Hungarians won in Finland, the Faroe Islands shocked Greece

BRATISLAVA. Portugal’s soccer players won the qualifying round of Euro 2016 in Jerevan over home Armenia 3-2 and secured a sovereign position at the head of the I-Group table.

The hero of the duel was Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s winger took care of all three goals of the guests.

Fernando Santosa, coach of the coach, was playing for a long time after Marcosa Pizzelli, but then Ronald’s great moments came.

First on 29.Minute after finishing a penalty kick, after a pause added a second goal when after a tentative hesitating home defensive by lobom shoved goalkeeper Berezovsky and three minutes later he tipped hetrik with a wonderful shot from the distance, which fallen into the left upper corner of the home gate. Ronaldov scored a nice goal at 1: 3.

Then he got the Tiago exclusion, after which he played a game with ten players.The Armenians, however, only managed to lower the score thanks to Mkojana.

The Portuguese won the first place in the I-group thanks to the three-point gain, with a two-point lead ahead of the second in Denmark, who in Serbia’s 2-0 victory in the evening. @ DBUfodbold stayed in contention for a place at # EURO2016 by beating @FSSrbije 2-0 in – European Qualifiers (@EuroQualifiers) June 13, 2015

The leaders of the D-group are still holding the Poles who beat Georgia in Warsaw by 4: 0 thanks to four goals in the second half.

Arkadiusz Milik was able to elbow his way through the middle after an intimidated pass from the right and chipped it past the top corner of the net.

The victory of the home team was highlighted by Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski, who played the hectic in five minutes.

The dreaded cannon put two goals in the lead time.

The second place belongs to a single-point loss by the Germans, against Gibraltar a smooth 7: 0 triumph.

Duel had a surprisingly balanced run from the opening minutes to lead the world champions after ten minutes, but Bastian Schweinsteiger did not change the penalty.

The home side was held by goalkeeper Jordan Perez, Andre Schurrle on 28th.But it was 0 – 1 at the break.

After a change in sides, Max Kruse scored the second goal and raised Ilkay Gundogan briefly to 3: 0.

Only the Germans with the remaining four accurate hits have decided to keep their game score.

The Škóki were home in Ireland with a 1: 1 domestic Irish draw and their 3rd place in the table. The home side was attacking 38 minutes.Minute after Walters moved up the bar.

But the Israeli rival checked short after the break due to Maloney, whose goal missile still defeated John O’Shea’s home defensive.

Iri made the situation in the group even more complicated, with the fourth place in the group, when they lose six points on the leading Poles.

The Greeks continue to fail, on Saturday their Faroe Islands were too weak (1: 2).The Faroe Islands moved to 6 points in Group F as they defeated 2004 European champions @EthnikiOmada. # EURO2016 – European Qualifiers (@EuroQualifiers) June 13, 2015

Sergio Markariána is the sixth winner in the F-group with two points of six dueling.

Romania remains the leader even after a goalless draw with Northern Ireland. EURO 2016 Qualification:

38. Walters – 47. O’Shea (Own)

62. Milik, 89., 90. + 2 and 90. + 3 Lewandowski

28, 65 and 71. Schürrle, 47. and 81. Kruse, 51. Gündogan, 57. Bellarabi

83rd Stieber

32. H. Hansson, 70. B. Olsen – 84. Papastathopoulos

14. Pizzelli, 72. Mkojan – 29., 55. and 58.Ronaldo (first of 11 m)

ČK: 62. Tiago (Portug.) After the second JK

13. Y. Poulsen, 87 J. Poulsen

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