Granada CF – Real Sociedad

Early evening time among home in Spain Granada, which at the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes welcomes visitors from San Sebastian. To them this season so far doing well and coach Eusebio Sacristan will want to repeat the win from the previous round.

In it Real Sociedad as a surprise during the current season consulted with Valencia, which might fail, but it still has the sound of her name and her scalp a price. In this match home Real Sociedad always led by one goal, but constantly had to look over his shoulder, because he made too many errors in defense. Finally, for him, everything went well despite the nerves settings when cashed. The team from San Sebastian is now on a great fifth place and still wants to improve.

At least so says coach Sacristan. “Now we are doing and I am very happy. We deliver good performances on the pitch, we play as a team and dominates the relaxed atmosphere. Just then, but it is enormously important not to rest on our laurels. When the smaller teams to get higher and exceed its traditional area may cause such euphoria that they are worried about staying in the Premier league. to do this, we must never get, so our aim is one – to enjoy these moments, but work even harder, “said coach Sacristan.

He will take the situation a little more difficulties just because of absences injured Markel Bergara and David Zurutuza, who was not involved in the match due to karetnímu punishment. On the other hand, he suffered the same fate Ucheho, which is also disqualified. Wounded then home Luis Martins, while not completely healthy either Dimitri Foulquier. Next to him in the game, maybe the bench gets injured Rene Krhin.

He was chosen Granada and the last mutual duel that Granada but never came out. Real Sociedad of San Sebastian won convincingly 3: 0 and owed it mainly by two goals from youngster Mikel Oyarzabala. Granada was the last round too did not because of the game against Malaga certainly wanted to extract a little more than a draw. In the whole context of the game, but could also be a point behind glad because leveling goal on his conscience Artem Kravec just six minutes before the end of the game.

Nevertheless, coach Lucas Alcaraz could not help but disillusionment. “On the one hand, we were close to defeat, and we are happy for a draw because everyone had stopped believing that we could still play it. But we never give up, that’s something we try to teach all of our players. So my point a little I’m sorry, because we had more chances than the opponent. we just failed to take advantage. For this we have to work, because if you create chances, but you can not turn it, then you are threatened with relegation, “coach realizes Alcaraz.

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