Hantuch: I do not remember my rifles

“I do not remember. I did not even notice that state. I went from exchange to exchange, I did not remember them after the game. In this fight, I fought for every ball, even though it looked like it all. I’ve put it all in. “

” Experience, conditioner, stronger nerves. It is a great pleasure for me that the conditions were very difficult, it was so bad. At the end, my better conditioning was evident. The opponent came out of qualifying. She was doing brilliantly, courageously. “

” On the brother of Igor. He came to New York behind me, I’m a great support here. I’m glad to have it. “

” We really had very difficult rivals, but we did a great game. Martina is a champion, playing with her is fun.I’m glad I managed to convince her to return to the tournament after six years. He enjoys tennis, he has no pressure. It’s good for fans too. “

” True, now I’m glad I can only concentrate on the logo. It takes a lot of energy, so in the future I have to be more careful about where to play the doubles. “

” We also agreed on tournaments in Tokyo and Beijing. Then consider what’s next. “

” At this stage of the tournament, no one else is standing on the other side of the court. Every opponent will play great tennis, so it was with Glušková. So it does not matter whether there is Pete Kvitova or another player. For me, regeneration and preparation is now important for me to be ready for a quarter-final match. “

” Alison plays very uncomfortable.He performs typical American tennis with quick exchanges, he moves well. Even with me, it will be an important move, I rely on my experience. I have to look at the recordings of the previous games and think about it. For the time being, I was going to the US Open, I would like to draw the series. “Daniela Hantuchová The US Open plays for the thirteenth time. Almost in the quarter-finals, it was in the 2002 season. The best grandslam score reached the Australian Open 2008 when it moved among the top four players. The last was in the eight-final tournament of the big four on Roland Garros 2011. In the last five grandslamoch fell in the 1st round. In WTA, he will return from the 48th place to the top 30 and maybe even higher. Women’s Doubles – Round 4 (Eighth):

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