The young Englishmen chose Olomouc as the base. They will also come to the camp

Young English will spend six days in the Czech Republic at the end of March. At Andro’s stadium and in the youth camp in Řepin, they will train from Monday, March 23 until Thursday. A model match and preparation for a match with the Czech team is scheduled to be held on Friday 27 March in Prague. During the Olomouc campsite, young English representatives visit a football school or a children’s home.

The NH Hotel, which is located next to Andro’s Stadium, has chosen to stay during the championship and the June championship. The playground can be practiced in the ground. “They have an incredibly professional approach, but that does not mean they have anything to think.They should stay in the rooms for two, including the leadership of the team.

They also have a strong emphasis on security, so Bill Miller’s security manager arrived along with a technical manager of the 21-year-old Stuart Brown, “she told Michaela Hauser from the British embassy that accompanied the members of the English expedition to Haná.

The NH Hotel is already enjoying the rare guests. “It is a prestigious thing for us, on the other hand we expected some of the teams to be interested in staying here,” said NHEO Olomouc business manager Lucie Tesařová. The same place was chosen by the Czech senior team during the last games at the Andro’s stadium.

“We have experience with football games. We are ready for them.The English expedition, as well as the Czech representation, will be blocked on the top floor. They plan some activities in the neighboring Omega Sports Center. All our rooms are Superior and higher, no special luxury, “added Tesařová.

*** The English will also have their own chef

In the English expedition there is also a chef, cooking will remain at Olomouc specialists. “They told us some ideas about the forms of food, of course, everything will prepare our kitchen. The English expedition will have a dietary advisor here, but I do not think it will interfere with preparation.It is a different country, they can have different ideas and standards, but this is all in the negotiation phase, “added the hotel business manager.

Instead of being staying during the European Championship, the Swedish race has already been announced. They have chosen Brno as a temporary home, although two matches will take place in Olomouc and one in Uherské Hradiště. “They prefer to stay away from the playground, but they can be more distracted when they stay longer,” Lukáš Böhm, accompanied by a representative of the Swedish expedition for the stay, explained.

The remaining participants of the Moravian group – Italy and Portugal – have not yet published their place of residence, but young Azzuri could also host Olomouc.While Portugal will play all three of its games in Uherské Hradiště, Italy will compete with England and Sweden in Olomouc.

“There will be no other team in our hotel. It is a condition that there should not be two trips in one hotel, especially if they are from one group, “says Tesar.

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