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* Slovak football representatives have won their first prize in the European Championships. The winners of coach Ján Kozák in the C-elimination group took second place for the Spanish leader and will be presented at the next continental championship in France.

* In the era of independence, the SR’s players have fought to qualify for a single top event. In 2010 they started under the leadership of Vladimir Weiss in the World Championships in South Africa, where they finished in the eighth round with a later victory in the Netherlands (1: 2). In the Republic of South Africa, the Slovaks were eliminated in the semi finals with the Netherlands.

* Slovaks have won again after three duels. As we know, before the triumph in Luxembourg,October of Belarus (0: 1). Also on the turf in Žilina on 8th September they played in a row with Ukraine (0: 0) and in Oviedo on September 5 they played with Spain’s home team 0: 2. In all three cases it was the qualification of the ME 2016.

* The football team of Slovakia waited for 345 minutes in the opponent’s network. Luxembourg took the lead 24 minutes into the game by Marek Hamšík. Just midfielder SSC Napoli scoring the previous match on June 14 in the home match of Macedonia with the Macedonian (2: 1) in the C-group qualifying for the European Championship 2016. They followed three goals zero in Spain (0: 2) Home with Ukraine (0: 0) and Belarus (0: 1). In Luxembourg, the Slovaks won 4: 2.

* For Slovakia, it was the seventh match in this calendar year, the fourth with the winning end.In the first performance in 2015, the footballers of the Slovak Republic in the qualifying ME 2016 advised on March 27th with the choice of Luxembourg convincingly 3: 0, then on 31st March they managed to win the Czech Republic 1-0 and 14th of June in the Czech national team also on the lawn in Zilina In eliminating the Continental Championship over Macedonia 2: 1. The Slovaks then failed to qualify for the European Championship 2016 on the ground of the favored Spaniards. On the 5th of September in Oviedo, the Continental champion managed 0-2. Three days later 8th September was followed by homeless goalless draw with Ukraine and then 9th.October also lost in Žilina with Belarus 0: 1, also eliminating the participation in the future European Championships.

* The overall balance of the Slovak football team in the calendar year 2015 is positive. In the past seven appearances, the coach of Ján Kozák won four times, once drew and twice played at an active score of 10: 6.

* The soccer players of Slovakia and Luxembourg met for the fourth time in a mutual confrontation. The balance is favorable for the SR team, which has won four races with an active score of 15: 5. Neither of the previous battles of these two countries has come to an end.

* Spymacher, Slovakia’s Marek Hamšík scored twice in Luxembourg on Monday.In his most valuable jersey, he has already had seventeen goals in 82 appearances.

* Róbert Mak put the 4th goal in his 22nd match for the senior team of Slovakia.

* Attacker Adam Nemec won the 4th exact match in the 18th appearance for the A-Team of the SR.

* Defensive Universal Norbert Gyömbér dressed the 10th most valuable jersey.

* The Slovak Football Association’s itinerary is the closest meeting on Friday, November 13, 2015, against Switzerland. This preparatory duel will take place in the new City Arena in Trnava. Four days later, on Tuesday, 17/11, the coach of Ján Kozák, coach of Zilina, will play a preparatory match against Iceland.

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