Koukalová loses self-preservation. I went up into a coma, she laughed

The thirteenth place after the sprint Gabriela Koukalová a fighter in Nove Moravia pulled to the eighth place. Improved, stomping on the heels of the phenomenal German laura dahlmeier, fans applauded her for placing in the top ten. Yet again came doubts…”When you go cross-country, but it nepodržíte gunfire, so sorry. What can I do, “she said, shrugging Koukalová, the result of the shooting range numbered two errors. And those were her better location.

What is your toughest moment at the shooting range?
“When I go to a handstand and I know that I missed in the last days neither barn . It is such uncertainty that I never know what happens.I’m more interested in it, it’s such an extra motivation. Call. I’m always trying to surprise fans. “

Have you been somewhat calmer in your second race before this huge backdrop?
” My legs did not shake, and we said That worse than yesterday can not be anymore. So I tried to calm down. I thought it was better, well, pity. I was not strong enough to keep it (fire). “

Have you risked more on the track to get the most?
I risk every race, especially a lot in the slopes.I am trying to acquire where else. (Smiling) There goes survival instinct party poison down indiscriminately and either it goes or it does not work. I believe that the best results it is necessary to take any risk. “

Not for nothing is said about the third World Cup in a row last Running only the strongest.
“you have enough, but you know what. When you here the track drives so many people…once a person goes not know how.I’m wearing an obligation only to those people that if I gave a five (five errors in shooting), so I’m going completely into a coma. “(Laughs)

Yesterday’s crash you mind not?
“it was bad luck but rather on the track, I ran a piece of Styrofoam or something lying there, and I believe that today the track is better prepared, I’m sure of avoiding and some dirt and stuff that there are not lying, there will not be. Indeed. It was good. “

It came back more spectators this time 35,000. It goes to you again breath?
“Beautiful, dream. (Looking around admiringly, after the tribunes) I think Schalke Arena have long been pocketed.I would like to thank the fans, perhaps we forget or Sunday and will come again. “

will pay the other dream again move forward, ideally a further five places?
(smile) “it would be nice to see.”

Race mass start you like that?
“I think so. A man pushes him more, and for spectators it is attractive.Sees combat and it is better than when going separé. “

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