Rise and Shine! As biathleters in Siberia mobilize for the last battle

While it is the last cup of the long winter and the front rails of all the ratings are dealt, even though the starting number had to be pinned four days after the peak of the World Championship in Finnish Kontiolahti. once in their head they had to set up: Get up and practice!

Still mobilize your body and head. But how? “The Rangers are ready to work the whole season,” said biatlon manager Ondřej Rybář. “They end up for the last race for them.”

Is it possible to crush their physical exhaustion? But that is the same for all of us. That they can look for rest? Not an idea. That they had to fight the time shift in the Siberian wilderness, which added an additional three hours to Finland’s “hourly”Just get used to it.

“In my view, the shift is more crucial than fatigue, it can greatly affect performance,” Fisher said. “Before Vancouver, we chose a longer acclimatization, but there was no space here.” On Sunday the championship was over, the biathlon ensemble moved east and yesterday was racing again.

And Schlesinger hoped before his battle: “Perhaps I did not miss the form and show something interesting.It was not a problem to look forward to, Chanta’s my favorite destination, “he rushed to the grounds in the middle of nowhere. “And I hope it will be a frost as always because I’m a hardy little girl,” Gabriela Soukalová said. From the end of November and the first start of the Östersund cup season in the racing season, World Championship last week in Finnish Kontiolahti.

Most athletes run there six times in eleven days, and Schlesinger has been framed with a mixed relay gold in his Finnish mission and was successful on Sunday in a mass start race where he eventually finished Fifth.

One could expect his tank of power to be exhausted, but the biathlete said, “No, no problem.It was like two rounds of the saint, but we did not have to travel between them. Nothing crazy. “

But how about the world championship hockey player once again jumped on ice to a league match? And the tennis player would once again hit the Ladder Tournament after winning the Wimbledon Grade Date?

However, the Biathlon players are like robots programmed. “I’m in shape, better regenerate, I was not done,” said Schlesinger, and ran again from the shooting range to the shooting range.

Only on Sunday will be a four-month biathlon odyssey that brought the Czechs so much euphoria to the finish. >

Perhaps only the biathlon blonde Soukalová, who, after a lukewarm start of the winter, has begun to medal wellbeing, she can embrace the end of her spell.Still today, he can turn his engine into winning turns.

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