Twenty-one will finish the qualification of ME without Schicka

Twenty-one will have to get around in the final match of the European Championship with Moldova without Patrick Schick from Sampdoria Genoa. With ten goals the best champion of the fight for the championship has been called to the senior representation.

“We have led the discussion with the leadership and we have Unibet what we said at the beginning of our cooperation, anybody, so the first team takes precedence, “said coach Vítězslav Lavička at today’s press conference. “Patrik has made a performance in both the 21st and the Italians to build a position that he moves into the aka,” he added.

Twenty-one will fight against Moldova next Friday in Znojmo and need to win in order to maintain the chance of going straight to the championship.Lavičk’s choice is the first point of two points ahead of the second Belgium, which is still waiting two matches – in Montenegro and at Unibet home against Latvia. The four best teams from the other places are waiting for a barrage.

Lavicka’s choice in the first match in Moldova won 3: 1 and also the home match will be a favorite. “It is misleading, however, we unquestionably need to win, that’s our goal, and then we will wait for Belgium to play,” said the Czech coach. “Mathematics is clear, it’s not in our hands.We have to win, and as Belgium leads, it is no longer in our power, “he added.

Since the twenty-one is waiting for the easier opponent in the paper, the Lavička released Schicka and called newbies defender Lukáš Hůlka from Mladá Boleslav and midfielder Dominika Maška from Bohemians 1905. “Both have taken part in clubs. The wand plays regularly and Mladá Boleslav is doing very well.And Mašek already figured in a wider nomination, “ said Lavička, who traditionally left the nomination one vacancy that will be filled after the Unibet weekend.

Defenders: Milan Havel (Bohemians 1905), Lukáš Hůlka (Mladá Boleslav), Michael Lüftner (Varnsdorf), Luděk Vejmola (Mlada Boleslav)

Backers: Antonín Barák (Slavia), Ales Cermak (Sparta), Vaclav Cerny (Ajax), Daniel Holzer (Mike) Sparta), Michal Hubínek (Bohemians 1905), Jakub Jankto (Udine), Dominik Mašek (Bohemians 1905), Tomáš Souček (Slavia), Michal Trávník (Jablonec). Attackers: Stanislav Klobása Mladá Boleslav), Lukáš Julius (Sparta).

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