So the Slovaks moved. See goals from all matches

BRATISLAVA. For the first time in the independence era, Slovak footballers will play in the final of the European Championship.

What was the qualification path of Ján Kozák?

We offer a brief reminder of all 10 duels of our representation in the C-group. //

Start the party. Posted by BBC Sport on Monday, October 12, 2015 Match no. 1

08.09.2014, Kyiv, EURO 2016 Qualification

Goal: 17. Mak

One of the turning points of qualification. The Slovaks caught in Kiev favoring home winters and scored all three points after the goal of Róbert Mak.

09.10.2014, Žilina, EURO 2016 Qualification

Goals: 17. Kucka, 87. Stoch – 82. Paco Alcacer One of the Most Reputable Slovak Football at all.In Žilina, the triumph of the home team was born over probably the strongest of the world. For starters, starters such as Iniesta, Fabregas, David Silva and Sergio Busquets also joined the base. After winning 2: 1, however, the Slovaks had a full number of points from the opening doubles game, which was not even the optimist.

12.10.2014, Borisov, EURO 2016 Qualification

Goals: 79. Kalačev – 65. and 84. Hamšík, 90. + 1 Šesták

Spain would lose its gloss if our representatives hesitated three days later in Belarus. This story, fortunately, has not been confirmed, and even in Borisov, Kozak’s part has been scored to the full. Two goals scored Marek Hamšík.

15.11.2014, Skopje, EURO 2016 Qualification

Goals: 25. Kucka, 38.German

Even in November on the winning wave. In the fourth qualifying match, the Slovak national team maintained a great phason and won a valuable triumph of Skopje 2-0. Our representatives decided to win in the first half when Kucka and Nemec won. He was also pleased with the second net account of Matúš Kozáček in the ongoing qualifying battles.

27.03.2015, Žilina, EURO 2016 Qualification

Match according to Slovak Rules. Against the outsider, the home favorite pushed three times into the half time and was decided. He helped in particular the early opening goal of Adam Nemca. Matches against defeated defenses are unpleasant, especially if the exact hit does not last long.Fortunately, in Zilina, our players found the key from the opponent’s gate very early and the game got exactly the way that every Slovak fan wanted. He was also pleased with the third net account of Matúš Kozáček in the fifth match of the group. Overall, this was a tough and practically seamless encounter.

14.6.2015, Žilina, EURO 2016 Qualification

Six matches and a 100% spot gain, ie 18 points. This fantastic balance reached Kozak’s men thanks to the home win over Macedonia. However, the victory was not easy, as it was more than 20 minutes before the end of the competition. However, Škrtel and co. They had already defended themselves and the Zilina tribes could go again.

05.09.2015, Oviedo, Euro 2016 qualifiers

Football giants have not joked for the second time.In Oviedo, the Spanish favorite gave us a win over 10 months, and after the goals of Jordi Albu and Andrés Iniest respectively, he won the home team. Just before the opening goal, Róbert Mak had a great opportunity to score and it is a question of how the game would develop in our leadership. Thanks to the win, “Furia roja” came to the forefront of our qualifying group. Coach Kacak left several support in the game, and Kucka and Škrtel could not start because of the card penalty.

08.09.2015, Žilina, EURO 2016 qualification

A key duel for both teams. In the case of triumph, the home could enjoy the historical participation in the ME. But the Ukrainians were determined to rebuild our loss from Kiev.The match, which did not bring much of the soccer beauty, was played at a good pace and on both sides of the pitch, dominated by attentive defenses. The draw was more suited by the Slovak. The Ukrainians did not meet their three-point target under Dubna.

09.10.2015, Žilina, EURO 2016 Qualification

Goal: 34. Dragun

Everything was prepared to successfully finish the well- However, there have been unexpected complications caused by the Belarusian football players playing compactly. Already before the match, the guests were dismayed that the Slovak national team would return to Borisov’s 1: 3 loss, and as the game proved to be true, they, unfortunately, followed the promise of Bielorus. Only Dragun is the only goal. The Slovaks can not oblige the effort, or the fervor for the game.However, he missed a bigger soccer team, ease and with the time he was still on the pitch.

12.10.2015, Luxembourg, EURO 2016 Qualification

Goals: 61. Mutsch, 65. Gerson (11m) – 24. Hamšík, 29.A. , 90 + 1. Hamšík

A match full of unexpected goal passes. First in the first half, the Slovaks scored three goals in 6 minutes and would be “waved” by far more experienced opponents, not Luxembourg. Well, at least our representatives could be calculated in the heads for a half-time break. After the hour of the game, they allowed the home team to return to the match with two contact points and unnecessarily duplicated the whole duel. At the end, Marek Hamšík added the goal of the goal.In any case, a similar loss of concentration is warning for the future of Kozak’s club!

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