Rosicky has never forgotten which club he was educating for football

The only thing that could prevent the captain of the Czech team Tomáš Rosický from returning to Sparta after 15 years would be the end of his career. Even after he failed to think about the European championship, he had been convinced he was once again dressed in a team jersey in which he grew up for big football. He only waited until he was completely healthy.

“I have never forgotten who was educating me in football, but I played only three clubs in 18 years of professional football. I’m proud of being in only three clubs, so I’m glad to come back.I’m looking forward to it, “said a former Dortmund and Arsenal player at the press conference.

He was thinking about returning back in the past, but he always had a contract at Arsenal. always bound in Arsenal. The door opened now. I’ve been thinking about everything. The Euro was disappointing for all of us, I was not healthy, I was thinking about the end, I needed time to think, “Rosicky said.” Four weeks ago, I gave Mr. Křetínský word that if I’m healthy I will play for Sparta,

The injury from the Euro helped him cure Arsenal and now the midfielder is fully ready to jump into the preparation of Sparta. “We were agreed to return to Sparta when I was ready to train with the team.I had a rough preparation in Arsenal and they said Saturday that if I stayed with them, they would let me train today with the team. So I packed my family on Saturday and I returned on Sunday and told Mr. Křetínský that we would do it, “said Rosicky.

” From today I will start coaching with a team but I’ll need some more time. The first match after the break will probably not go, but then it could go some way.I’m quite close, but I still need a week, “he suggested that the home match with Mladá Boleslav might not be enough, but the European League in Southampton or the league match in Zlín would be ready to be. > He knows that Spartan fans will have a lot to promise from his game. “I have been experiencing pressure on my person since I left abroad. I know I have to be ready, otherwise I will come across. I certainly do not take it lightly. I did not come to play but win. I want the title. Also, the Champions League has not been a long time here. “

The Sparta game has a good overview. ” I’ve seen enough matches. I have never stopped Sparta.The game is scrawny, everybody sees it, but again, the team is able to win, even if it fails. Like now against Denmark in the European League, “he recalled the duel with Sønderjyske, in which Sparta lost 0: 2, but eventually won 3: 2 and advanced.

“I said the word we put in a month ago, so it did not play a role,” he added.

So far, he can not even guess whether he will be in a poor condition because of his poor health able to play both competitions at the same time. “I trained a lot with the coach (Zdeněk Ščasný). Everything will be handled as I work. I currently have no health problem to look out for. My only problem is age.But I do not think I need relief. We’ll see. Maybe I will be terrible and will not play at all, “he added with a smile.

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