Happy Cibulkova after the final round: In Slovakia, it’s a bitch!

She was lying on the court and enjoying the luck of happiness. Dominika Cibulková became the first Slovakian tennis player to advance to the singles final of the Champions Tournament. But it’s not enough, the Sunday finale in Singapore will win.

“It’s a pity,” said the twenty-seven-year-old Bratislava woman to Czech journalists in Singapore.She had forty minutes of conversation, but she kept smiling about her success. “I’m extremely happy and full of positive emotions.” In a thrilling three-set tournament she defeated Svetlan Kuznetsov in the semifinals of Svetlana Kuznetsova in the second set and lost to Russia in the third set. “She played the most aggressive thing we ever played against her,” she praised the Russian opponent.

VIDEO: The Cibulka game with Kuznetsova

As in the group. “I did not play very well all the time, but in the toughest moments and endings I got it out of my heel so maybe Svetlana was upset because she felt herself up and it could come, but I turned it.The finale is something amazing, “she glowed. While she was celebrating the victory, Kuznetsov had already packed the rockets to leave the hall as quickly as possible, but Cibulka did not take it wrong.” I did not think about it. I was so emotional and everything. I saw her on the bench so I was going to hand her, “she said.

Cibulkova: The match is decided in breaks

Sam was at one point in Kuznetsova upset. She went to the dressing room where she stayed for quite a long time. “I thought it a little longer,” Cibulkova said, trying to keep her mind focused. I could have thought: ‘God forbid it,’ and other negative thoughts.If I had it in my head, I would not start the third set so well. But my mental strength and experience have led me to success. “

In Singapore, her parents and, above all, her father, Milan, is experiencing the emotions very much, celebrating each winning ball, encouraging the daughter by banging into the barracks, Has hidden the tears of joy in the towel.

Cibulka does not usually look at her parents during the match. “They have their own box and I concentrate on the coach, physiotherapist and husband. It’s such a steady three of the tournaments, “said the tennis player.” I do not know my parents, because that could make me mad. I just look at them at least for a good ball, but I’m sticking to my routine. “

Now he has the second big career final.In January 2014, she failed to fight for the Australian Open Grand Slam. “I did not go to the final with the fact that I really want to win, I was a bit lucky to play Grandslam final, and now I have the experience and go to court to give everything and I want to win,” said Cibulka. > He has two phones and two full congratulatory messages. “It’s the sea in my personal cell phone, and if I let the other one, I would kill two hours depreciation,” said this year’s winner of the three WTA tournaments and imagined how she was making a crackdown in Slovakia. “It must be a blast, but I learned not to read the news.Now I have to focus on myself and then I can enjoy it, “said Cibulka.

Even in the final, he will have a wedding ring, although quite large.” I still have his hands and nobody is taking him off. Everyone is surprised how I can play it, but I’m used to it.Sometimes my hair gets tangled up, but it’s a talisman, “she said with a smile.

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