Football clubs Ostia now score as leader Olomouc

Moods feel quieter but still not calm. The mouth is the twelfth, and Baník, who has picked it up from the “Relay” in the penultimate position, has a five point lead. “We went to Most just because we do not want to fall to the last but one,” coach Petr Němec said.

The only thing that the losers could enjoy was a better balance with the mouth. In autumn, they won 3: 1, and if they have the same points in the final table, Most will end up higher. “We had beaten him regularly before, now it seemed that they were going to make the string, twice in a row with them.Fortunately we cut off at the most important moment, “relieved midfielder Martykán.

Win 1: 0, although the closest, but when it’s the fourth time in a row (in the fall Karvina and Znojmo, in the spring of Opava and Most) , it is not a coincidence.

Goalkeeper Zacharda boasts four zeroes in a row, got a goal 445 minutes already! In the last five rounds Usti collected 13 points, which makes him the third best team according to the current form after Olomouc and Zlín! And it’s just a score behind them.

“We made it easier, we play adult football.And we’re trying to figure it out on the offensive half, not before our gate, “says Martycan. “We have to play this way, honestly from behind, Zachy holds us.” It was the best start in the spring that we could do, but we should not fall asleep on laurels! “A tough German coach takes care of it. “You know, nowadays, three good results are enough and they start to play for big footballers…But for salvation, we can do the simplicity, the hard work”, offers a painful but successful recipe. And after the glory in Most he smiled : “The boys are shouting in the closet: It will be off, it will be off! That’s probably the biggest reward for them. It was not for us, we were always looking forward to training. But, well, I take it, the derby fought honestly.”

In the table of truth Ústí improved to -7 points, worse is all under him, Frýdek-Místek (-11), Třinec (-8 ), Most (-12) and Cologne depreciated (-20). Even more cheerful moods can be done by the German team tomorrow in Třinec.

“Another opponent from the circuit threatened by the descent, it will again be a fight,” the Ustich coach said. “Their field I have seen is not of great quality. It will not be for any big football. But I believe we will be successful again. “

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