Liberec showed the strength of the whole squad and Aero swept the class difference

Coach Michal Nekola has changed the basic set to half of the Wednesday, but the course of the series has not changed. On the contrary. Contrary to the nervous first duel, volleyball players Dukly have already shaken yesterday against the eighth overall of the table, as the sovereign ruler of the base part of the extralig and the harmless Odolena Voda literally swept from the deck.

The overwhelming predominance of the Liberec players, that the opponents allowed the third victory 3: 0 in the series to score only 39 points, with eleven of them “donated” spoiled services. “This time we were considerably better and it was a clear matter.We mainly dominated the three sets, the rivals we clearly outpaced and the points were based on that, “said Neola.” In the home team, Vencovský, Staněk and Galabov “

” It was planned because our goal in this series is to make the most of all the twelve people in the squad so so that everyone could play as much as possible and prepare for the next series, “Michal Nekola said.

The quarter-finals ended in a stylishly two straight points from the experienced veteran universe Vencovský. “The first match was typical of the start of the play-off.We have not had much to play for three weeks before, because we were clearly the first in the table. We had a physical preparation, it was the first such sharp struggle after a long time, and it was a bit of a performance at a performance, “explains Jakub Vencovský.

” Now we have played the most of the younger boys and we played in the second game exactly what we said at the meeting. So, responsibly, we focused on every balloon. We played really well and the Resistance did not leave us anyway. There’s probably not much more to say about it. “The quarter-final series is moving into the Odolena Vody Hall, where it will be played on Sundays and Mondays. “Today Liberec clearly played us.We are facing quite big health problems, so we will see how it will look like in our country, “said Jiří Vojík, coach of the Central Bohemia.

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