Beware of the Chomutov brejky, the Pardubice ice hockey team

In the spring after two debacles, they turned a seemingly lost pre-play playoff with Mladá Boleslav. Subsequently, the ambitious Třinec took the semifinals and topped the championship of the championship trophy from Liberec. Eventually, the Chomutov Pirates, under the baton of Vladimir Ruzicka, ended up in the neighborhood, which gives sufficient evidence of their qualities.

And while a successful and controversial coach says he is thinking of “only” at the age of ten with regard to economic problems, Pardubice hockey players must be careful before their sabers in the late morning. And because the season’s entry to the Pirate was great.At home they played 4: 2 in Olomouc, then they managed 2: 1 with Mladá Boleslav and are at the top of the league table.

“The Chomutov game is based on a good defensive and performance (goalkeeper) Jano Laca. Waiting for breaks and key players like Vondrka, “said coach Dynamo Miloš Holaň.

Neither Pardubice, who wants to leave somewhere in the field behind a scarecrow, gets shorter the season is not bad . In the first duel, against Sparta in Prague, they managed to chase and correct the condition to an acceptable 2: 3 in the final period. In the second one they were already winning the first three points, when on Sunday in Zlín and due to the faultless goalkeeper Kacetla did not beat the Berans in the field and won 2: 0.Thanks to this, they are on the seventh straight run.

“The performance was graduating during the two games. Perhaps the last third of Sparta we have transferred to the first in Zlín, “said Holaň.

” The table looks better than when it was zero. However, we have to confirm the victory from Zlín at home against Chomutov, “said Martin Kaut, the 17-year-old Martin Kaut, for the club’s web site. The Zuzana was able to get through without the canonist Petr Sýkora and one of the summer reins Treille, which makes their triumph even more valuable.

“I’m here to help you and find the right types in the triplets. I have to say that we have succeeded, “said Holań.He might have at least a veteran of Sýkora, who coached the team on Monday.

If one of the Dynamo fans can not come to the stadium, he may not despair. The channel ČT sport means the 3rd round of the match between Pardubice and Chomutov in direct broadcast.

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