The pirate had a total of 16 missiles for five goals. From the minimum, Huml laughed

Chomut was only able to score five goals on the opponent’s court for the third time in Tipsport extralize, with sixteen shots. “We have benefited from the minimum,” Ivan Huml smiled. The Pirates caught up with Liberec and even though they were under enormous pressure, thanks to the fighting and goalie Jana Lacovi, they take home all three points. You are madly important, Chomutov is already on the back of the sixth Kometa Brno. This is going to be a drama.

How do you rate a match in Liberec? You have been under pressure for sixty minutes, but you have all three points…
“Great satisfaction! We were here with the fact that we had nothing to lose and leave everything here. It was obvious, we played with dedication, a great goalkeeper helped us. We’ve had a lot of power. But I do not want to say it was a winning prize.That match was terribly balanced. ”

What did you decide?
” Productivity. Liberec had a lot of chances and did not give. We took the maximum from the minimum. I would say Jánko (Jan Laco) got excellent. At the end he held us. ”

How difficult was it to defend the lead? You have jumped Liberia for two goals several times, and they never gave up. The drama was in the last seconds.
“They have tremendous power in the offensive. When they walked after us, they were forgotten, we had great problems. They have great defenders who greatly support the attack. We have won it with the will of power and dedication. It is obvious that when Liberec turns on, he has a huge mistake. We chose to do so with productivity, and we gave two goals when we took them twice.Nothing simple. ”

The three points are crazy for you in terms of fighting TOP6. You only lose two points on Komet after today, that’s a nice look, is it?
“We’ll do it for all. Now we have heavy matches, we play a lot out there. But we’ll leave everything on the ice, I’ll ask for it. Our goal was to make a dozen, perhaps we are here to reach. So we look at six, but it will not be easy. ”

Home: 15:16. Derner, 34:26. P. Jelínek, 51:22. Radivojevic, 59:32. Valid

Guests: 09:17. Vondrka, 24:18. Mrázek, 27:14. V. Růžička, 46:13. Račuk, 53:43.Huml


Home: Will (Lašák) – Ševc (A), R. Šimek, L. Krenželok, P. Jelínek, Svačina – Radivojevič (C), Bulíř, Valský – Bartovič, Bližňák, J. Stránský – J. Vlach, Vantuch, Ordoš – J. Mikyska


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