A stronger dog … you know what. Karviná footballers feel a derby after a derby

“We are frustrated with what happened. We did enough to score the least, but unfortunately we can not influence some things, “Marek Janeček of Karviná said. “I would only say so much that it is a proverb. There is a vulgar word in it, and I would not like to use it, but you know it: A stronger dog…you know what. ”

The game was really hectic. “Asked Karlin striker Tomas Wagner. “No, I’ve been to the referees once, so I’m going to deal soccer – we had a chance at 2: 1 and we did not give it to us. We could have done it, unfortunately. Ostrava has done everything to win. There is not much to talk about. ”

The Karvins are convinced that Baník’s goals preceded the offside, foul…

” I do not want to comment.Everyone saw it. There were cameras. We have our information that the second goal has fallen from the offside, the first one was preceded by a foul. I say – a stronger dog today…”, said Janecek.

Ostrava striker Milan Baroš did not want to comment on the opponents. “I did not see it, but everything was terribly fast,” he described his winning goal in the 85th minute. “I do not know if the player is behind me, in front of me. I tried to finish my goal, so if he was an offshore or not, I really can not say. And that they were frustrated is self-evident. They led 1: 0, hoping to get at least a point. We were losing to Sparta in the eight minute goal of the penalty…That’s football. Once you get some help, it will sometimes crush you. But I do not want to comment on the Karvins.I did not even hear them. ”

But Baník started to play again when he got a goal. This time in the 60th minute by Wagner alternating.

“Karvina made it a little easier because she was more focused on defending, pulling it, and we had a little more space. When we settled, I believed we would turn around, “said Baros. But it is odd that we always start when we lose, but thank God we turned it today. We have to look for the reason why we can not do it from the first minute. ”

Banik has reached a point with his regional rival. Both of them have 11 points.

“It was a lot of the game and it was about to see,” said Tomas Wagner. “I’m disappointed, it’s five minutes after the game, big emotions in me. Everyone in the Republic must perceive that we feel deserving.We are sorry. The whole team left everything there and did not deserve to lose that way. How to say it? When we lose the foul and the offside. But I say we should have won. ”

The greatest relief was probably seen by Ostrava striker Tomáš Poznar, who equalized to 1: 1. In the league he scored after a year and three months.

“It’s a huge relief. It was so uncomfortable in the cabin, “Poznar admitted. “It’s great for us to get the last place. It does not mean anything, but we’ve proved we can win. It’s important for our psyche. “

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