A korábbi Chelsea menedzser, Bobby Campbell 78 éves korában meghal

A korábbi Chelsea menedzser, Bobby Campbell 78 éves korában meghalt.

A klub játékosai fekete karszalagot viselnek szombati játékban a Stoke Cityben, a Campbell tiszteletére, aki a Chelsea volt felelős 1988-tól 1991-ben, és a klubot a Second Division-tól folytatták először 1989-ben, amikor megkérdezték, hogy kezdődik a top-flight stint, Unibet amely továbbra is a mai napig tart. City City v Chelsea: mérkőzés előnézet Tovább

” A Chelsea Football Club nagyon elszomorított, hogy bejelentette, hogy korábbi vezetője, Bobby Campbell 78 éves korában jelentette be “- mondta a Premier League bajnokai.” A klub minden tagja elküldi legmélyebb részvétünket Bobby családjának és barátainak és a mi játékosaink fekete karszalagot viselnek az ő Unibet memóriájában a mai Stoke-i játékban. “A West London-i klub hozzátette:” A Chelsea nagyon közel áll Bobby Campbell szívéhez, és mindig közel lesz a miénkhez. “Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bobby Campbell a Roman Abramovich mellett Stamford Br november 2012-ben.Fotó: Daily Mail / Rex Shutterstock Campbell kezdte pályafutását a Liverpool helyi oldalán, mielőtt a Wigan Athletic, a Portsmouth és az Aldershot csapatával lépett volna.

és a Queens Park Rangers, az Arsenal és a Fulham edzői stábjaira is felkerült. A Craven Cottage 1976-ban elnöke volt, és 1980 októberéig szerepelt, olyan játékosok Unibet mellett, mint George Legjobb és Bobby Moore.További menedzseri varázslatok következtek a Portsmouth-lal, majd a Chelsea-szel együtt, az Aldershot és a QPR szerepével.

A Campbell más klubjainak szombati idején szurkoltak. “Mindenki a Fulham Football Clubban szomorú volt, hogy megtudja a korábbi vezető Bobby Campbell átadását” – olvasható a Chelsea szomszédai nyilatkozata. “A Fulham gondolatai Bobby családjával és barátaival vannak ebben a szomorú időben.”

Portsmouth tweetelt: “Szomorodtunk, hogy megtudjuk a korábbi Pompey játékos és manager Bobby Campbell #RIPBobby halálát”.

Az Arsenal kiküldte: “Mindenki az Arsenalban Unibet fogadási bónuszt elküldi a gondolatait és kívánja a korábbi Bobby Campbell egykori edzőjének családját és barátait szomorú halálát követően.”

szomorúan hallotta, hogy Bobby Campbell korábbi asszisztens vezetője 78 éves korában meghalt. “

The comet spread Sparta. Liberec is not successful, the suffering of Pardubice continues

Chomutov, who was still on the top of the table, lost the second time behind: this time he was not at home in Olomouc 1: 4. The second victory, on the other hand, is celebrated by Litvínov, who succeeded in Karlovy Vary 3: 1. Westerners fell fifth in a row and remained the penultimate.

Master LIberec lost the third time in a row, this time he did not manage the duel in Hradec and fell 2: 3 after separate raids. Pardubice continues to suffer, this time losing 1: 2 in Mladá Boleslav. The last duel of the 9th round between Vítkovice and Pilsen is going on until October 18th.

Everybody decided about Olomouc’s good entry into the match. First in the third minute, Vyrubalík scored a blow from blue and in less than three minutes later added Mikus to the second.Coach Ruzicka was replaced by goalie Laca after this goal because this goal was very cheap. When he put the third goal of the score in 20:44, it was practically decided. Skinner’s early reduction did not lead to a turn, and the Hannacles looked at the outcome. In addition, they added a fourth goal in the third part.

Litvinov has led the Norwegian defender Sorvik in the power game, it has to be said that he is a bit happy. He scored a blue disc and the puck pulled up the net behind goalkeeper Zackorky, who apparently did not see well. The home team fought, and in the middle of the game they managed to equalize in the numerical advantage: Mullane held the puck on the right circle until he had fired the ball and Tomeček arrived.But the turn did not take place, Pavelka scored at 34:49 the score, after Lukeš’s wound and subsequent confusion in front of the goal-net he swept the puck into the net.

Better entry into the match could not have been Brno due to 3: 0 lead. The first scored Erat in the power game with a precise shot of the forhendem from the right circle, then Sparta knocked 30 seconds before the siren German after the genial pass Kvapila and finally 33 seconds from the opening bull of the second part increased Nečas after the mistake of the guests in the starting. Sparta did not give up and managed to lower the difference, but definitely decided by the German at 36:33 after another wonderful event Kvapila.When he gave Erat shortly after the 5: 2 side change, he no doubt no one was winning.
The home team entered better and after forty seconds, Latvia’s Roberts Bukarts was sent to the lead by Marušák’s missiles. The Třinečti managed to make up for the break when Kamil Kreps hit the goalkeeper Štural with a hard blow. Even after two-thirds, the equilibrium remained, and the racers decided to win separate races. Only the home striker Antonin Honejsek was able to defeat the defeat in the first season. At the same time, they also took the first place in the Brno Kometa chart.

It was a balanced match in Hradec. They first led home when Djerinš took advantage of the defeat in the opponent’s turn, got the puck between the circles and fired.Then Liberec managed to turn the turn: Jelínek equalized in the power play of five to three, which the guests played masterfully. After a change of sides, Ševc turned to turn the corner of Rybář’s goal after Lakatoš’s left. However, at home, at the end of the second part, he managed to cope with veteran Bednář, who also headed right into the top corner. Hradec eventually celebrates two points thanks to Šimánek, who only turned a separate raid.

Boleslav decided on the result of the match during the excellent match first period. At 5:02 Orsava scored a nice pass from Žejdla and two meters behind the blue and with a hard shot burned Maxwell.Klepis and Vampola did not take a solid chance, but Látal, who was fouled in the escape, took advantage of the penalty shoot-out when he raised the puck with the beckhend below the top pole. Pardubický Redenbach, two minutes before the end of the duel, still raged with the goal, but the result was nothing.

Chomutov Captain of Attention: Five goals are death for us

“We have retreated from the game we played in the preparation and season break. Now we started to play a bit active and we are not paying too much, “assisted Petr Martinek after the third defeat in a row.

She came home with Olomouc, was 1: 4. “We have to return to dedication, tenacity, militancy. Then we will go up again. “

The first six games, six wins, Chomutov experienced the start of dreams in the extraliga. “But as I look at the dressing room, it does not seem like we’re flying in the clouds,” Captain Michal Vondrka complained. “We are still trying to defend ourselves from the defenses, but the bugs are bucking. In the last three games we have got mad goals. It is not possible. Our game is to win two goals.So when we get five goals, it’s death for us. “

The last Pardubice, the then leader of Třinec, even shot these opponents of the 1x bet Pirates. Six-goal loser, Steel Five.

“But we did not make a bad match in Třinec, the result was a bit cruel,” Martínek defended his team. “However, we end up worrying about the end, not even getting a chance. We also make mistakes in defense and we are not allowed to exclude. “

The pirates must turn the rudder in the direction they had previously sailed. Any other maneuver will be at risk. “We should not panic, that would be the beginning of the end,” the attacker Vondrka realizes. “We made mistakes in the winning series, but now they are very much at my taste.It’s more about details, such little things that are being read in the final. That somebody jumps the puck off the hockey stick, someone does not fire it, another betting online player will be wrong. “

Olomouc decided a bad start. First, the goal was a two-fold weakness, then a cheap goal, after which goalkeeper Laco switched to Strome.

“We had some chances at the beginning, but then it was completely nonsensical to their side. In addition, happiness has diverged from us. We no longer have goals from the situations we had before, “says Vondrka. “And due to unnecessary mistakes, we give our opponents a chance for free.”

However, the captain did not blame the goalkeeper. “It’s not what he read, it just happens.He has been holding us since the beginning of the season, he had an incredible practically all the matches. Now that the puck has failed him, what…Everybody makes a mistake, he does not shoot. We have to go on, “says Vondrka.

Instead of feeling confused, he finds himself in the cab. “It’s up to us to say what we’re going to do. I do not think there’s such a character here that he would fold his arms and be scared. No. Everybody will fight and we will go for further winnings. “

Ladislav Krejčí has ​​the second debut. Against Sparta

“The first match against such a club is great. I had a dream and I would have liked everyone, “said Krejci.

Benjamínek in the blade of the round, which ended with a wild draw 3: 3, certainly did not disappoint. he carefully housed the area before the stalkers with another shield midfielder Jan Sedlák. He did not feel too much about the ball, rather he handed it over quickly to his teammates. He was trying to make Boře Dočkal’s life bad.

“He’s the creator of Sparta. We had the task of not getting into the game to dissuade him, “said the youngest player of the league this season. “It was a problem in the first half, but I think we’ve done it in the second and it’s been better.”

The Arms Coach’s courageous stroke forced the circumstances.Lithuanian defense chief Tadas Kijanskas suffers from muscle injury, not even Serbian Mihailo Jovanovic.John Polák, who moved to the middle of the field instead of 18 years younger Krejci, stood in the pair. “I have to praise him, he did it very well,” said Captain Polak.

That Habanec is going to figure this out, with a member of the representative eighteen, and he has been indicating the pre-match press on Thursday.

“I was so nervous all week,” said a young man who trained most of the season with Brno’s juniors. Still more doubt, he began to watch him on Thursday evening watching TV Sparta at the European League 3: 1 famous Inter Milan. “We had a natural respect from Sparta.Just before the game, the nervousness went away and I tried to go to the full game, “Krejci wrote.

It happened. “He had a clean head and it’s a good somatotype for the league. He was one of our better players, “coached Habanec.

And on Sunday it was not the only hurdle that paid the Zbrojovka. On the right flank again Alois Hyčka, who made himself in the spring among the best true beech in the league. And against the main favorite for the title he ran in the reserve. His great performance was crowned by Hyke’s equalizer in setting.Being in a clear offensive, the Ratajov borderline remained below, and the Brno euphoria could break out. The Fourteenth Armory fired Spartan for comfort and points only three days after the Letenti had handled the Italian giant.

“It was not easy for them,” said a 35-year-old Polak. “I know these matches. You have a great success after your head and then you come to Brno and you can say that you have to. I think it was quite a reflection on them, “observed the Brno hardcore. “But we had a bit of luck.” But he wishes it ready.

And courageous, as the bet on Krejci showed. “I do not know how the coach now sees me, but I hope to fight as fast as possible and stay that way.That would be great, “said the teenager.

” It was not a bark or an attempt at anything. It was ready. I was just going to this match regardless of whether it was Sparta or anyone else, “assured Habanec.