Strachová before MS: I’d like to breath for a medal, it will be interesting

In Karlin already skier Šárka Strachová completes its center VO2 max, where he wants in the future to help people achieve their sporting goals. But there also has its own, such as a return to the podium at the world championships. On Monday, because of this plan to fly to the US Beaver Creek, in the individual competition we rely only on slalom.

The password for your new project, Fear not breathe, breathe in Vail for a medal, you’re at the World Cup last won six years ago?
(laughs) “I’d like. I’m not afraid to breathe, breathe quite deeply. I will do the maximum. We’ll see after the race. The favorites this year is a lot.In addition Mikaely Shiffrin, who won two races, then each won only one race. Certainly ten contestants from the starting field has a chance. It will be very interesting race. “

Do you feel a shift from last year’s Olympics? Apart from one slalom, which you do not reach, you were always in the top ten and you’re behind in second place Küthai…
“Even at the Olympics I wished, I dreamed of a medal. Finally, it has reduced my energy unnecessarily constrain me. Now I want to do a good ride technically, the race well prepared. With the jet lag and altitude, it is not quite that simple. But again, I have experience from previous years and in the autumn, when I was racing in Aspen.Rather, I want to focus on myself. “

What races do you plan?
” I’ll go and slalom teams. “

so you sacrifice giant slalom and super combined, why?
“combination has been written off before this season. I decided that I will not ride speed disciplines. There was no time for training or energy. In recent years I have had no progress. We have concluded that it is not worth. Last year at the Olympics, I wanted to try it, now was not the reason. The ski slope in Beaver Creek is very difficult. The combination is the last time for competitors that are doing very well in slalom and downhill.I did not have a chance with a loss from the congress. “

Did you not like giant slalom?
” We gave it to him. We said we would try the first races as we can. Expectations did not meet (Fear did not come twice from the first round – note red). I was not just behind the process. We have evaluated that it takes a lot of energy for us to do everything about slalom. I feel better, I have more time for training and rest. I feel that it has paid off. “

Do you feel confident in the hopeful development of the season?
” I’m in a different situation than last year’s peak. At that time I dreamed about the medal, but according to the results before it was quite unrealistic. This year I’m heading with a completely different position.I have had only good drive, and results. I was even in the best of draws, the group, which I liked. I’m leaving with good feelings. But we do have high expectations. I learned that I was tying. “

It will be your last World Cup, and we’ll see you in two years in St. Moritz, where you are in the world championship shone in 2003? < br /> “I can not say. I must say that in terms of world championship Moritz, the doors were at this time last year completely closed.After this season, which came good feeling and results doors for another season fully opened for next season’s World Cup parted. I’ll solve it by feeling, mood and appetite. “

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