Skikrosařka Kucerova finished sixth at the World Championships. The title has Limbacherová

Skikrosařka Nikol Kučerová finished sixth at the World Championships in Kreischberg, Austria and recorded his best finish at the World Cup. Failed to Tomáši Krausovi, who dropped out in the eighth round. Czech deputy third on the grid Andrea Zemanová not passed through the quarterfinals and ranked 14th place. Titles acquired Slovinec Filip Flišar and Austrian Andrea Limbacherová that ultimately defeated in fotofiniši Frenchwoman Ophelie David.

Kučerová graduated from the eight-finals only training as a Frenchwoman went just Alizée the baron and both progressed. In the quarterfinals, the Czech skier after the start of the second, but then dropped to the tail and seemed to succeed.In conclusion boldly brought before Austrian Christina Staudinger and baron, in the last turn be additionally advantageous inner track, he moved from the second location.

preliminaries Kučerová on jumps to twice back-and lost speed, finished third with distance for advancing a pair of the medal did not intervene. In the small final, as in previous sessions started well and this time remained in the second position, which in the final analysis meant sixth place.

Kucerova started at third championship and improved its maximum, which was 12.instead of Deer Valley in 2011. Sixth place is the second best result Kucerova among the elite – in the World Cup was higher only once, more than four years ago, she finished third in San Candido, Italy.

Kraus forty-year in the eight-finals excellent He started and got to the front. In the middle of the track in front of him Austrian Andreas Matt and Czech double world champion German dorazel Paul Eckert. In the penultimate corner Kraus have withstood the onslaught, but after the last jump at him, dragged Eckert. The aim rode side by side, and photos showed that the German had extended his hand in the finish a bit earlier.

“All week I struggled with the track.Now I was fine, I started beautifully, but three mistakes in the last hundred meters, that can not be done. So, disappointing, of course it is, “said Kraus. Even Zeman did well in the eight-finals and was the first to go, and then Kraus lost herself, dropped to non-runner third, but she was lucky because American Tania Prymak fell in front of her. In the semifinals, they tried in vain and came fourth. Skikros did not break without dangerous falls. Swiss Armin Niederer and Austrian Thomas Zangerl did not reach the goal in the semi-finals, ugly roar and rescuers from the slope to take care of.

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