Geverta replaced. But Jihostroj could not overturn Kladno

How can Jihostroj play without the wounded Universe Gevert? And stops Kladno without its key player? These were the main issues when the Chilean volleyball player in the third set departed from the playing area in the previous extra-league match in Pribram.

And this theme was solved everywhere during a duel he had already watched the crutches. In front of refreshments, on the stands and men’s toilets. And what is the answer? Although it did not work against Kladno and the home team lost 1: 3, Gevert should not go. “I think Sebastian was very much missing. Colin played well, “commented the performance of the second South Bohemian player on the position of the blocker Vladimir Sobotka.

And coach Jan Svoboda joined. “I think he did it.It was harder for the recorders to get used to another universe, but we can praise him for his performance, “added Svoboda.

On the site of the universe, Colin Hackworth, the American team, joined the team. And he played his role well. Even though some of the spectators called it weaker, it was a benefit to the show. For example, in the second set he managed to bring the team up to two straight points in a straight line, which the South Bohemia did not manage. showed why it is the first

It can be said that the whole Budějovický unit on Kladno was not enough and it was not just one man. Central Boys reign the table. They only lost in the first match of the season and have dominated since then.And they showed their welfare in the Budejovice Hall.

“I was afraid of the struggle. Although Jihostroj did not have a key player, it is a strong team and I am happy for the three points we have, “the coach Kladna Milan Fortuník evaluated.

The first two sets of his team managed excellently. He always had a slight lead in the end, which he could turn into. In the third time Jihočeš dominated. They pressed the service team, Petr Michálek managed to score from various positions and the home winners clearly won. Even in the fourth it seemed that they would not have any more significant problems. They started great, but in a 12: 3 way, the Kladens began to erase the loss gradually until it completely dissipated. “Here we did not find what Kladno did.We also led to the end of the lead but did not play it, “said Svoboda.

So they were disappointed that the match did not reach the break and have at least no points. But the match allowed 1,200 spectators to leave with a high-level match.

“The match for us was terribly important because we had training problems after the Sebastien injury and we tried to play for the first time in new assembly. We will play without it for a long time and it was a great preparation, “said Jan Svoboda.

Yes. Although the initially frightening predictions of the torn muscle have not been confirmed, even the volleyball player has torn muscle fibers in the calf.He has begun treatment with rehabilitation, but his break is estimated to be six weeks. “If it’s five or nine, of course we’ll see. It is different for everyone, “said Freedom.

” It is important for us to be healthy for the play-off. We need to create our best position now, “Vladimír Sobotka added.

So the coach could see at least on Thursday in action and load other players. This is a good thing, because Israeli Tel Aviv is coming to South Bohemia in the Challenge Cup on Thursday. The opponent seems even harder than Kladno on Saturday.

Put it elsewhere, I’ll scare it later, conducts Brno captain Hrazdir

Also confirmed Saturday’s duel, in which the Brno volleyball players pushed Karlovarsko favoring 3: 2 and in the extrals jumped to the fifth position. “I would rather for an easy victory, that’s how it takes a lot of strength,” he breathed out after the five-thousandth battle of Hrazdira. “But what we are talking about, we are happy with Karlovy Vary for every point.”

The loser of power speaks the most desirable. Hrazdira for the matches from the deck. The rejuvenated Brno team is drawn. Out of constant smashing, the experienced leader has a right-handed right hand. “I can not, it’s clear,” she smiles. “The program is not so wild that I have to get it for three days.”

Its numbers are confirmed by its uniqueness.Hrazdira scored a total of 250 points in 14 rounds, with a bigger striker in the highest competition. “It is very difficult for Michal,” says Ondřej Marek, coach of Brno. “Everyone knows that our attacks are heavily drawn. Everyone is ready for it, “continues the coach. “While we are preparing for more scums, our opponents are only going to Michael. But again our younger players are easier for us, the attention is not so much focused on them. “But Hrazdira himself often goes to the recorder and says,” The blockers are automatically going against me. Try giving it to others, leave me for later.I’m going to do it in some more important situation. “And that it worked, the Saturday match of two Czech representatives in the European Cups, in which the leader of extralig statistics put 20 points. “When someone wins the stats, they are usually a team player who will not reach anything,” reminds a biographer from Brno. “I have already won the scoring before I left abroad. That’s what I’ve accomplished with my personal ambitions. When someone improves on my advice, it’s much more enjoyable for me. ”

A representative who played in Austria, Poland, Italy and France now has the right conditions.The Brnans did not manage to catch the ideal reinforcements beyond the boundaries, so they bet on the young men. Hrazdira thus fulfills not only the role of the leader but also works as a mentor and extralig guide. “I’m trying to give even more to the young people than last year. Sometimes it does not work out in the game. These are 19-year-old boys who play the first season in boys, “Hrazdira realizes.

They listen to the youngsters for his advice, or rather they think,” What’s wrong with Hrazdira? “” Well, they say…I’ll make it up, “laughs the most experienced team player. “But most of the things take their hearts.”

And thanks to young enthusiasm and good physics, Brňany managed the end of the weekend. The win after five sets was celebrated a week ago in Odolena Voda. “We lose ourselves with unnecessary losses.But we are young, we have to play courageously. And he was talking to Handler with the pen really well, “says coach Marek, who had to deal with the absence of foreigners for the last time. With American Ammerman and Russian Sčerbatych, the club has said good-bye. Against Karlovy Vary, Saddam sat sadly on the American Universal Goodell bench, which he will not have in the season due to the thrombosis in his hand. It was only from the tribune that the chilly Colombian Mendoza cheered.

“One is expecting an outsider to be the main driver. We were reluctant to make mistakes with the young team, “says Hrazdira. “The boys found out that they had to get together, and it took the young man for a while.Now every balloon is sprawled, there is nothing left, “says Marek. “I do not like it, but it seems to me that we have added a heart to the game.”

The young man wants the Czech vicems to show off on Thursday against the French giant of Tours. Volleyball players who move to a new hall on Voda Street for a retaliatory duel of the CEV Cup, will bring viewers free of charge.

Liberal football players flee to Prague before the snow. In the hall with the artist

On Monday, they trained in improvised conditions on their artificial grass at U Nisy. “The terrain was pretty cool, just during the training around us we had to keep driving the snow cleaning technique, so it was not perfect,” said Jaroslav Köstl, Liberecký asistent tréner.

The club’s leadership on harsh climatic conditions were responding, and Liberec will train on Thursday and Friday in Zbuzany in Prague in a special, modern, third-generation artificial grass lawn with 86×36 meters.

“We will be there to sleep at the hotel, so we will use this environment for at least two days,” Köstl said.

On Tuesday, Slovan footballers will use the U Nisy , tomorrow they play from 11.00 am Tipsport League match in Mladá Boleslav against Varnsdorf and take the direction of Prague on Thursday.

Even though the snow in Jablonec has been sprinkled since the start of the preparation, Monday football players had to prepare for the preparation.Over the 50th centimeter of snow occurred in Jablonec during the weekend and at night on Monday.

“We did not have to change anything yet because our people cleaned up the area. We had to do the first move right now.On our usual training course in Mšena, youth games are played, so we planned to train for new artists in Břízky, but there were problems with the technique, the area does not run out of time, so we have to work out in the afternoon for training in the city hall. But no big problem, “said Zdeněk Klucký, Jablonec coach, yesterday afternoon. “In the morning, the players were in the gym and were running in the athletic hall with us at the Střelnice, which was planned already.”

The striker Doležal, who was on Monday in Prague for examination with sore thirst , and the individual training plan has another Tecl forward due to minor difficulties.For the first time, for the first time, the Slovak striker Zreľák, who came to Jablonec during the autumn with injuries, was preparing for the first time.

Another preparatory match is waiting for Jablonce footballers on Saturday when they meet in Tipsport League Mladá Boleslav in derby with Liberec.

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Still mums can be removed from MS. But it will not be until 9 February


After Saturday’s extraordinary IBU meeting in Anterselles, Anders Besseberg, President of the Union, announced at a late evening press conference that the leadership of the IBU had formally initiated proceedings with the Russian Federation for suspicion of doping.

The Russian Federation is due to comment on the role played by the alleged state-controlled doping system by February 5.

Russia has so far escaped a severe punishment, which might have been complete elimination of the World Cup representation and other international competitions.

The IBU leadership will again meet on February 9 at the Hochfilzen World Championship.There should definitely be a decision on the World Championships in Tumeni 2021.

“The Tumen Championship is an open event,” said Ivor Lehotian, Slovak vice president of IBU. “Sometimes it is necessary to be patient, so that we can distract all matters, and then bring up the responsible verdict. On February 9th, this issue will be clearly named and defined by the IBU Executive. In some circumstances, the executive may also withdraw the Titan Championship. ”

Jiří Hamza, chairman of the Czech Union, responded to the meeting information:” It seems like a game of time.I do not know what Russia is going to say, the case is clear. “IBU Besseberg also announced that out of 29 of the previously mentioned cases of sample manipulation by Russian biathleters to be reported by McLaren’s second report 2011 – 2015, the IBU Labor Commission is currently investigating seven cases.

“In the next 22 cases, we currently have no evidence to keep them under investigation,” said Lehotyan. Already in December, two Russian biathleters were provisionally suspended due to allegations of manipulation of specimens at Sochi 2014. It was later revealed that Olga Viluchinova and Jan Romanov were the names of the Russian biathletes. acts in the seven other cases mentioned, Besseberg refused. “So far, we’re only working with record numbers.Specific names are known to our workgroup. ”

When asked if these athletes were active biathletes, he replied:” I will not comment on this situation yet. We still have no such direct evidence that we may temporarily suspend someone else. ”

The Biathlonists have also been calling for an intense fight against organized doping in Russia before.Martine Fourcada, Michael Slesinger and Lowell Bailey, demanding tougher doping penalties and a stronger IBU approach to fighting doping, signed 157 biathletes and 56 coaches from 26 countries. Besseberg, however, pointed out that changes in anti-doping and disciplinary rules can be voted only by the IBU Congress, not the Executive.

The Congress was originally scheduled to take place in Porec in the summer of 2018, but now it seems realistic to convene an extraordinary congress for the summer of 2017.This will be the case if either the majority of the IBU executive or at least 10 percent of the member federations are spoken for.

“If Mr. Besseberg will address the issue all the way to Congress, we will require the convening of an extraordinary IBU Congress,” Hamza assured. Besseberg claims he is trying to protect athletes who are innocent.

“We have a big problem on the table, it’s no secret,” said the Norwegian president of IBU. “The biggest problem is, of course, for Russian sport and for anti-doping authorities in Russia. The work of our expert group working on this case has the highest priority.But we have to protect those athletes against whom we have no evidence that they are guilty of anti-doping rules. “Just before the press conference, an interview with Besseberg and the IBU executives was held in Antersel with representatives of sportsmen who sent the IBU a petition .

“We appreciate this athlete’s initiative. An absolute priority for us is doping-free sports, “said Besseberg. But he also explained to them that the drafts for the tougher anti-doping rules he had submitted to him, the IBU can not yet accept. “It’s also some legal procedures, it’s a very sensitive topic.”

The creator of the petition and many other biathleters present did not satisfy their arguments.

Martin Fourcade responded by the fact that he was the first to pick up and leave during the hall of functionaries argument.He walked amongst the television crews waiting in the corridor to show he was distracted, and without commenting on the event, he left the camp.

Michael Schlesinger and Lowell Bailey followed for Fourcadem.

“I think Martin did the best he got up and went,” said Ondřej Rybář, Czech director of photography. “Because sitting there and wasting time when people from the IBU are just pulling things up and talking about nothing, it is really useless. He expressed what many people think. They did not do anything, they did not make a decision, they were still just saying that and it could only be decided by Congress. “Vice President IBU Lehotyan says he understands their frustration.

“The suggestions of the athletes who sent us are good suggestions.However, it is necessary to go through some procedural process to bring these proposals to the congress, whether ordinary or extraordinary. We will reopen this topic on February 9th. But on the other hand, we have tied hands. “PS: On Sunday morning, probably due to the real threat of protest action at Sunday’s races, the IBU leadership has come up with an accelerated new decision. The press report announced that an extraordinary IBU Congress would be convened before the world championship in Hochfilzen. And this may result in a change in anti-doping rules.

Pavelec has returned to the NHL, and Mrázek alternating

A 29-year-old Czech golfer has been playing at AHL in Manitoba for the first time, winning 18 matches with an average of 2.78 goals per game and a hit rate of 91.7 percent.

In the previous nine seasons, he garnered 371 starts in Winnipeg and his predecessor Atlanta in the most prestigious league. In the 372nd NHL duel in the middle, he performed 30 interventions against 33 Arizona missiles, for which he was elected a second star.

At the end of the second third, when the Jets 4: 2 jump lead, he sprang from the exposed gate of Radim Vrbata (18:24, +1, 4 bullets, 0 + 1).He was the only Czech in the Coyotes after Martin Hanzal was missing for personal reasons.

After two winnings in a row and the last one on Monday, plus a clean account against the strong Montreal in the middle of the Detroit gate in a home struggle with Boston once again built from a farm called Jared Coreau. However, he did not win the previous success when he was firing three pucks in the 9th minute.

Peter Mrázek was in charge of Bruins 0: 3, and with his arrival, the home team started to pick up. After the opening third, they went to the cabins at the 1: 4 level, but in the second play, however, a series of three goals equalized to 4: 4.

When at 35.minute Boston sent David Krejci to assist with another defender, Adam McQuaid, who returned Red Wings to the game with a rebound from the 57th minute this time to 5: 5 Gustav Nyquist. Tomas Tatar (1 + 2) scored the third point of the night at the key event.

After a gallop extension, raids came in, in which only Mrazek beat Brad Marchand. Tom Waek and Frans Nielsen succeeded Tuukka Raska. So Detroit was able to celebrate the second point after a big turn.

Mrázek contributed 23 interventions against 25 missiles, from three raids only once. With six shooting attempts, David Vrrman (22:16, +1, 6 shots), with his two-goal partner Frank Vatran, was the most active player in Boston, on his jubilee 20.but the season is still waiting for the fifteenth start behind. David Krejčí (21:58, +1, 5 shots, 0 + 1) had a shot of five times and scored one assistant.

After a 2-0 defeat in Calgary, a day later, hockey players > Florida attempted repairs against another Canadian entity – Edmonton . When at 55.Gregg McKegg had a shot of Jaromir Jágra (16:04, -1, 0 + 1) and the guests went all the way to the lead.

At 57:01, Jordan Eberle equalized to 3: 3 three seconds before the end of the subsequent elongation, the home-based Oilers gained the second point of a talented youngster, Connor McDavid.

He scored three points (1 + 2) in the match, thus consolidating the lead in the Canadian scoring contest with 54 minutes before Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh (50 points). Jagr was the only Czech deputy in the game after the visiting defender Jakub Kindl was only among the non-playing substitutes. Unlike the three-point-old Connor McDavid on the same game day Sidney Crosby did not play, but he could celebrate Pittsburgh’s win 4: 1 from Montreal .In the third round of the NHL season, Jevgenij Malkin, who has once assisted and has the same Crosby (27 + 23) in a total of 50 entries (21 + 29), became the third NHL player to reach the fifty-point limit. Tomas Plekanec (16:53, +1, 2 bullets) against Penguins did not play, but he was one of the few homebrews but he had a positive rating of +/-.

The Ostrava Foreign Legion is bothering the basketball elite

Ostrava coach Dušan Medvecký has clear why the team is the last one: “We foolishly lost several matches in which we should win. That’s the problem. ”

Ostrava has won only four times in the previous 19 rounds, the last five duels in the series have been lost. “We’ve got to break somewhere,” Medvecký said. “In Brno or at home with Jindřichův Hradec,” he mentioned the nearest two rivals at the end of the basic part, which Ostrava will finish on February 4 in Prague with USK.

Then the team will wait ten games in the superstructure of the teams on the 7th to 12th place. There, clubs will fight for two play-offs. Total on 9th to 12th.the place will collide with rescue, the last to fall into the barrage with the first league finalists.

“If the next two rounds do not come to win, we will continue to worry,” Medvecký guesses. “The fact that we play against strong opponents – like in Pardubice, where we lost two seconds before the end, is nice, but we need to defeat Ústí and similar opponents at home, from that we have to bounce.”

Medvecký is convinced that the current cadet is of sufficient quality after the arrival of the Malcolm Canady dealer. “I hope we will win in Brno and we will be back.”

Ostrava has currently three American players, next to Canade as well as Max Guercy and Jordan Riewer. “Riewer is more than two,” the coach said. “That’s why we have decided, after consulting the leadership, for Canada, which is a different type of player than Guercy.” Canada has yet to make a monthly test.

The club’s chief Ladislav Kudela admitted that they were interested, for example, who recently transferred to Prostějov due to economic problems in Svitavy. “But the amount we had to give him was terrible,” said Kudela.

Medvecký told fans that he would like ten Czechs in the team. “But they’re three times as expensive as Americans,” he said.

And why Ostrava does not succeed is according to Jan Koloničný’s pivot also in the fact that foreign reinforcements before the season arrived later than they should.They did not get so well prepared. “It’s always unheard of,” said Colonel. “It could help us, however, that we can really train when playing only once a week. Already against Nymburk, our game looked good. ”

The Vojtech Bratchenkov wrestler confirmed that the team is still unrelated. “Players are changing but I’m not saying it’s a management fault,” Bratchenkov said. “Unfortunately, it’s so good. But we definitely do not have the team to be the last. We do not always lend the balloon as we should, and then it’s hard.We will not win the games individually. ”

Bratchenkov is convinced that there is still enough time before the end of the season to improve and do not have to stop. “We do not bend the heads, we are not reconciled with the current location, we will fight to the last match.”