Elected defeated in a dramatic match Žilina, Košice, Martin lost


MARTIN, chosen. Domestic hockey players to both play-off proved consult your competitors.

Martin beat Kosice 3: 0 and the series lead 3: 1.

Elected to the dramatic shootout advised to Zilina 5: 4 and tied the series at 2: 2.Online transmission: Bet LIVE on a wide range of events in Fortune Tipsport League (SR) playoff 2016/2017 Quarter-23rdMarch 2017 at 18:00 | Ice stadium Zvolen 5: 4 60 ‘End of the minute Zilina Stats goals and assists 3. Hraško (Lušňák, M. Novák), 4 Valenta (B.Mráz, Klhůfek), 15thLevel (Klhůfek, Šišovský), 48 Zuzin (Smith, Lušňák), 53 level (Šišovský, diesel) – 7 Húževka (Hovorka, pear), 13 Jurík (Brejčák, Húževka), 40 Handlovský (Stupka, Holovič ), 57 Cizek (Hovorka). Judge: D. ends Jonak – Stanzel, Spruce. Attendance: 1877. Transfer dramatic conclusion, which peaked in the third period brought a great conclusion to happier end for home. Those wins 5 4 and equalize the series at 2: 2ndThrow before Tom for high sticking guests. 53:41 Valenta maneuvering the puck and even his pass Juraj Jurík tipped the safety net.After inaccurate kick Zvolencania will throw-in in their defense zone.Home striker remains a lie and they are with him practitioners and custodians.SJS in the second period 10: 7, the second third with 28:17. Another third will start around 19:53. A long time it looked like a goal in the second period even see each other again. We are watching the huge amount of battles and chances already clearly less than in the first period. The nearer the end of the match, the more they poke rolls already guests.However, they achieve the goal of completely innocent action when Lukáš Handlovský able to assert itself against the pair home team and overmanouvers the Šimka.Sweep the puck between two defenders and behind gates miraculously he got the puck into the net.From this chance again able to cope…31:38 exclusion in the team HKM Zvolen (M.Novak – 2 min., Roughness) .Vylúčenie in team HC Žilina (Rogoň – 2 min., Roughness). 31:38 The battle against domestic bench.Marek Hovorka, however, renumbering missed open goal. The home had once again lucky. 21:50 Error domestic and Ondrej Gmitter swift shot hits the left Simková rod.Shots on goal in a first period 18:10. Another third will start around 19:02. We have had quite a wild first third. Home player again very quickly led 2: 0, but once again the leadership came from. Finally in wardrobe but predsalen go with a one goal margin, which they secured the lead in power play Bruno Mráz.Home Hraško ran shoulder to the board and remain lying on the ice. It does not look well with him. 18:07 home hockey players ended their strike before attacking third.Pavel Klhůfek disposed puck BRUNO frost and because he did not know what to do with the puck sent it towards the goal.Bruno Mráz withstood duel at the gate, assists nebehnutému Tomas Valenta of the shooting and the second home goal. Jančuška to immediately take time out.Asistencie Bruno Mraz and Paul Klhůfek. 02:54 Elected scored! Patrik Lušňák nicely exported puck from his own zone, breech-loading it disposed of Petra peas and shot in the fall surpassed Tomek.It followed by the national anthem of the Slovak Republic and after we match begins. I wish you a pleasant sports experience Dear sport friends…just a place flipped the obrancovia Hraško a Andersons. Peter Hraško has moved into the first defense a Andersons to another. We’ll see how these chess at home assembly reflected in the game HKM the ice surface. On the contrary, in a report Zvolencania those changes is more than enough. The biggest change will be in the crease, for the first time in the series is the goal stand Marek Šimko. From home kits dropped Lukáš Novák and Ján Homer, replacing Lukáš Dubeň and Ivan Jakubík. Compared to yesterday’s game was an elite formation HKM moved Patrik Lušňák and his place again takes Peter Šišovský.The two can therefore only flipped places. Visiting trainers had ever reason to change the assembly and as the old unwritten rule, winning assembly is unchanged. Initial assembly: HKM Zvolen Simko (Baros) – M. Novák, peas Andersons, Valenta, Ivan, Plekhanov, Habšuda – Lušňák, Puliš, Zuzin – Šišovský, B. Mráz, Klhůfek – Matis, S. Petráš, Síkela – April , L.Jurík, Kelemen – JakubíkMsHK Žilina Tom (Mikoláš) – Bokros, Cizek, Juraško, D. Brejčák, Ťavoda, Grman, Macejko, T. Prokop – Handlovský, pear, Hovorka – J. Jurík, Húževka, Švihálek – Full, Holovič, Stupka – Rogoň, Ondruš, GmitterRozhodca D. all, Jonak – Stanzel, Spruce. Welcome again to the Zvolen ice rink. On the program we have continued the fourth quarterfinal playoff Tipsport league Zvolen – Žilina. Let’s first assemblies for both teams.A post which shares CCM Hockey Slovakia (@ccmhockeyslovakia), Dec 11, 2016 about 5:48 PT Dear sport friends, warmly welcome you in pursuit of a fourth match Quarterfnls playoff series Zvolen – Žilina. Zilina yesterday in Zvolen was losing 2: 0, but again it took a perfect sales and Wolves finally triumphed 3: 5th This win will give the home side a series of 2: 1 in matches.Elected in all three matches managed to score in the playoff so important opening goal match. This advantage, however, absolutely does not seem important matches and tend to break before the third period. As the biggest problem may be referred to the fact that Zvolen simply can not eliminate an elite formation in Žilina. The problem is the large quantity

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