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Rival after forty years. Lauda and Hunt will meet in one stable

Now the rivals will have their sequel. Those who do not appear on the screen because they write it himself.

34-year-old Mathias Lauda and 25-year-old Freddie Hunt, sons of two great opponents, will race together in a stable next year, 40 years since the season.

, as far as their fathers did not do it in their career, but in the championship, which has a cascading name – NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. It’s an enterprise that can not be regarded as a third-line motorsport league. “But if it’s pure racing pleasure, then this series is the best Bet365 where you can be.I’m already looking forward to the next season and creating a strong team with Freddie, “said Lauda junior, who may have participated in a 24-hour run in Le Mans this year. By the way, winning in Le Mans is also the Hunta juniora sporting dream.

Soon, shortly after the DF1 staged, what “famous” duo next year, which is undoubtedly a great marketing move, “I am thrilled to be traveling with Mathias Lauda.”

He also added a photograph of the team uniforms, who are hugged as old friends.

As if there was no hatred between their fathers who made the movie footage. As if one of them was not an irresponsible flute, and the other one who lived in his shadow.Now Laud and Hunt stood side by side, and each other attended compliments. “I think the two dads would be proud of us,” said Lauda. He is 66 years old and as a triple world champion he continues to work in the F1 carousel where Mercedes is employed by him as a key consultant. Hunt senior – a man who has loved women and alcohol, has not lived for 12 years.

He died in a 45-year infarction.

With Laudou, however, they were not really enemies, hatred amongst the film scriptwriters to make the story of the Rivalry somewhat embroidered. Although they went down the track, they actually recognized each other in the paddock, which lauded Laudo after the premiere of the film: “I would love James to sit here too.”And recently, in an interview with Freddie Hunt, who published the F1 official website, he said,” You and your dad were fighting, we both wanted to win. But in private, there was a friendly relationship between us. In the 1976 season, he was without any objection the best pilot of all. ”

After 40 years, the circle ends: Lauda and Hunt are partners.

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VIDEO: Mignolet drew two miraculous interventions, but the coach did not save

“I do not know if I have to say what Dushan has promised us to the board of directors of the club,” he said in a press release in September.

Dusan Salficky, a former favorite goalkeeper and now sports manager of the club, said a little unplanned ambition. conference Mayor Martin Charvát. “Just say it, pretty openly,” said Salficky, Charvát’s colleague from the town council and the YES candidates. “Okay, I’ll say. Dusan announced that we will be doing a medal this season, “he has fought fans.

It was still cheerful in the East of Bohemia. Pardubice has actually set a goal for the semifinals, but now they look like ridiculously similar.Dynamo has the same points as the last Karlovy Vary, with a small bonus to be a match for the good.

Only Zlin gave less goals than Pardubice, Východočesi additionally on Sunday in Olomouc fifth (out of seven games) gave a single goal.

“The problem is in the heads, the shooters are in every attack, unfortunately they are not pushing, they often try to walk individually instead of firing or throwing them for defense,” said unhappy coach, who appreciated the team at least for an improved fighting.

“We play stupid, so we got a fine, which belongs to it. It was supposed to kick us, wake or upset us.This was the only thing that the leadership could do, we just imagined it differently, “Petr Čáslava, captain of the team, said.

Players after the Friday home debacle with Vítkovice (1: 6) had interviews with the leadership cabin 300 thousand crowns. “We can not solve things like fines, we will not influence such steps. We have to concentrate mainly on hockey. The mood is not good, of course, but we still have to work and do not put up guns, “says the attacker Jan Kolář, who returned to the show.

What will be the next?

Pardubice bosses nothing changes, they want to take the next steps. Fans on the Internet express dissatisfaction and “recall” the Coach of the Juniors.He says he can not chase the team correctly.

Some supporters even consider boycotts of home matches, Bet365 words like “general strike”, which means that no one will come to the Pardubice Tipsport Arena. This is not very real, but the fact is that the traffic is gradually decreasing.

Traditional winning gourds have recently been flying on ice just mockingly in Olomouc. At the time of the Pardubice crisis, an invitation to the press conference of MasterCard and the ice hockey club HC Dynamo Pardubice is funny to introduce the news that will be held next Friday.

You can use the slogan of popular advertising: “Have a recipe to get out of poverty? Priceless.Everything else is MasterCard. ”

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Nibali’s year: wounded achilles, disagreements with Froom and triumph in Lombardy

“Sure, what happened at Vuelta was a big mistake, though not only mine. But it was also a chance to start from the beginning. I can not say that the exclusion for me was good, but at least it caused me some annoyance, “revealed the new winner of the race around Lombardy.

” Finally I am satisfied with this season. At the end, I won one of the Monuments, which was not a good time for the Italians, “he recalled the last victory in Damian Cunego in 2008.

By mid September, Nibali seemed to experience the worst season the last few years.

“The biggest rival for the next Tour? Definitely Nibali.When you look at the profile, you have to be clear that it will be the most dangerous for Chris Froom, “Dave Brailsford, Sky Team Manager, said in the autumn of last year. But Italian began the classically Italian” piánkem “. The Dubai Tour finished in the top ten overall, at the Oman race around the Bet365 twentieth. “So what? What does it mean for Tour? Nothing. It’s February, and the tour starts in July, “he snapped at the intrusive questions of the journalists. But, since last year he was poor at the start of the season, he did not go until April at the Around Romandie race. Why should not he repeat it?

And the season continued.In the aforementioned Romandia, he invisibly reached the tenth, then for a month and a half he had settled down on the alpine camp, from which he came to test the form of the Old Lady on the Criterion du Dauphiné.

Not even here. In the sixth stage, the second came after Valverde, but overall it was only for the twelfth place.

Here, even Italian champion fans started to doubt.

On his side, thirty- winning the home championship. But only for a few days. Tour was the turn.

“I have a hard winter. I’ve had problems with achilles, which I have not told anyone yet. I was also very busy committing my tournament victories. Actually, I did not even psychologically regenerate. But it is beyond me.I would like to go on stage again on the Champs-Éllysées, “he wished for a start. In the fourth round of Cambrai, the classic Paris-Roubaix dice belonged to the most active – after that he even got the red number for the most aggressive rider. But he did not make any headway on Froom and others.

He was rather losing and slandering.

“I was trying to get ahead and then dropped Froome,” he said perhaps after the sixth stage. Then he apologized that it was not so much that he and Brith had spoken.

In the nineteenth stage, the Astana rider attacked when Froome had trouble with the wheel and defended himself. “I did not know about his troubles.”

Froome again countered: “He knew very well that I had technical problems, but he attacked.It was so unbelievable! ”

Nibali won the stage, but the overall fourth place in the Tour was certainly not the result for which the yellow jersey defender arrived.

So perhaps he decided to go right taste the Spanish Vuelta. Aru and Land, despite that. Before the start, it was unclear who Astana would be driving. The three of them said, “We want to win the stage and be as high as possible in the overall ranking.”

The second stage.

“Everyone on the radio only screamed Aru, Aru, Aru! Did you see who gave me the round? Martinelli. And how long? “Nibali tried not to hide Bet365 disappointment. The team leader, Alexandre Schefer, took him to the head of the group. Both were excluded from the Spanish Grand Tour and Nibali fell into cycling hell.

There was anger in Italian.Because he did not succeed at the beginning of the season, because Vinokurov’s team manager did not believe him, and because he and the champion of all three Grand Tours were like that at Vuelta.

A started winning. First to the one-time classic Coppa Bernocchi, then to Tre Valli Varesine and everything in Lombardy.

He won one of five classic Cycle Season Monuments and starts on Thursday at the Abu Dhabi race. > What next next year? He must also correct his goals with regard to Fabia Arua, the fresh Vuelta winner. He immediately said after his triumph: “And I want Tour next year!” Will Giro get the older pair of Italians, or will Vinokurov give him one more option on a yellow jersey on the French roads? “I do not know.Giro I will just go and enjoy. But the team directors Bet365 must decide. “

Arsenal hosts Basel, but he is not going to fight with Bohemia and Vaclik

Arsenal players on Wednesday in the Champions League will welcome Basel, but it is unlikely that there will be a goal match between Czech Petrović and his successor Tomáš Vaclík. In Group A’s first game, David Ospin took the lead in the cannon and helped to 1-1 draw at the Paris St. Germain.

“Everyone thinks it will be easy against Basel, but when you look at their results against the English opponents, you will realize that it will not be easy, beat Manchester United, Chelsea Liverpool, “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger warned.

The French coach after the draw in Paris said that Kolumbijec Ospina had a great performance to say about the place and another duel of the elite competition.The league leader of Bohemia seems to stay on the bench just on Wednesday.

Basel, whose dress next to Vaclik is dressed by another representative Marek Suchý, was surprisingly tied to the home by 1: 1 with the Pilsen conqueror from Razgrad. The Swiss team can encourage Arsenal to win the all nine season matches in the league.

Germain in Sofia against Ludogorca will not only correct the draw with the London team, but also the Friday’s loss of 0: 2 with Toulouse, after which Unaia Emery’s selection fell to Ligue 1 to the fourth position.

Bayern will perform at Atlética and Madrid’s opponent would like to return the elimination from the semi-final of last year’s LM.The Munich team joined Group D with a 5: 0 home win over Rostov, Atlético won in Eindhoven over PSV 1-0.

“We know the strengths and weaknesses of the Atlético from the semifinals: so we can think of success, “said Spanish midfielder Thiago. Bayern has won all eight of the matches under the coach Carl Ancelotti this season and has won only one goal.

Barcelona wants Cologne on the Mönchengladbach field without the wounded striker Lionel Messi to confirm the initial crushing victory 7-0 over Celtic. The match will be specific to the goalkeepers Marc André ter Stegen, who started a career in Borussia.

“My return to Gladbach certainly came before I waited.I have seen great times there, except for two years of my career. Borussia is my first love and it will pay forever, “said Ter Stegen. Celtic at home is another strong opponent of Manchester City, who won all ten matches under coach Pepe Guardiola and entered LM in the victory 4: 0 over Mönchengladbach.

In Group D Naples welcomes Benfica and Besiktas in Istanbul to measure forces with Dynamo Kiev.