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Live betting

You can also bet “live”, which means you can place a bet during a running match. Betting offices changes odds as the result goes on, so you can decide for the best bet. Live betting bets are popular all around the world. If you bet live, you have more control of your bets.

However, you also need to decide quick and right. We don´t recommend bet live if you are beginner. The big advantage is that you can bet according to what you see. Let´s say that you want to bet on match between Manchester United and Slovan Bratislava.

United is a favorite and it´s expected to win. This means that the odd is low. But what happens if outsider scores a quick goal? Because United now looses, the odd is higher. But you still believe in strenght of the team and you bet on win of United, but now with higher odd. Sometimes the start of match can significantly say how will the result be. But you have to be disciplined and have your emotions under control. Bets at the very end of the match are very popular at Bet365, Energybet and William Hill.

Especially if the favorite team draws or loses. In these cases you can bet on favorite with very good odds. However you cannot bet during some events like a red card or penalty kick (bookmaker must firstly change the odds accordingly.


Betting on the Internet

The time when you had to go to the betting shop to place a bet is gone. Internet betting is a phenomena of modern age. Learn how to bet online and you have a great advantage. It´s much easier and quicker and you don´t have to pay a manipulation fee, which usually takes 5% in betting office.

And what more, you can get a bonus when betting online. Before you start online betting, learn something about it. Betting online and in betting shop is pretty much the same, with just few differences. Online betting is all about choosing a match you think you know how it ends. You click on the result you believe in, place a bet and wait for a result.

If you win, you get your money immediately on your betting account. The most important part is choosing of the right office. Because we want to make it easy for you, we have chosen offices of which we are sure that provide more than the others. If you choose one and want to bet online, just make an account and deposit money (you will get a solid bonus in most of cases).

And how to bet? Every office has website designed to be as much comfortable as possible, so you don´t need to worry about loosing on the site. Some offices also provide animated guide for your first bet.

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Tips on betting

The main goal of betting is not luck, but knowledge of bettor. You may find lot of tips on every sport. The offer is wide, so you can bet on billiard, water polo or lacross. If you have a good tip, take an advantage of it. However we cannot recommend betting on too many sports.

You should rather stay with the sport you understand. And if it´s just a small sport, you may have a better knowledge than the bookmaker. Also avoid betting on too many matches on one ticket. The more matches you have, the higher is probability that one of the matches will have different result, no matter it´s considered as a sure bet.

It´s better to have an account at more offices like William Hill, Bet 365 or Energybet and search for the best odds. If you want to be sure, search tips on the Internet and share it with other bettors. Tips are also provided by single persons. Some give it for free, some want a fee. Paid tips may be dangerous. Don´t pay any fee before you get a tip and pay attention in case of any member fees. Rather choose the way of own knowledge and talk about matches with your friends who share this interest with you.

Betting on sport and betting generally

It was back in 1566 when the queen Elisabeth I. started the first british lottery. And at the very beginning of 20th century, every horse racing course had a special place for bettors. So betting was definitely not invented in 20th century. Betting on football is going through a big boom today and provides exciting fun for people all around the world.

Raising influence of Internet provides opportunity for offices to get more clients and most of traditional bookmakers benefit from this fact. In a very shor period of time there were founded lot of online betting offices and every single one of them is trying to get new clients with interesting bonuses and special events. So it´s normal that you may loose yourself in the wide offer and it´s still more difficult to find the right betting office.

Before you start searching, have a look at the list of most popular and most fair bookmakers and betting exchange. Sport bets and online bets are very popular thanks to easy access, so you cant bet from home. For beginners we mostly recomment Bet365 and Unibet, which has the widest offer. Betting is not so difficult. Just watch your favorite team or player and guess the result.

Of course not every bettor becomes a millionaire in just a year. You need to control your emotions, think twice before you bet and choose the right money management. We cannot recommend to place a combinations of bets, you should rather bet on single matches.