Moravec’s best performance of the season! The bulk race finished fourth

Biathlete Ondřej Moravec fought race with a mass start at the World Cup in Nove Mesto in Moravia medal eventually finished just fourth. He took charge as the best Czech male result in the Highlands. He won again the phenomenon of the season Martin Fourcade of France.

The second was a German Simon Schempp, who lost to the winner eight seconds. In the battle for bronze was before Moravec finish in the final three tenths of a second faster Rus Anton Babikov.

Michal Krčmář made three mistakes on the shooting range and finished nineteenth. The race will not failed two other Czech representatives.Jaroslav Soukup lost the chance of a good result with three errors on the last shooting item Šlesingr drove six criminal circles and was the last.

“With two errors on the fourth place I need to be happy, even if it’s a still, “said Moravec on Czech television, which in New Town in Moravia finished just below the podium for the fifth time. Twice at the World Championships, the year before the fighter and in the 2011/2012 season in the pursuit race SP. “But it’s the best result of the season so ultimately cool. The broken butt was not a problem,” mentioned a damaged gun from Saturday’s fighter competition.

From the outset, it took to the track Šlesingr and moved ten points in the first split.Similarly to the introduction he approached and Moravec, which jumped nine opponents. Krcmar along with everyone moving around tenth place. On the first shooting race essentially ended the Šlesingr that lying missed three times. Conversely faultless Krčmář and Soukup move forward.

Soukup, who did not go last World Cup in Pokljuce but raced in the lower IBU Cup, well run, and the second item lying shot down for 23 seconds also all targets and held in absolute peak. Moravec wounds watching for any mistakes and found himself in the top ten.Krčmář after one error still kept in touch.

On the third shooting Soukup came in second place, but the last standing blow missed, which meant a slight loss. Back to battle for a medal got Moravec, who hit all the targets. Soukup drove around seventh place, Moravec attacked the stage.

Before the latest shooting all missed Fourcade, and if all targets after the stop at the shooting range turned white, was the winner again clear. In the individual eighth race of the season scored the seventh triumph.

Moravec one shot missed, but because his opponents mistakes, the second and third place suddenly went up to eight biathletes.Moravec was fifth fastest running time, but it eventually medal was not enough.

The promising performance Soukup took their three errors on the last shooting, which meant a drop to 27th place.

Men – race with a mass start at 15 km: 1. M. Fourcade (Fr.) 36: 18.9 (1 tr. circuit) 2. Schempp (Ger.) -8.3 (2) 3. Babikov (Rus.) -9.4 (1), 4th Moravec (CR) -9.7 (2) 5. Pidručnyj (Ukr.) -10.2 (1), sixth Jelisejev (Rus.) -11.0 (2) 7th Björndalen (Nor.) -11.3 (2) 8. Fillon Maillet (Fr.) -13.7 (2) 9. J. Bö (Nor.) -19.8 (3), 10. Desthieux (Fr.) 28.8 (2) …19th Krčmář -1: 06,9 (3), 27th Soukup -2: 00,3 (4), 30th Šlesingr (all CR) -2: 31.0 (6).

1st M.Fourcade 468 b. 2. Šipulin (Rus.) 310, J. Bö third 308, fourth 258 Björndalen 5. Schempp 251 6. Tsvetkov (Rus.) 240 …14 . Krčmář 168 15th Moravec 167 24th Šlesingr 131, 41. Soukup 51, 69thThey care for skis and other equipment •

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