Tribute to New Town. Biathletes will return to the Czech maybe a year

Within two years should return to the Czech Republic’s World Cup Biathlon. Head of the Czech Association Jiří Hamza said that in the New Town in Moravia had biathlon elite meet again in December 2018, but the calendar of the International Union IBU approved in February next year.

If IBU executive for the Russian doping scandal went hosting of the World Cup Siberian Tyumen, Czech would be any available date in the 2017/18 season competed.

“the preliminary term (for the next SP in the Highlands) is two years in December but we’ll see what makes the affair now.But surely, if Tumen were collected plants and of them we seek, “he said today Hamza told reporters.

The Czechs have tentatively from IBU promised that in the New Town in Moravia will be held the World Cup season 2018 / 19 for three consecutive years.

Now the World Cup held in the Highlands for the fourth time and again drew massive audiences. on Saturday came to 35,000 fans who created a turbulent atmosphere and Czech and foreign competitors talked about the audience in superlatives.

“I fought závoďáci,” Hamza said the Czech team led by Gabriela Koukalová and Ondrej Moravec. “It’s cool that continues to this euphoria. It’s like a dream.It’s a crazy story, probably will continue, “he said.

The number of around 35 to 36 thousand fans per day is the maximum that area holds. Another grandstand had organizers in the future of ports do not intend, nor where.” More people here can not let go. Euphoria is not forever and you need to take it with humility. Fans thank you, as did an incredible job, “said Hamza.

A crowd of fans presents some problems. Areálem can barely browse and biggest complications are queues for refreshments and toilets.” I can not figure out what we have to bear in every ten people one stand and I can not.But if someone ran into a problem, so he want to apologize, “said Hamza.

Fans mostly cheered all biathletes. Only when shooting leading women World Cup Germans laura dahlmeier celebrated its mistakes, which in biathlon does . Koukalová therefore told Radiožurnál urged people to desist from it, because it’s disrespect to opponents.

“I would nerozpitvával, they’re just fans. I think that makes it more a science than it was. This is my opinion. So I whistled, whistling all the time in football, “said Hamza.” Of course, at the biathlon’s not very typical, but how you interpret the 35 thousand people what to do.I do not think it would be something dramatic. “

The four-day program, the organization of the World Cup in Nove Mesto in Moravia cared 1200-1500 people.” I want to thank everyone.

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