Repetition of the handball final of the Most has narrowly lost. They start to lift “iron”

“The second assault wave, Slavia, has made us very difficult. I want to improve this. Then we’ll be up first. We can win the rest of the season, “coach Dušan Poloz does not care.

The bridge is the third with 11 points, but it has more than Slavia (12) and Michalovce (13). “But if we have weaknesses in gaming performance as opposed to Slavia, we will finish fifth.”

The key absence of the clutches was spreading both Black Angels’ ambitions and ambitions, their password for the fall of Surviving! In addition, the flu has recently gone through the cabin. “The girls did not train for fourteen days, just played matches.Maybe the physical force at the end was a bit missing to play what we want, “said Poloz. “I think after the New Year we will go to the gym for half an hour on home matches, I have a little inspiration from other sports and countries. The girls are probably going to jump. But it will be a new impetus. “

Power forwards Petra Vítková admits:” Compared Michalovcům and reprezentantkám from other teams that we are a force probably worse than would be desirable. We strengthen ourselves with our own body, more time is not in the charged program. We did not pick up the iron, which we missed. “

At home, the Angels suffered the second shit, the first one being the draw with Shaľa. “Big euphoria!” Emotionally played by goalkeeper Lucie Satrap. “There is no win in this hall, we managed to make it the second time we played it.We appreciate it! She has decided to show that we have it. We wanted to return to the Bridge for the final. “

The Arena of the Angels was the first in Michalovce in March after more than two years. “Two points are worth the gold. I do not think nobody is going to take anywhere. And if so, I congratulate him! “Satpa screamed; Poloz smiled: “We’ve lost three points at home, that’s enough. So I agree with Luka! “Mostecká Szarková scored six goals, five out of seven, five goals scored by Jeřábková and Matoušková. But Kutlvašrová, the author of nine goals, was the key to the shooting. “We had a whole week of talk about a player who can defeat us alone…” Poloz cried.And she decided 30 seconds before the end.

But Bridge had already pulled six goals. “I’m happy as girls fight, they do not give up! A terrible plus. In the team it lies, just the need for quality to get into the whole game, “recalls Poloz. Will this be done on Saturday at Russian Rostov in the EHF Cup?

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