New Trump Ledecká? A physiotherapist who cooks two soups to choose from

How does windsurfing fit into preparation for winter sports? “She definitely helps me. There are elements that can be compared with the snowboard, but it is a physically demanding thing. It strengthens the top of the body, adding to other exercises, “she said.

She was last at the Sochi Olympics. There she moved with a plate in the lumbar spine, then she had to end the hopefully running season. This is why Ledecká is looking forward to the first launch of the new year.

The moon has spent training in the USA, where four snowboard and three ski races were to take place. But because of the lack of snow they all canceled. “It was a great disappointment.I’m really looking forward to it, “she said. “Now we are going to Austria and I will start skiing somewhere.”

While it did not change the model of summer preparation, there is one thing in Ester Ledecká. She was engaged by a new physiotherapist, Petr Červenka. From a bald man with a thick mustache and glasses she promises to better balance her workload.

“The search was hard enough because I insisted on being a man. He helps me on the slope, he carries backpacks and poles. If she had to do this, I would have been stupid. I’m going to throw it and I do not care, “she smiled. With Červenka she had been the first to concentrate on the skills she did not expect from the physiotherapist. “He’s boiling wonderfully. The very first day he made two soups, he gave me a choice.He taught me how to cook a pumpkin, I will test it at home. “Last season, she won a World Cup race on the snowboard and finished on the podium in the other two. Besides, he also wants to ski this year, so she trained in Hintertux in mid-October with the rest of Czech skiing.

“I was honored to have been able to train with such great skiers. Šárka (Strachová) was my great pattern. Just watching her during training was a great inspiration, “said a girl whose blonde hair adorns a distinct bird feather. “I brought you from Colorado. He will keep increasing. “

He is not talking about goals for the new season, he says he has been appointed by a coach. She’s glad she cured her wounded back.She would also like to attend the February MS in Beaver Creek in addition to the January Kreichsberg Snowboard Championship in Austria.

But her main plan is different: “I’m going to enjoy the season.”

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