is no need to wait. Start betting please.
How to do it? Every of the listed offices has very user friendly website. So you will surely not be lost in it. Some offices also offer an instructional animation for your first deposit.
How to bet:
-choose a sport
-choose a league
-choose a match
-click on odd you want to bet on
-the event will be shown on your ticket
-add other events if you want (we recommend max 4 matches on one ticket).
If you dont only bet on win, loose or draw, choose Other bets. There will be a list of other odds like handicap, double result (10, 02, 12), total amount of scores and so on.

6) Withdraw your money
If you want to enjoy your money, just withdraw it. You can use a bank transfer which takes 2-5 days, Visa card which takes 1-3 days or Moneybookers online wallet which gives you your money immediately.


No interest and no points. Now to suppress emotions, the Brno coach Habanec is headed

The gunslinger on Friday’s league premiere finally succumbed to an enthusiastically playing newcomer 1: 3. “I’m disappointed with the performance and the result,” coach Habanec said. “We have fallen into personal battles. We played a second violin in a number of other activities. ”

In a new year in which Zbrojovka wants to forget the gray 11th place of last season, she explored four new acquisitions. But the introduction was Baník. The guests were brisk, more dangerous, in the middle of the field they gathered the reflected balloons easily as raspberries.

“They made us trouble in breakeven situations. We were lucky that we did not play at the beginning 0: 2 or 0: 3, “said the oldest player Zbrojovka Jan Polák.

Goalkeeper Melichárek did not collect after 27 minutes after the great Hrubý volley.The home team, however, managed to counter ten minutes later after a successful action. “My goal was overwhelming that we got three and lost,” complained Milos Kratochvíl, who scored in the league debut. “I believed that we were going to get better after the goal, we would be stronger on the balloon,” Habanec said.

The squadron was a better team after the match. But…”There were some midfield missiles, but there was no chance,” said Tomas Pilik, a midfielder from Brno. “It was so refined.”

And so Baro hit. That is, the one who applauded almost the entire stadium during the rotation and all fans of football wanted a similar comeback.Except for those from Brno.

Only the Factor Baros did not decide the duel. “I missed more impudence and enthusiasm,” admitted coach Zbrojovka, whose defeat at the very end was played by Bronislav Stáňa. “Last week, I threatened to play in the team for 21 years, probably helped,” said Ostrava coach Radim Kučera. “He wanted to show up in his region, he comes from Znojmo.But I’m going to have to keep it short, “the ex-co-junior coach said after the league premiere.

The Zbrojovka, after a brisk mace, who was certainly not bored thanks to the high standard, “The game was not good,” Pilik said. Kratochvíl said: “We have to watch such a match,” Kratochvíl said. Although both of them came to Brno in the summer break, they knew very well what had been annoyed by the Zbrojovka during the previous season – the unnecessary domestic loss that Brno has begun this year’s leagues. Coach Habanec sent to the court instead of the injured defender of Jablonský záložník Prichystala and behind the midfielder Pilík offensive returnee Škoda. It felt like the domestic desire for three points.They do not have one.

“We have to suppress emotions and cool off the negativity that will be here for a while,” Habanec said. “It’s not all that well. I do not want to make some alibi, but we have to go on, get up and be optimistic, “added Polák.

Forget the last season, they want Sokolov football players

“We want to go back to the top of the table and play attractive football. Another goal is the progress in the cup, we want to welcome the first league team again, “says club president Tomáš Provazník before the start of the season.

We will have to wait for the first task to complete, but to succeed the other successfully works. In the first cup, Baník won in Louny 7: 0 and in the second he is going to SK Zápa, the scheduled date is August 9.

Sokolov plays the first two games outdoors due to the reconstruction of the playing area, after joining Vlašim next Friday in Ústí nad Labem and for the first time will present their own audiences in a new date, Sunday 13th.August from 15 am against Tábor.

“There have been some problems with the subsoil, but the work has been successful and I believe we can do the homework for the season without any problems,” Provazník assures.

And that’s not all. “There was a meeting with the mayor of the city about the repairs of the city stadium, especially the tribune. We firmly believe that reconstruction will start soon, “adds Baník Sokolovský president. “We want to continue to improve the conditions in the club, especially for our youth,” he adds.


As traditionally before the season there was a lot of change in Sokolov. Vondráček and Blažek joined at the last minute.There are currently three goalkeepers in the squad, but Shiman is currently injured.

The defense is undergoing a major change, after six years, Zbyněk Vondráček left the pillar, but the club gained the expert Peter Mraz. In anticipation, Michal Hlavatý, a representative in the age of nineteen, would be able to fulfill his expectations, and the great incomes of the attackers Adam Ševčík and František Dvořák would be.

“I did not know the team, but I was surprised what it is. I am very pleased with how guys work and how they perform. We have a good team and football boys have fun, which I will try to endure, “admits one of the coaches Pavel Horváth, another of Sokolov’s new faces.It is part of strengthening and expanding the implementation team.

“Unfortunately, goalkeepers Jiří Bertelman and Václav Zíma have finished. They were replaced by Stanislav Vahala, keeper of goalkeepers, David Palla, team leader and Miroslav Fousem, a master, “said Tomáš Provazník, president of the club.

Even changes in the player’s playgroup have one of the meanings. “We were accused of not having our own players. Currently, there are fifteen players in our team. ”

The main coach remains the current sports director of the club, Vítězslav Hejret, and coach Pavel Horváth understands this. “I have no problem in Sokolov, I was already playing hockey, so I’m happy.Sokolov is a small town, but I can adapt it, “adds Pavel Horváth.

His arrival should relieve the stress and difficulty of everyday work, its cheerful nature determines it. “We are happy to have such a football personality. We have a chance to learn something. Some jokes from the coach have already taken place, “says Petr Glaser, captain of the team.

That’s why he is looking at the upcoming season with optimism. “I think we have a good team and we are also instructed from the previous season. We want to be an interesting team for both spectators and rivals, “adds Sokolov captain.

There is Baroš’s third return to Ostrava. He brought personality to Baník

Even though Baroš did not leave Baník for the previous owner, he is back again. For at least a year. In Ostrava, where he went to Liverpool for a long career, he would now like to end his career. So last year? Leccos suggests his words: “With Baník I want to save, give some goal and enjoy the last year. In particular, we must be humble. ”

He is an important helper when the club returns to the league after an annual pause. “It’s an icon,” says midfielder Robert Hrubý. “It’s about training. Young boys are motivated to make even more effort and play with him.His arrival is a huge plus. ”

Attacker Tomas Poznar even has Baroš’s jersey with his signature at home. “The goalkeeper trainer, Víťa Baránek, got it to me, even when Milan was returning to Baník for the first time. I did not expect to ever play with him, “says Poznar. When Baroos entered the Ostrava team for the first time, Poznar was not nervous, but…” Several boys had to have chewing gum to keep their chin off. Milan has brought Banky’s character to that. ”

I Baroš perceived the shy young Ostrava girls:” It was not in Boleslav or Liberec. But that’s natural.When I was seventeen in the league cabin and there was Duge, “he turned to the current sports director of Baník Dušan Vrťa,” I also chanted him as an apparition. ”

Baroš is after the stop of Tomáš Zápotočný Pribram new captain. Whether he will be based in Brno today, but he is not sure. “It may be so,” Radim Kučera smiled, replacing the experienced Vlastimil Petržel on the coaching bench.

Healthy Baroos is all right. In the preparation due to knee problems he missed only five days. In the summer he commutes to Ostrava from his native Vigantic where his wife and children are on vacation. “Now he is training us all the time,” confirmed Kučera.

Being Baroš in Baník for the fourth time, he will not play domestic games for the first time in Bazal.At the legendary Ostrava stadium they do not have two seasons since they do not comply with the regulations. They are now at the Municipal Stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice.

“It is football,” understands the situation Milan Baros, who has already moved to another stadium in Turkish Galatasaray. “But I’m glad Bazali is standing and serving for training. I hope there will be an academy that will raise other talents. “