She came with a plea: I want to represent Slovakia

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA. Anastasia Kuzmin, a twenty-four-year-old native of Tyumen, was a great Russian hope. Under the girl’s name, Šipulinová won seven medals in the junior world championships, twice gold (2003, 2005). She also championed the World Cup. The Russians have shed their hands – we have another talent.

Another Russian was happily hit by a promising career. Ski jumper Daniel Kuzmin has lived in Banská Bystrica for ten years and represents Israel. Nastine and Daniel’s eyes met on a cable car at a concentration camp in Dachstein, Austria. They entered one of the cabins, where there was a lot of people and little space. Gentleman Daniel released Anastasia’s place.

“She thanked English. I smiled, we can speak in Russian.At first she told me that she did not complain to Russian at all, “he recalled the native of Kamchatka in October 2006.

After a half-year reunion, they were thinking about the wedding, but Daniel started the world championships. After returning, there was nothing in the way, waiting for a kid, we were taken in April 2007. In June our son Jelisej was born, “added Daniel Kuzmin, who is preparing for the World Ski Championships in Liberec these days. Along with him, he is also a son in his country, cared for by his parents.

The husband Kuzminovci bought an apartment in the Sasova district of Banská Bystrica. Anastasia announced at the beginning of last year at the Slovak Biathlon Federation.

“She has come for us to represent Slovakia.She has built a nice relationship with our country, she is intelligent and can see very much how she values ​​the possibility of fighting in our colors, “said Juraj Sanitra, President of the SZO.

While she could dress up the Slovak suit, she had to equip more formalities.

The first, most important thing, was the approval of her transfer from Russia to Slovakia, which is not easy, after all, the international biathlon union confirmed the change. ten months and I’m looking forward to representing this country. I like you here, “Kuzmin said before the season began. The procedure had to be revoked by Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák, who signed a passport request.In December, she met.

In the five World Cup races this season, it has been placed four times on points scored. Overall, the SP score is 41st. Legionnaires are supporters Number of foreign athletes, almost exclusively from the countries of the former Soviet Union, with Slovak citizenship growing lately. BRATISLAVA. Young biathlete Anastasia Kuzmin, who was pleasantly surprised on Saturday, received Slovak citizenship last December. “I like in Slovakia and I have good conditions for training. I thank President Tikhonov for allowing me to leave and to represent Slovakia, “Kuzmin said yesterday for the Russian Ves Sport agency.The wrestler David Musuľes (won the bronze) and the trilogist Dmitry Vaľukevič successfully performed on the Peking Games. The wrestler belongs to the older generation. A sportsman with technical and legal higher education has been fondly reassured by Slovakia that he has not won gold in Beijing. He wants to continue in peak sport. The wrestling union is continuing its efforts to gain hope from abroad. Very active is in this direction the coach Rodion Kernanti, Oset, who fought for Slovakia for the 1996 ME, was the fourth in the 2001 World Cup. The Danube Army team of the Bratislava Danube Rally Championship will start Kernanti’s countryman vacancies – Kachaber Chubezta, junior world champion and Europe 2006, and Soslan Gagloev, junior champion of Europe 2006.Both have represented Russia, the Slovak Union is trying to equip them with formalities so they can fight for Slovakia this year. The famous name is Galina Čistijaková, who has already finished an active activity. It’s still a world record in a 752 cm jump from 1988. Her daughter, Irina Beskrovnaja, is a Slovakian squad in a trilogy where her mother started in Slovakia on 0H 1996. Vaľukevič is still waiting for the chance to change. At the OH in Beijing, the final was 2 cm.In the World Final 2008, the top eight skaters were fifth.

In the past

Valentina Popov, table tennis player, native of Azerbaijani Sumgait.

In 1988, Galina Čistjakova, an athlete, native of the Ukrainian Ismail, made a world record in the jump of 752 cm. is still valid today.


David Musuľes (35), a wrestler from Vladikavkaz, the 2000 Olympic victor in the jersey of Russia. At the last ME he won for Slovakia silver, on the bronze medal.

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