Dry believes he will establish a partnership with Jarolim of Slavia

Stoper Marek Suchý is looking forward to an era under the new coach of the Czech Republic Karel Jarolím, more so that under his eleven years he started his league career in Slavia. The current Basel shooter should be one of the building blocks of the national team, and in the initial two matches with Armenia and Northern Ireland he may even be a captain.

I’m looking forward to a great deal. The time we spent with the coach in Slavia was great. For me personally it was very important in my career. I believe that we will build on our cooperation, but it is not only about us but about the whole team, “he told a press conference before Wednesday’s preparatory ceremony with Armenia Suchy.

” Qualification is on Sunday, it’s good that we still have a match with Armenia.It’s always something other than training. We need to try things in the game before Sunday. We also want to win the preparatory match. We want a good start, because it’s a big challenge for us, “Suchy added to Sunday’s entry into the World Cup qualifiers with Northern Ireland.

Because of the lack of injury, Tomáš Sivok and Tomáš Rosický have not yet announced, “So far we have not talked about it yet, it will be more of a question for the coach.” Some players like Tomáš Sivok, Tomáš Rosický are not here.We will see how it will be, “ said Suchý.

Representatives during the first meeting have already been able to attend a lecture on healthy nutrition, which Jarolim is very careful about. it should look. Of course, his philosophy is well known. We have had an interesting lecture on nutrition, I know from the time we worked together in Slavia, that it takes a lot of attention and requires it from the players, “said Suchý.

that it will not surprise anyone today. Both in a club in the Czech Republic or abroad they met with the guys. When we talked about it, it was totally cool. It was nothing new, “he added, adding a twenty-eight year old.

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