ANALYSIS: Olomouc’s footballers are snapped. They already have the first league

I think so despite the fact that the team has remained practically the same as when it last descended. Moreover, even without the unwanted offensive thinker Michal Ordoš, one of the few experienced boys. However, coach Václav Jílek did not like it. And he certainly knows why.

The clear leader is gone. Although the natural leader, the durable type of warrior would throw, the SIGMs must rely on the TEAM.

And outside, the group of the devotees is really crowded. Certainly, the moral qualities will show up when it comes to kicking, but the base is healthy in Olomouc.

“It is a party, we put it,” said Tomáš Chorý, the main assault force of the manchaf. “We have older players, but especially young. This will only help us, I think it will be pedaling. We all believe that.If it does not, then we can cough it up. ”

If not, the more demanding talented hip will not extend the contract with the club. Just like the key midfielder Jakub Plsek and the Upsurger Radakovich. But Jilek, the coached and humble coach, is the main builder. It’s not about having fun with the modern training of the players, it’s just a plus for them, but every gesture of the game shows how they live with their TEAM. And finally it is finally to see that he gives him the game face – it took time, but he sits down.

After the procedure he hesitated to extend the contract. He wanted guarantees that the club, still struggling with economic troubles and looking for a new majority owner, has ambitions and sets the conditions for a jojo effect to end. Then he lengthened.After his prolongation, he also extended his support.

Jílek, as opposed to Pivarník, who was dropped in Olomouc from the fourth place, survived the descent. Still at the beginning of his coaching career, he is trying to convince himself of his qualities. And as a Olomouc heart he has the prerequisites to raise local football. Being in this direction is clearly the most important for Sigma to find a new buyer in the offices of the leadership and to bring the black star back on the path of the European Cup.

Jilek is not afraid to risk. He showed it in a strong start in the strong Mladá Boleslav.The surprising win (2: 1) in the heat and spasms over the participant of the European League Prelude took care of two shots the left wing of Šimon Falta, Radakovič and Plšek beat him. “It was not surprising, we know what quality we have,” said Michal Vepřek, a very serious captain, into the camera of ČT.

In the basic set up Jilek built two league debutants – stopper Jemelka (22 years) and Kalvacha defensive shield (22). Eleven puppies gave birth to eight kids – hat down!

This Olomouc has always been adorned. And in economic distress, he has to rely on his academy for the Academy.

Why should this be enough to rescue this time? Sigmati, although still young (on average, they are not 25 years old), are more mature.The team’s axis is interesting – in the gate of veteran Buchta, in the defense of Serbian Radakovich, in the backup of the sharp regions of Falta, Zahradníček, Houska engine, productive Fly and the top of the Chorys. In addition to the absence of a leader, the fact that not all the posts have Jilek well doubled.

However, at the start of his horse, they showed that they are fast, and when they are as efficient as in Mladá Boleslav, / p>

The path to the top of the table will be long and conceptually can start with the new owner, but the lessons of the blue and the balance of the competitors are to avoid another shameful arc escape.

If they remain united.

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