I do not have to worry, even if I hit the rocks at the rocks, Junior Betak knows

His intervention had its weight, because thanks to him, Mora defeated Slavia 3: 2. Another chance seems to get on Friday, when Olomouc hockey players will welcome Karlovy Vary from 18:00.

For the first time, the Slovak striker got a chance two days earlier against the same opponent in Prague. The chances of averting the barrage have been minimal, so the coaches gave space to young players to gain experience. On Sunday, only 18-year-old Jakub Urbisch appeared at the club, the first start was scored by 26-year-old Martin Janacek – and it was the premiere. “Our game was much better than on Friday. I did not have any special assignments from the coaches.Mainly skating well and fighting duels, “Betak told him.

The coaches placed him in the fourth league with Richard Diviš and Peter Zuzin. He was just a member of the wider squad of the Slovak squad and sent a puck to the goal in the 28th minute, and Beták moved him to the net. “Peteo Zuzin cast it and I tried to be in front of the gate. It just cuts off my stick and dropped it down, “refused 20-year-old Betak Merit.

He did not want to compare the extralig with the junior competition. “The difference is very large, in strength and experience. To meet the Styte at the mantinel, it’s like falling into the rock, but there’s no need to be afraid.The worse is when you go to battle with fear, “he realizes.

Peter Zuzin is associated with Slovak nationality, perhaps because they understand the ice. “I do not know what it looked like from the stand, but we sat quite a bit. I have a lot of advice on the inverter or the cloakroom. Let’s say where we’ve made a mistake, and we’re trying to fix it, “says a junior, who has one less pleasant duty before him. “I have to pay for the registration.

I still have the first start there, so we will see how much it will cost me.” Beták started hockey in Trnava, Olomouc came almost five years ago as a youngster. “From Mr. Prescechtl (HC Olomouc Youth Chiefs – Note.I had a week, played two matches, and I probably convinced him when he left me here, “says Betak, adding that the reason for going back Slovakia has not yet. “There is a better hockey here and there are also much better conditions.”

From Olomouc he made it to the Slovakian eighteen, but this year his coaches did not call for the World Championship. In the junior Mory, he was one of the drivers, in 45 games he scored 40 points (13 + 27). But next year, it can only play in it.

“I would like to keep the extralig in Olomouc and let me play in the summer. Or I can go somewhere for alternate starts, “looks out next season.But now, the coach has the opportunity to convince them he can play in the first team.

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