The joy of opponents mistakes? It’s disrespect, stop, asking fans Koukalová

Fantastic atmosphere, not improving backdrop, incredible fans. Such a flood of superlatives rolls at biathlon World Cup race in Nove Mesto in Moravia. But not everything is as perfect as it might seem at first glance. Nepřejícná reaction of some viewers to rival Gabriela Koukalová laura dahlmeier fighter during Saturday’s race at 10 km Czech star really dialed. “It’s disrespect, please check the speeches,” asking fans.

From Thursday flows into the Highland Arena in New Town in Moravia tens of thousands of fans.The onslaught culminates during the weekend right now, they are not only stands at the stadium, but also places around the track completely in the power of enthusiastic supporters.

Already on Thursday sprint men reached 25 thousand extremely motivated audience. “It’s incredible what’s been over five years to create. All credit to the organizers before.For our sport is good that such visits do not happen only in Germany, “marveled current biathlon king Martin Fourcade, who race well under control.

Advisory blot on until now clean sheet of fans took to the reaction of some of them on Saturday fighter race when shooting in unsuccessful attempts laura dahlmeier, big rivals Gabriela Koukalová, echoed from the stands enthusiastic roar. In a similar vein, some have behave during Friday’s sprint.

The double Olympic medalist of Sochi, the reaction of the audience did not please at all. “I do not like it. Wishing to be everything, and it’s pretty stupid card.Maybe I’d like to ask the audience who are going to race tomorrow (on Sunday) to let those speeches. It is a sign of disrespect for other competitors. “I would like to be as desperate as it is in other countries,” Radiozurnal said.

A German biathlete of non-sporting behavior already noticed on Friday: “I was surprised. At first I thought a girl was shooting there (Czech), so they cheered, but in the second error it was clear to me. I’m disappointed, “said Dahlmeier.

Even after Friday’s sprint, Dahlmeier’s apologists also apologized for the behavior of the audience and organizers from New Town in Moravia.” We apologize for Czech fans.After biathlon boom in our country a lot of fans who know little about proper sporting conduct. You are one of our favorite athletes and we’re glad to have you here with us, “wrote the organizers on Facebook.

In addition to this incident, however, the holder of a large crystal globe despite great fatigue could fans praise.” You’ve had enough but you know what. When you here the track drives so many people…once a person goes not know how.I’m wearing an obligation only to those people that if I gave a five (five errors in shooting), so I’m going completely into a coma, “she laughed Koukalová.

Problems had also Moravec and Krčmář

Problems bit of a different kind was fantastic despite tenth of fighters on the 12.5 kilometer and the best of Czech biathletes Michal Krčmář. “A little bit about me nepodržely skis in the last round and I do not know what happened there.This is such a blot that makes me a little sad that I was about eight nepopral, but otherwise completely satisfied. “

Definitely unlucky day spent Ondřej Moravec, who in Saturday’s race started from eighth place, after an unfortunate fall in Congress, however, destroyed the butt of his small-bore rifle, a substitute for following the shooting missed all five targets and finished in fifty places.

the track was not in good condition, the plates were at exits and in the downhill. Among the competitors there was nervousness.In the corners of the tubes I had problems in each round, and once I was constantly, “he complained after the race Czech biathlete.

Otherwise, however, was the scene in the New Town a great feeling.” The atmosphere was fantastic. I could hear the audience chanting my name. They cheered me as I went for the win, while I ran up the rear. It was incredible, “he said.

World Cup in Nove Mesto in Moravia ends today with a mass start races, monitor them online at

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