Jagr played only 12 minutes for the match, counting from New Jersey

“Do not be angry, but now I have nothing to say,” the famous veteran refused to ask for an interview. “Come on Monday, I’m gonna get stuck.”

The second sentence said in exaggeration, but it was more about dates than packing things. It was clear from his behavior that he was counting with a change in another club, and the question is only when he happens. And where. New Jersey began to win at the end of the week, but still catches a lot of losing to progressive places. On Sunday morning he missed eight points in Boston. But it is not alone, Florida, Ottawa, and Philadelphia are also the last. Teams who have a better position than Devils.

Their general manager, Lou Lamoriello, has put a lot of weight on his return to the role of crisis coach Jágra.On Friday against Vancouver, Kladno played a total of only 14 and a half minutes on Saturday with Carolina in the third attack and played just over 12 minutes – compared to the previous match with the same opponent on December 23, it’s barely half the time. >

“I’m giving more space to the fourth line that deserved it. We should not only see Jágra, but the whole team and its needs. I think he plays well, and I took time on ice for everyone, not just him, “Lamoriello said. But letting go of the 20-year-old boy’s freeze and the legend with 1784 points in the NHL is still a difference.

Jagr can see, he’ll have a nice break into the attacking band or create a chance for his teammates. But in his movement on the ice you can not miss a certain resignation.He did not score six matches. He misses the former spark. “I’m not important to the team,” he told reporters in New Jersey recently.

During his career in the NHL, Managers have already exchanged it twice. At the beginning of April 2013, in the short-lived season, he traveled from Dallas to Boston, where he got to the Stanley Cup final. And before that, at the end of January 2004, Washington sent him to the New York Rangers.

“The worst thing is when it gets hot on the road. That’s what happened to me in Washington, “he recalled. “We were in T-shirt in Florida, I was trained to the Rangers and they were just playing in Ottawa where the snow storm was, and we got 9: 1 here.” Now there’s a snowstorm in New Jersey.Where’s the famous 68?

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