Kozák: This team has not reached its peak yet

“In particular, the first half was sensational, we played football as I wanted to produce this team further. Under the impression of the lead, we made some mistakes after the change of sides and the opponent lowered. It’s a nice team of fighters who do not give up in any state. But the most important thing is victory, we have won. “

” We still have a lot of work to do, but I would not believe we can do it this way. It’s a great feeling, I appreciate the boys. I believe fans are also happy. We only relied on ourselves. Nobody helped us during the qualification. The strength of our competitors was enormous. Spain and Ukraine have been making constant pressure on us.

“I did not doubt our success for a second.The team has character, quality, and I was convinced that we can do it. I thank fans not only for what they have been to here, but for all of us in Slovakia, who have been cheering us and creating a fantastic atmosphere in Zilina. Passing to the European Championship is something amazing, I have a very good feeling at home. I appreciate the boys. The last matches showed that we have something to work on. However, there is enough time for the ME to get the championship in good light. I made good boys who were progressing in clubs and teams. “

” It was exhausting days, but they were worth it, giving the team a crazy match with Belarus was not easy.I came to the national team with the fact that as a player I was previously in the world and European championships. I said what if I could do it as a coach. It was a huge challenge. If the challenges are fulfilled, it’s a great feeling. “

” It was not easy. When we started together, the confidence of these players was low. Škrtel and Hamšík were the top players in the eyes of the media and the public. Little has been written about the rest. Gradually with Pekarík, Hubočan, Ďurica, Kucka, Maka, and Weiss, they built very good players. It’s a good idea that some of them do not play in better teams. However, they gained self-confidence, and the game began to work together. This is coherent and balanced. Sure it would be good if we had another three or four quality players.But we are small Slovakia. “

” This team has not reached its peak yet. I feel she matures for two years, she has room for improvement. “

” I will be honest. When I saw how many people came to our last preparatory match before qualifying against Malta – I was very sad. I was wondering who we were doing for that? We still have good players, and will not come to encourage us. Even from this point of view, the first victory in Ukraine was very important. Right now, we have overtaken Spain, and our fans have just started to believe us. Football has reached the positive light.The proof of it was that we had all the home matches sold out. “

” I’m not too crowded at all but a champagne cup after such a success. I’m very tired. “

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