Ďuriš France does not solve, it focuses on Pilsen and the fight for the title

Ji patnci glov Michal imi. FCVP! #LIBPLZ Posted by FC Viktoria Pilsen on 20 March 2016

PLZEŇ. Slovak football representative Michal Ďuriš believes that his club employer FC Viktoria Pilsen will make the most of the Czech competition on Saturday twelve times in the series.

A twenty-two-year-old striker, who with fifteen exact shots reigns the Synot League shooters, should not miss his team for the home match of the 23rd round against the Vysočine Jihlava.

“We are going to see the full house, we will be delighted to see the fans with a nice football and especially a victory, and we want to keep the winning line and, of course, stay on top of the table,” Ďuriš told the club’s official website.

Pilsen is eight laps before the end of the competition by the leader of the Synot League.The only competitor in the fight for the title is for the Czech champion Sparta Praha, which has six points less and one match for the good. In the spring, the two teams received three points at each meeting. Pilsen played six winning duels and Sparta five.

“The conclusion will be challenging, and I believe it will be a success for us. I will do everything for Victoria and I am sure we have to master the final fight for the title,” Ďuriš added. the nomination of the coach of the Slovak representation of Ján Kozák for preparatory meetings during the FIFA marcial association term.He passed the whole goalless match against Latvia in Trnava. Ďuriš played the entire match against Latvia.

In Dublin against home Ireland (2: 2), Ďuriš did not take part in a minor medical accident. “I was easier to hurt,” he admitted.

“We played two high-quality matches, and even though we both drew in, we certainly appreciate it.” The trainer tried a lot of players and now has time to think about the nomination, “says the Slovak.

“It’s still time and I’m not saying that, but, of course, I would like to go to France, and I must stay healthy, but now my thoughts are focused only on Pilsen. all right.I’m looking forward to Jihlava and our fans. “

On Saturday, Slovak goalkeeper Plzne Matus Kozacik will strive to extend his remarkable series without a winning goal – no one has finished the Synot League for 485 minutes. net account.

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