Boleslav was against Chance without a chance. We must continue to work, urges Pauschek

The league defeated Brno and Slovácko in the Pribram Cup. After a series of three wins in a row, Boleslav had to confirm whether she had really improved or just managed to get the worst opponent.

The Saturday match with Pilsen set a bright mirror. For the top league teams that Boleslav’s players would like to be close to, the coach Dušan Uhrin Jr. is absolutely not enough.

Defeat 0: 2 was still merciful because the guests were not deemed to be a regular next goal. p> And third of the candidates for the title did not score Boleslav. At the foreign stadiums of Sparta she beat home 0: 1, when she practically did not threaten her cage. She made a debacle at Slavia 0: 4. In addition, 0: 3 also made it from Liberec.

“Pilsen has a winning series, it is probably better for everyone.They see that they have self-confidence, they put it on the ground, want to push and play it. Thanks to the string they have, it was definitely one of the best rivals in the season, “said Tomáš Přikryl, probably the best player in the match in Boleslav.

It was quite incomprehensible what Boleslav demonstrated at the beginning. She was not prepared for Michaela Krmenčík, a player with a good form who pulled the Pilsen offensive.

So much space he could get in fifteen minutes in a small lime before the Boleslav gate would not even get in the district championship.For freedom is thanks to two goals and Pilsen already then in the rest of the match could absolutely still hold the lead and play just exactly what she needed.

“I do not know why there was Krmenčík twice alone, it should not become, “said Lukas Pauschek in Boleslav’s beak. “It is clear that when Plzeň leads 2-0, it is wrong to play against it.”

It was obvious that Boleslav and his opponent were holding the game, but it was primarily due to the condition. Pilsen in the two-goal cushion had nothing to hurt and against the harmless rival could save the forces on Thursday European League.

“In the first part we decided the game in a way. Then, we were quite controlling the development.We did not leave the home team in strictly goleal opportunities, “he said, naming all the well-contented coach of the winners Pavel Vrba.

Boleslav should seriously ring the alarm. She has lost four home games, which is a huge inconvenience. Such a mankind in the truth table is comparatively complicated.

The traditional aspirant on the European Cups is moving in the downhill waters, at the critical fifteenth ramp has a single point of lead. It may seem that time is the same for such scarecrows. But he is not.

Eight of the ten teams that have stood in the last ten seasons after five rounds on the last ball, then wiped the league down.And exactly on that figure, Boleslav was in five matches as well.

“In our situation, we can not look at our opponents anymore, and we have to score in every match with everybody,” said Tomáš Přikryl. p> What’s wrong with that? We have to continue to work and lose points in Jablonec, “says Lukas Pauschek.

But this year Jablonec is definitely much better prepared than Mladá Boleslav this year, but the arrival of the general sports manager and coach Dušan Uhrin Jr has not helped yet. ..

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