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Defender Brabec transferred from Sparta to Belgian Genk

Czech defender Jakub Brabec left Prague Sparta and moved to Genk, where he signed a four-year contract. The twenty-five-year-old stoper was originally aimed at another Belgian unit of Andrelechth Brussels, but the transfer was eventually met. Genk and Anderlecht were interested, but in the last few days Genk entered so significantly that there was not much to be done I felt a lot of interest on their part, which made it easier for me to make my decision, and I have to thank Sparta for allowing me to change my career, and it is a great joy for me to do that, “Brabec said. the website of his agent Ondrej Chovance. “I’m glad I got into an extremely ambitious club with great fans.Sparta was used to playing the title and I believe I will play in Belgium too, “he added.

Recently, Brabec dropped out of Sparta’s base line, The European league with Sönderjyske as a substitute decided to score a goal in the 85th minute with a home win of 3: 2 and advancement to the group. start for a representation.

“I will remember Sparta only in the best. And thanks to the fact that I scored the European League, I did not even want a better division. I will remember death in this fight. I thank you very much for everything I have been through and what she has done for me.”Brabec said Genk, where formerly Czech defender Daniel Pudil was in the last season, finished in fourth place in the Belgian league, this year as well as Sparta in the EL group, where coach Petera Maes will compete with Bilbao, Sassuole and Rapid Vienna.

“The club is full of young talented players and they have all kept them. In addition, they received reinforcements. They want to work for the top rung, they also play the European League, which will be another great experience, “Brabec said.

” Before me club bought one hitch from Sweden, we should be here three in two places. I hope that sooner or later I will get into the set and I will play.Because the club plays the European League, the coach will surely be making the show a little bit, “said the vice-champion of Europe until 19 years of 2011.

Dry believes he will establish a partnership with Jarolim of Slavia

Stoper Marek Suchý is looking forward to an era under the new coach of the Czech Republic Karel Jarolím, more so that under his eleven years he started his league career in Slavia. The current Basel shooter should be one of the building blocks of the national team, and in the initial two matches with Armenia and Northern Ireland he may even be a captain.

I’m looking forward to a great deal. The time we spent with the coach in Slavia was great. For me personally it was very important in my career. I believe that we will build on our cooperation, but it is not only about us but about the whole team, “he told a press conference before Wednesday’s preparatory ceremony with Armenia Suchy.

” Qualification is on Sunday, it’s good that we still have a match with Armenia.It’s always something other than training. We need to try things in the game before Sunday. We also want to win the preparatory match. We want a good start, because it’s a big challenge for us, “Suchy added to Sunday’s entry into the World Cup qualifiers with Northern Ireland.

Because of the lack of injury, Tomáš Sivok and Tomáš Rosický have not yet announced, “So far we have not talked about it yet, it will be more of a question for the coach.” Some players like Tomáš Sivok, Tomáš Rosický are not here.We will see how it will be, “ said Suchý.

Representatives during the first meeting have already been able to attend a lecture on healthy nutrition, which Jarolim is very careful about. it should look. Of course, his philosophy is well known. We have had an interesting lecture on nutrition, I know from the time we worked together in Slavia, that it takes a lot of attention and requires it from the players, “said Suchý.

that it will not surprise anyone today. Both in a club in the Czech Republic or abroad they met with the guys. When we talked about it, it was totally cool. It was nothing new, “he added, adding a twenty-eight year old.

Rosicky has never forgotten which club he was educating for football

The only thing that could prevent the captain of the Czech team Tomáš Rosický from returning to Sparta after 15 years would be the end of his career. Even after he failed to think about the European championship, he had been convinced he was once again dressed in a team jersey in which he grew up for big football. He only waited until he was completely healthy.

“I have never forgotten who was educating me in football, but I played only three clubs in 18 years of professional football. I’m proud of being in only three clubs, so I’m glad to come back.I’m looking forward to it, “said a former Dortmund and Arsenal player at the press conference.

He was thinking about returning back in the past, but he always had a contract at Arsenal. always bound in Arsenal. The door opened now. I’ve been thinking about everything. The Euro was disappointing for all of us, I was not healthy, I was thinking about the end, I needed time to think, “Rosicky said.” Four weeks ago, I gave Mr. Křetínský word that if I’m healthy I will play for Sparta,

The injury from the Euro helped him cure Arsenal and now the midfielder is fully ready to jump into the preparation of Sparta. “We were agreed to return to Sparta when I was ready to train with the team.I had a rough preparation in Arsenal and they said Saturday that if I stayed with them, they would let me train today with the team. So I packed my family on Saturday and I returned on Sunday and told Mr. Křetínský that we would do it, “said Rosicky.

” From today I will start coaching with a team but I’ll need some more time. The first match after the break will probably not go, but then it could go some way.I’m quite close, but I still need a week, “he suggested that the home match with Mladá Boleslav might not be enough, but the European League in Southampton or the league match in Zlín would be ready to be. > He knows that Spartan fans will have a lot to promise from his game. “I have been experiencing pressure on my person since I left abroad. I know I have to be ready, otherwise I will come across. I certainly do not take it lightly. I did not come to play but win. I want the title. Also, the Champions League has not been a long time here. “

The Sparta game has a good overview. ” I’ve seen enough matches. I have never stopped Sparta.The game is scrawny, everybody sees it, but again, the team is able to win, even if it fails. Like now against Denmark in the European League, “he recalled the duel with Sønderjyske, in which Sparta lost 0: 2, but eventually won 3: 2 and advanced.

“I said the word we put in a month ago, so it did not play a role,” he added.

So far, he can not even guess whether he will be in a poor condition because of his poor health able to play both competitions at the same time. “I trained a lot with the coach (Zdeněk Ščasný). Everything will be handled as I work. I currently have no health problem to look out for. My only problem is age.But I do not think I need relief. We’ll see. Maybe I will be terrible and will not play at all, “he added with a smile.

Jarolím hopes for the winning introduction, but the main play is the play

The new coach of the Czech Republic, Karel Jarolím, hopes to be a winner. But the main thing for him is for the team to start applying his gaming conception on Wednesday’s preparatory match with Armenia and to prepare for the Sunday qualifying for the World Championship Championship with Northern Ireland.

“I’m definitely going I would like to succeed, in addition to playing in Mlada Boleslav, where I have been living, I would like to get on the road successfully, and it is important from a psychological point of view, “Jarolim told the press conference today. p>

But the main thing for him is for the team to embed its style into their game. “It’s playing the results, but the match with Armenia should show us mainly game play and conception.We need to verify some things, and on that basis we will decide to set up for a more important match with Northern Ireland, “said Jarolim. ” I believe it will do well, but it may not be. It is important, however, for us to create chances. Then it is about whether to turn them or to turn them into an opponent, “he added.

Armenia is considered an unpleasant opponent. ” The balance in qualifying did not have any, but with Portugal played calmly and chose Cristiano Ronaldo. They are jolly players with a dangerous transition.We have to be prepared and play prudently, “he evaluated the opponent.

Entering the role of the coaching coach is very difficult for Jarolim because he only has a good training with the team before the first match. “It’s not easy. Yesterday, we have had recurrent training and now we have pre-match training to get together, “he pointed out.This gave a bigger role to today’s video game showing players what he would like to play. ” I would have liked it, “

He also led individual interviews with the players. ” I want to get to know them personally.”

The players have also made a lecture on healthy nutrition. ” They are told about me, I’m a pedant for meals. I’m interested in it. We have decided that we will practice this too. I gave them some recommendations. The more information they get, the better for them. It’s a service for them and they have a reason to think about, “ explained. ” We did an exam, we processed the data, and then we gave the players recommendations on what to do, “he added. >

Due to the return of Tomas Rosicky to Sparta, he does not give up his thoughts that he would also welcome the national team to the 35-year-old midfielder. “Let’s leave it free. We will see the state of Tomas.He is an extraordinary player, though older, but quite rested now. It would be a sin not to use if he is interested. “

At least for the next two matches, however, he will have to designate a new captain as the team is no longer goalkeeper Petr Čech, ended or wounded Tomáš Sivok. “Marek Suchý is offered. ” It may be him. He should be one of the tractors. If Tomas Sivok was here, it would probably be him. The players left it to me. First I say the decision to them, “ only suggested Jarolim.