Threat? No way. The comet blunted the Zlín power play and resumed it

Forget the power of five to three? Only unnecessary complications, nothing more. The Kometa hockey players had to worry at the end, but they did not leave the important 2-1 win over Zlín, nor did they leave the final cut. “In the end, we made a mistake and it was a big drama, we should watch more. But I have to thank the players. It was a lot of shame, they really wanted to, “said Brno coach Vladimir Kýhos. His team now plays a 3: 2 lead in the series as well as handling power-play chess. Zlin is a well-known game in the numerical advantage, but only once in the quarterfinals, and its success fell to a scant five percent.

“We said what we were going to play for, and it is still up to us. We trust them.Even in the season we had great weaknesses and we also transferred it to the playoffs, “he is looking forward to the goalkeepers Marek Čiljak.

The big master of the gun is so hot. “The guilds are well known and are mostly read, so you can hardly invent something new,” says Rostislav Vlach, a Zlín coach. “It’s about personal comfort. When players are under pressure, they have no peace and bounce them off. We have to work on it. “

Until Zlín finds the recipe, the Comet can feel safer. Even at the moment he finds himself under pressure, as he did at the beginning of the duel yesterday. “We were a little bit surprised,” said Brno defender Tomáš Dujsík.

“We were a little nervous at the beginning, we pushed our pucks, we lost them unnecessarily.That was what they were recording, “said Captain of the Blue-White Leos Čermák.

At that time, the Comet was fond of the Slovak ghost at the gate. He did not catch the previous duel, but now he waved. “Maybe I was a little nervous, but I caught a few shots and it fell out of me. The main was the raid of Freedom, then I started to believe completely. I knew he was going to shoot, I just did not know where. That’s how I waited, “Čiliak said.

The Brňany have suffered the worst and the worst Dujsík they hit. “That made us calm. We did the game and we were more active, “said Čermák. It took the comet for Vilém Burian to increase his lead, but he was more confident at the back.And because she did not have to worry about weakening.

And finally Zlin captain Petr Čajánek, who sat with personal punishment and could not help the guests in the pursuit of compensation. “Sometimes the nerves allow. He stayed for a long time, but today it culminated, “coach Vlach explained. “When their leader does not play, it is better for us,” said Kýhos.

On Saturday, the Komet can reach Zlín.

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