Another great sprint. Koukal arrived in Ruhpolding second

The sprinter’s introduction offered frequent rotation at the head of the race.

Italius Vitozzi, then Russia Akimov or German Hildebrand. But the biggest favorites were only in the middle of the starting field.

And it was once again a day flying the Finns.

Mäkäräinen did not have a competitor on the track, she was just shooting and when she reached the finish line, It took an unbelievable 59.8 seconds!

Only two women who were in the overall World Cup ranking before her – the German Laura Dahlmeier and the head of Gabriela Koukalová – took up the 7.5 km long race. p>

They did not even miss the shot at the shooting range, but it was not enough for Fink this time.

The Czech biathlete has lost about ten seconds since the initial split in Mäkäräinen.The first item also mastered cleanly, despite the fourth caliber blow. “The good result is a bit of luck,” Zdeněk Vítek, Women’s Coach, commented on Czech Television.

In the second run, the distance of the two best biathlonists was the same, after the last Czechoslovak 27

“I was glad it was that way.” “I was happy this was the first time. I did not feel very good at the run, mainly because of my lack of strength. That’s why I’m glad I shot for zero. The idea of ​​running more than two meters would kill me, “Koukal laughed.

” A very successful race again.The last item is standing up, waiting for Gabin to concentrate. And on the track it was excellent, the third fastest. She said her legs were hurt before she started. But today she did it again, “said Vitek.

Third place was Laura Dahlmeier, fourth Marie Dorin-Habert from France, fifth Italian Dorothea Wierer and sixth home Franziska Hildebrand.

The six best women in the World Cup ranked in the first six places.

It was a race for big fans.

And it was also a race of Czech biathlonists.

Eva Puskarcikova, the eighteenth Veronika Vítková, was conquered by the eighteenth Markéta David.Only Lucie Charvátová, who finished the forty-two, did not score points.

Koukalová leads the World Cup, currently 21 points ahead of Laura Dahlmeierová.


All Czechs to fighter

the favorites started in the middle of the pack of biathlonists – they were afraid of conditions that could just record the higher numbers.

But the chumelenice did not come. She arrived in Chiemgau Arena until Saturday’s women’s sprint. “Although it is snowing, but it does not blow, perhaps better than the unpredictable wind,” Ondřej Rybář, the team’s chief executive, said before the start for Czech Television. “The forecast has been filled.They reported chuckles that do not stop. ”

That’s why most coaches have decided to put their biggest stars up to the second half of the starting pack.

An exception to the Czech team was formed by Lucie Charvátová, who set off on the track as the 27th.

And it was Charvátová, who was not the only biathlete in the Czech Republic. She missed three times on the firing range, which was not enough for forty-two. But she went to Sunday’s fighter race.

Otherwise, it was a great joy on Saturday.

Gabriela Koukalová was the second biggest fan.But the remaining three Czechs did.

Eva Puskarčíková again burned like Verdun when both items managed in 44 seconds – no biathlete was faster. “Still, I’m a little disappointed. I’m sorry about the one on the shooting range, “said the fourteenth female sprinter at the finish.

” Maybe I started with the relay and I will be ready on Saturday, “Veronika Vítková wished again. And physically, she was great, she had the 12th fastest time. But the first shot on the firing range flew off.

Vítková added one more mistake standing, which moved her to the 21st position. “Two mistakes are too much.Yet I have a good position for a Sunday fighter, “she said after the race.

The young Markéta David, who still wanted to return to the lower competitions after the Thursday relay, “But I’m looking forward to the sprint, I’d like to go to the fighter race,” she said.

I met her. Although the lane was wrong, but the stand was able to handle without difficulty against the relay and burned for the first points in the World Cup in a career and the result of life was – it was the twenty-eighth place.

“Today we are really super, we can praise all the girls , they cracked on it at one, “Vitek concluded.

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