The Jury decided. The title was only to Nór Björndalen

Pyeongchang. The 34-year-old Nor Ole Einar Björndalen, 35-year-old Norwegian Ole Einar Björndalen, has won the 12-km fighter race at the 43rd Biathlon World Championship in South Pjongchang. Jury Officially: Exactly what happened on the track

More than three hours after the race, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) approved the results achieved by racers in races. Unfortunately, some organizers, including Björndalen, have shortened the circuit by several meters.First, the jury awarded all the minute penalties, eventually after the protests of several expeditions returned the original results.

The phenomenal five-time Olympic winner and holder of the same number of large crystal globes for the world championship Ole Einar Björndalen won its twelfth championship title, nine in the races of individuals, the thirty-first World Championship medal. He has won his 85th biathlon individual races, the results of which are counted in the overall SP classification.

Since he has also one SP victory in the cross-country skiing, he has equaled the record in the number of championships of the famous slalom of the 70s and 80s of the last century by Swede Ingemara Stenmarka, who won the ranks of this rank 86 times .On the way to defending last year’s championship title in the Swedish Östersund, he did not stop four mistaken shots, which had to pass the same number of penalty circuits.

Practically since the start, he has not left any of his opponents in front and in the finish he has had a maximum of 40 seconds in front of the silver Russian Max Maxim Chudov. Interestingly, Chudov also defended last year’s silver. The Bronz fought another Norwegian Alexander Os, for which he is the first precious metal of senior MS in his career. He became a 231st biathlonist who boasts a medal from the world championship.

Leader of the overall SP classification Tomasz Sikora scored a great performance and finished 16th in the final fourth place.He held the yellow jersey of the leading racer, Björndalen, who is only 56 points behind, has already reached the second. But he is the red jersey of the best racer in the ranking of the fighter race. Hurajt finished 54.

The only Slovakian in the 58-member starting field, Pavol Hurajt, started from the 20th position after Saturday’s speed races. Already on the first shot in the light, he hesitated twice and dropped by 15 bars. His chances for a good result were definitely lost on the second shot, where he shot one of the five targets, and after the four crime rings had run, he found himself at the end of the fifth tenth.

But this was not the end of his gunfire.On the other two items in the stand he collected four more penalty circuits, with ten inaccurate shots being the second weakest shooting racer, reaching the 54th position when he was behind the new world champion for almost 7 minutes. The second Slovakian who won the right to start in the fighter race, Marek Matiaško did not appear in the starting field for knee pain. Results – men’s 12.5 km racing:

1. Ole Einar Björndalen (NOR) 31: 46.7 min (4 penalties), 2. Maxim Cudov (RUS) +41.7 s (3), 3. Alexander Os (NOR) +52.8 ) 4. Tomasz Sikora (Poland) +1: 33.4 (3) 5. Lars Berger (Norway) +1: 52.9 (8) 6. Halvard Hanevold (Norway) +2: 06 , 9 (5), 7. Andriy Deryzema (Ukr.) +2: 09.8 (4), 8. Martin Fourcade (Fr.) +2: 20.9 (4), 9.Michael Rösch (Germany) +2: 29,2 (4), 10. Simon Fourcade (Fr.) 2: 31,7 (6),…54. Pavol Hurajt +6: 48,7…Marek Matiasko (both SR) – did not start at the start

1. Tomasz Sikora (Poland) 626 points 2. Ole Einar Björndalen (Norway) 570 3. Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) 570 4. Maxim Cudov (Russian) 542 5. Michael Greis (DE) 473 , 6. Carl Johan Bergman (Sweden) 463, 7. Alexander Os (NOR) 451, 8. Björn Ferry (Sweden) 44, 9. Christoph Sumann (Austria) 425, 10. Ivan Cerezov 417, 65. Pavol Hurajt 44, 78. Dušan Šimočko 18, 83. Marek Matiasko (all SR) 12.

Ole-Einar Björndalen (Norway) 228 points, 2. Tomasz Sikora Poland.) 228, 3. Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) 210, 4. Michael Greis (Germany) 172, 5. Maxim Čudov (Russia) 157, 6. Björn Ferry (Sweden) (Fr.) 122, 8.Halvard Hanevold (Norway) 120, 9. Carl Johan Bergman (Sweden) 116, 10.Ivan Cerezov (Rus.) 114,…62. Pavol Hurajt (SR) 16, 75. Dušan Šimočko (both SR) / p>

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