Extraliga, then the CEV Cup. It’s open, says Hudeček

In the initial duel on the home deck they lost with Tiikerite Kokkola 2: 3, if they want to move, they have to win the finals as well as the guests. “We could have made it better at home, but everything is still open,” says Ondřej Hudeček, the Karlovy Vary captain.

Today VK ČEZ Karlovy Vary volleyball players are waiting for the 14th round of the extraliga in Brno, and then all of them thoughts aimed at retaliation of the second round of the CEV Cup on the board of Tiikerit Kokkola. With Finnish champion, Karlovy Vary lost 2: 3 at home (25:23, 28:26, 20:25, 16:25, 12:15) and if he wants to stay in the Cup of Europe he must win on Tuesday night. >

“From our side, it was such a greyhound.Unfortunately, we did not find the impulse that would help us to turn the game back to our side. But I would not even throw the rye into the rye. We could have made it better at home, but it is a revenge before us. It’s still open, “says team captain Ondřej Hudeček.

If we return to the first match at home, what did we decide?

We did not start badly but our game was not optimal and rival then unfortunately improved as we went down with our performance.

The first two sets you took for yourself, that’s all about to be strengthened.

In addition to the home ground…under the condition of 2 : 0 we should not let it go, but unfortunately – it happened.The first two sets were not ideal for us, though we won, but then it was not enough for the rivals.

Worse – what exactly?

In the fourth set we bought unnecessary mistakes , we gave them a lot of points. And we have simplified the situation quite a bit. In the fifth set, it was the same, we gave some cars and then it was hard to pull.

, it’s out of the game…it’s about finding the game again as fast as possible.Everyone is analyzing the match in the cup where it was not good or where we can improve later, and we have worked together to improve in training together.

You are now pleased to compensate for the few days of volleyball vacation, are not you? You will play two matches in Extralise between Kokkola’s cup matches. At home, you have overcome Benátky nad Jizerou convincingly 3: 0 and now you are waiting for a match in Brno this weekend.

There is nothing to do, it is a calendar. For us, it is of utmost importance to learn from the home match with Tiikerite and to go further.As I say, it’s still open.

About the author Pavel Mrhalek, MF DNES sports editor

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Another great sprint. Koukal arrived in Ruhpolding second

The sprinter’s introduction offered frequent rotation at the head of the race.

Italius Vitozzi, then Russia Akimov or German Hildebrand. But the biggest favorites were only in the middle of the starting field.

And it was once again a day flying the Finns.

Mäkäräinen did not have a competitor on the track, she was just shooting and when she reached the finish line, It took an unbelievable 59.8 seconds!

Only two women who were in the overall World Cup ranking before her – the German Laura Dahlmeier and the head of Gabriela Koukalová – took up the 7.5 km long race. p>

They did not even miss the shot at the shooting range, but it was not enough for Fink this time.

The Czech biathlete has lost about ten seconds since the initial split in Mäkäräinen.The first item also mastered cleanly, despite the fourth caliber blow. “The good result is a bit of luck,” Zdeněk Vítek, Women’s Coach, commented on Czech Television.

In the second run, the distance of the two best biathlonists was the same, after the last Czechoslovak 27

“I was glad it was that way.” “I was happy this was the first time. I did not feel very good at the run, mainly because of my lack of strength. That’s why I’m glad I shot for zero. The idea of ​​running more than two meters would kill me, “Koukal laughed.

” A very successful race again.The last item is standing up, waiting for Gabin to concentrate. And on the track it was excellent, the third fastest. She said her legs were hurt before she started. But today she did it again, “said Vitek.

Third place was Laura Dahlmeier, fourth Marie Dorin-Habert from France, fifth Italian Dorothea Wierer and sixth home Franziska Hildebrand.

The six best women in the World Cup ranked in the first six places.

It was a race for big fans.

And it was also a race of Czech biathlonists.

Eva Puskarcikova, the eighteenth Veronika Vítková, was conquered by the eighteenth Markéta David.Only Lucie Charvátová, who finished the forty-two, did not score points.

Koukalová leads the World Cup, currently 21 points ahead of Laura Dahlmeierová.


All Czechs to fighter

the favorites started in the middle of the pack of biathlonists – they were afraid of conditions that could just record the higher numbers.

But the chumelenice did not come. She arrived in Chiemgau Arena until Saturday’s women’s sprint. “Although it is snowing, but it does not blow, perhaps better than the unpredictable wind,” Ondřej Rybář, the team’s chief executive, said before the start for Czech Television. “The forecast has been filled.They reported chuckles that do not stop. ”

That’s why most coaches have decided to put their biggest stars up to the second half of the starting pack.

An exception to the Czech team was formed by Lucie Charvátová, who set off on the track as the 27th.

And it was Charvátová, who was not the only biathlete in the Czech Republic. She missed three times on the firing range, which was not enough for forty-two. But she went to Sunday’s fighter race.

Otherwise, it was a great joy on Saturday.

Gabriela Koukalová was the second biggest fan.But the remaining three Czechs did.

Eva Puskarčíková again burned like Verdun when both items managed in 44 seconds – no biathlete was faster. “Still, I’m a little disappointed. I’m sorry about the one on the shooting range, “said the fourteenth female sprinter at the finish.

” Maybe I started with the relay and I will be ready on Saturday, “Veronika Vítková wished again. And physically, she was great, she had the 12th fastest time. But the first shot on the firing range flew off.

Vítková added one more mistake standing, which moved her to the 21st position. “Two mistakes are too much.Yet I have a good position for a Sunday fighter, “she said after the race.

The young Markéta David, who still wanted to return to the lower competitions after the Thursday relay, “But I’m looking forward to the sprint, I’d like to go to the fighter race,” she said.

I met her. Although the lane was wrong, but the stand was able to handle without difficulty against the relay and burned for the first points in the World Cup in a career and the result of life was – it was the twenty-eighth place.

“Today we are really super, we can praise all the girls , they cracked on it at one, “Vitek concluded.

Both Tottenham and Arsenal shot, Chelsea won without costa

Five of the last seven matches between Tottenham and West Brom ended in a draw. Even the last one at the White Hart Lane stadium, home to Leicester’s championship last season.

But this time only one game was played. A match that could win a single team from the start.

Tottenham cracked the opponent’s goal with twenty-one missiles and soon jumped the opponent to the difference of two goals. In the first half, after Dan Eriksen’s pass, Harry Kane was hit, and Gareth McAuley defended his second shot.

The unsuccessful performance of the guest stopper continued in the second half. McAuley lost the ball to his own half before the end and offered Totenham third goal.Kane’s attacker again gave him a hat-trick for another three minutes. He has already dropped some promising chances before…

The sixth victory in a row has led team coach Mauricia Pochettina to the second place of the table.

It is possible to take down the “Cocks” on Sunday Liverpool footballers who play Sunday at Old Trafford against United.

The last two English champions did not give Chelsea Leicester any chance and the table is seven points. Marco Alonso helped Marcos Alonso lead two goals in the first half and Pedro added another third goal.

The match with Chelsea did not come from cannon Diego Costa, who, according to the British media, was fighting with Antoni Contem coach and fitness coach due to unspecified wounds.He is also attracted by the fabulous offer from the Chinese league.

The third clean account in the fourth match is celebrated with Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Čech. On the Swansea course, led by new coach Paul Clement, Olivier Giroud was the fifth time in a row. In the second half home they scored two goals. Every time after Alex Iwobi’s action. Alexis Sánchez, who is alongside Diego Costy at the head of the shooter’s table, added fourth. Both have managed fourteen goals so far.

The new coach Marco Silva, on the other hand, awoke to the life of footballer Hullu. Those in the league won the first time since the beginning of November.The two goals scored in the Bournemouth network were scored by the attacker Ábel Hernandez, after which Winks still scored his own goal.

Bournemouth was leading the field but he also won three times in the third match in the new year 2017.

All points earned even without striker Dmitri Payeta West Ham players who defeated the Crystal Palace on the home. The three goals of “Hammers”, including the exclusive acrobatic strike of the striker Carroll, were won by Michail Antonio. Returner Joey Barton decided to win Burnley over Southampton, while Sunderland lost to Stoke at home.

The last Saturday match between Watford and Middlesbrough ended without goals.

Torture du jeune Markéta? Mais où. Elle a eu une belle saison, Osrblie malgré cela

Les résultats espoirs tchèques en Osrblie? Accueil

quarante-trois dans la course d’endurance, le quatorzième dans le sprint, la course de poursuite en dix-huitième et neuvième avec le relais.

« Il n’a pas été ce que nous avons tous imaginé et j’avais d’autres idées. Je suis un peu déçu, mais j’ai toujours eu une bonne saison “, a-t-elle dit après son retour à la maison.

Elle l’avait fait. Il suffit de mentionner.

En Novembre imitait Gabrielle Koukalova quand comme dix-neuf ans adolescent a dominé le sprint à la Coupe IBU, deuxième biathlon de la division.

Merci à qui a reçu deux invitations à la Coupe du Monde. À New Town, la 69e place n’est pas allée à la course de chasse, à Ruhpolding déjà 28e.a eu lieu les treize premiers points de la série élite.

Au début de Février, alors absolument dominé les Championnats d’Europe juniors à Nove Mesto, il a remporté la médaille de bronze dans la course d’endurance, et deux médailles d’or dans le sprint et combattant. Accueil </p >

“Et c’était mon deuxième sommet de la saison. Je pense donc que même pas besoin d’être tellement déçu que je suis la Coupe du Monde si mal, « dit-il

La plupart équipe malade

Une semaine avant le début du championnat, elle s’est entraînée à Jablonec et se portait bien. “Je ne me sentais même pas si fatiguée que ce soit la fin de la saison”, a-t-elle déclaré. Samedi matin, elle s’entraînait le matin, mais elle sentait que quelque chose n’allait pas à ce moment-là. Dans l’après-midi, elle s’était endormie avec la température.Et elle n’était pas seule. De même, le plus jeune et l’équipe junior.

« train biathlon vingt-cinq ans, mais que j’ai dormi avec toute l’équipe, rappelez-vous pas vraiment », a déclaré l’entraîneur du serveur junior biatlon.cz Jindřich Šikola. “Selon l’entraînement, nous déciderons quand même si tout le monde va faire des courses d’endurance. La santé des athlètes est toujours à la première place. «

Voilà pourquoi en Slovaquie avant le début en raison de rhume voyagé Anna Tkadlecová. Au contraire, David, lundi, trois jours avant la première course, a quitté l’équipe à Orsblie.Non, elle n’était toujours pas en pleine paris sportif foot santé. “Mais ce n’était pas le moment d’entrer dans la foule”, a-t-elle dit. “Peut-être que les deux jours m’ont aidé, mais ce n’est pas le cas.”

Le lieu de repos s’entraînait mardi et se préparait à la course d’endurance du jeudi. L’entraîneure Shikola n’admettait pas trop à ses débuts, elle lui parlait un peu, mais elle était catégorique. “Je pensais y avoir travaillé tout l’hiver. Et pendant que je suis sur place, donc il ne neproležím “dit-elle

Oh, que le tir

Avant le départ de la course d’endurance a souri aux caméras alors qu’elle passait, a perdu sa voix.Toujours en train de se faner, l’air slovaque était froid et froid. “Mais dans la soirée, tout allait bien se passer”, a-t-elle assuré.

La coureuse n’était pas mal du tout, et elle a marqué le cinquième temps le plus rapide sur 12,5 kilomètres. C’était un tir qui l’a trahie en Slovaquie.

Six cibles non-touchées signifient six minutes supplémentaires dans la course d’endurance. Même avec une baisse décente sur les skis, ce n’était pas suffisant pour une trente-huitième place.

Et ce n’était pas mieux dans les autres courses.

Dans le circuit suivant, cependant, sa force venait lentement, sa respiration, et elle passa trois fois. « Voilà mes jambes tremblaient beaucoup d’entre eux, ils étaient fatigués », dit-elle après la course.

Dans cette quête il a ensuite répété six des cibles manquées. Lors de la dernière ronde sur l’une des pistes, elle a trébuché et a été blessée aux deux genoux. Non, cela n’a pas été le championnat

Sur son Instagram pour mettre en place l’un des postes Internet en vertu de l’article biatlonovým où débatteur, a écrit:. « David neskolila grippe, mais la cécité. Elle avait encore manqué six cibles. »Elle ajouta:« Le Seigneur l’a fait pour moi aujourd’hui. Il est pas tous les jours fête, peut-être même chaque semaine. « Bien sûr, le tir est incertain Davidová

a lutté tout au long de la saison.En Osrblie mais elle avala le manque de puissance. Accueil

« Peut-être qu’il est trop froid pour que le tir pourrait avoir un impact, parce que je suis arrivé à son fatigué pour moi dans chaque course dans les derniers tours de course sur forces », a-t-elle admis. “Mais je ne veux pas séduire toute la maladie, ce n’était rien de mourir. Holt-moi dans les deux course est sorti le tir, ce fut la pierre d’achoppement « .

La Coupe du Monde cette année déjà très probablement ne reviendra pas.Maintenant, il veut que le jeune tchèque espoirs surtout complètement guéri et de nouveau commencer à poursuivre ses études, il a étudié à l’Université agricole.

« Tant que la neige, je suis un peu de ski. Nous avons encore l’exposition traditionnelle à Jablonec, qui ont l’air vers l’avant, puis une journée bien mérité, « dit-il.

Et à l’avenir, la saison olympique?

L’entraîneur-chef et l’équipe Ondřej Rybář aurions elle l’aimait dans la Coupe du Monde, même dans le relais. “Mais j’aimerais toujours rester en représentation junior avec Jindra Šikola. Si je vais réussir à IBU Cupech, ne hésitez pas à regarder à nouveau dans la Coupe du Monde, mais je suis allé dans ACKs, je peux avoir encore le temps « , dit-elle.

Non, dépêchez-vous. Elle sait qu’il lui manque un tir plus équilibré et précis.Et si elle ne l’a pas bien fait?

“Je ne défendrai donc pas l’équipe”, assure-t-il. “Mais c’est encore trop loin.”

Geverta replaced. But Jihostroj could not overturn Kladno

How can Jihostroj play without the wounded Universe Gevert? And stops Kladno without its key player? These were the main issues when the Chilean volleyball player in the third set departed from the playing area in the previous extra-league match in Pribram.

And this theme was solved everywhere during a duel he had already watched the crutches. In front of refreshments, on the stands and men’s toilets. And what is the answer? Although it did not work against Kladno and the home team lost 1: 3, Gevert should not go. “I think Sebastian was very much missing. Colin played well, “commented the performance of the second South Bohemian player on the position of the blocker Vladimir Sobotka.

And coach Jan Svoboda joined. “I think he did it.It was harder for the recorders to get used to another universe, but we can praise him for his performance, “added Svoboda.

On the site of the universe, Colin Hackworth, the American team, joined the team. And he played his role well. Even though some of the spectators called it weaker, it was a benefit to the show. For example, in the second set he managed to bring the team up to two straight points in a straight line, which the South Bohemia did not manage. showed why it is the first

It can be said that the whole Budějovický unit on Kladno was not enough and it was not just one man. Central Boys reign the table. They only lost in the first match of the season and have dominated since then.And they showed their welfare in the Budejovice Hall.

“I was afraid of the struggle. Although Jihostroj did not have a key player, it is a strong team and I am happy for the three points we have, “the coach Kladna Milan Fortuník evaluated.

The first two sets of his team managed excellently. He always had a slight lead in the end, which he could turn into. In the third time Jihočeš dominated. They pressed the service team, Petr Michálek managed to score from various positions and the home winners clearly won. Even in the fourth it seemed that they would not have any more significant problems. They started great, but in a 12: 3 way, the Kladens began to erase the loss gradually until it completely dissipated. “Here we did not find what Kladno did.We also led to the end of the lead but did not play it, “said Svoboda.

So they were disappointed that the match did not reach the break and have at least no points. But the match allowed 1,200 spectators to leave with a high-level match.

“The match for us was terribly important because we had training problems after the Sebastien injury and we tried to play for the first time in new assembly. We will play without it for a long time and it was a great preparation, “said Jan Svoboda.

Yes. Although the initially frightening predictions of the torn muscle have not been confirmed, even the volleyball player has torn muscle fibers in the calf.He has begun treatment with rehabilitation, but his break is estimated to be six weeks. “If it’s five or nine, of course we’ll see. It is different for everyone, “said Freedom.

” It is important for us to be healthy for the play-off. We need to create our best position now, “Vladimír Sobotka added.

So the coach could see at least on Thursday in action and load other players. This is a good thing, because Israeli Tel Aviv is coming to South Bohemia in the Challenge Cup on Thursday. The opponent seems even harder than Kladno on Saturday.

Put it elsewhere, I’ll scare it later, conducts Brno captain Hrazdir

Also confirmed Saturday’s duel, in which the Brno volleyball players pushed Karlovarsko favoring 3: 2 and in the extrals jumped to the fifth position. “I would rather for an easy victory, that’s how it takes a lot of strength,” he breathed out after the five-thousandth battle of Hrazdira. “But what we are talking about, we are happy with Karlovy Vary for every point.”

The loser of power speaks the most desirable. Hrazdira for the matches from the deck. The rejuvenated Brno team is drawn. Out of constant smashing, the experienced leader has a right-handed right hand. “I can not, it’s clear,” she smiles. “The program is not so wild that I have to get it for three days.”

Its numbers are confirmed by its uniqueness.Hrazdira scored a total of 250 points in 14 rounds, with a bigger striker in the highest competition. “It is very difficult for Michal,” says Ondřej Marek, coach of Brno. “Everyone knows that our attacks are heavily drawn. Everyone is ready for it, “continues the coach. “While we are preparing for more scums, our opponents are only going to Michael. But again our younger players are easier for us, the attention is not so much focused on them. “But Hrazdira himself often goes to the recorder and says,” The blockers are automatically going against me. Try giving it to others, leave me for later.I’m going to do it in some more important situation. “And that it worked, the Saturday match of two Czech representatives in the European Cups, in which the leader of extralig statistics put 20 points. “When someone wins the stats, they are usually a team player who will not reach anything,” reminds a biographer from Brno. “I have already won the scoring before I left abroad. That’s what I’ve accomplished with my personal ambitions. When someone improves on my advice, it’s much more enjoyable for me. ”

A representative who played in Austria, Poland, Italy and France now has the right conditions.The Brnans did not manage to catch the ideal reinforcements beyond the boundaries, so they bet on the young men. Hrazdira thus fulfills not only the role of the leader but also works as a mentor and extralig guide. “I’m trying to give even more to the young people than last year. Sometimes it does not work out in the game. These are 19-year-old boys who play the first season in boys, “Hrazdira realizes.

They listen to the youngsters for his advice, or rather they think,” What’s wrong with Hrazdira? “” Well, they say…I’ll make it up, “laughs the most experienced team player. “But most of the things take their hearts.”

And thanks to young enthusiasm and good physics, Brňany managed the end of the weekend. The win after five sets was celebrated a week ago in Odolena Voda. “We lose ourselves with unnecessary losses.But we are young, we have to play courageously. And he was talking to Handler with the pen really well, “says coach Marek, who had to deal with the absence of foreigners for the last time. With American Ammerman and Russian Sčerbatych, the club has said good-bye. Against Karlovy Vary, Saddam sat sadly on the American Universal Goodell bench, which he will not have in the season due to the thrombosis in his hand. It was only from the tribune that the chilly Colombian Mendoza cheered.

“One is expecting an outsider to be the main driver. We were reluctant to make mistakes with the young team, “says Hrazdira. “The boys found out that they had to get together, and it took the young man for a while.Now every balloon is sprawled, there is nothing left, “says Marek. “I do not like it, but it seems to me that we have added a heart to the game.”

The young man wants the Czech vicems to show off on Thursday against the French giant of Tours. Volleyball players who move to a new hall on Voda Street for a retaliatory duel of the CEV Cup, will bring viewers free of charge.

Liberal football players flee to Prague before the snow. In the hall with the artist

On Monday, they trained in improvised conditions on their artificial grass at U Nisy. “The terrain was pretty cool, just during the training around us we had to keep driving the snow cleaning technique, so it was not perfect,” said Jaroslav Köstl, Liberecký asistent tréner.

The club’s leadership on harsh climatic conditions were responding, and Liberec will train on Thursday and Friday in Zbuzany in Prague in a special, modern, third-generation artificial grass lawn with 86×36 meters.

“We will be there to sleep at the hotel, so we will use this environment for at least two days,” Köstl said.

On Tuesday, Slovan footballers will use the U Nisy , tomorrow they play from 11.00 am Tipsport League match in Mladá Boleslav against Varnsdorf and take the direction of Prague on Thursday.

Even though the snow in Jablonec has been sprinkled since the start of the preparation, Monday football players had to prepare for the preparation.Over the 50th centimeter of snow occurred in Jablonec during the weekend and at night on Monday.

“We did not have to change anything yet because our people cleaned up the area. We had to do the first move right now.On our usual training course in Mšena, youth games are played, so we planned to train for new artists in Břízky, but there were problems with the technique, the area does not run out of time, so we have to work out in the afternoon for training in the city hall. But no big problem, “said Zdeněk Klucký, Jablonec coach, yesterday afternoon. “In the morning, the players were in the gym and were running in the athletic hall with us at the Střelnice, which was planned already.”

The striker Doležal, who was on Monday in Prague for examination with sore thirst , and the individual training plan has another Tecl forward due to minor difficulties.For the first time, for the first time, the Slovak striker Zreľák, who came to Jablonec during the autumn with injuries, was preparing for the first time.

Another preparatory match is waiting for Jablonce footballers on Saturday when they meet in Tipsport League Mladá Boleslav in derby with Liberec.