Buchvaldek did not extend the contract, the Olomouc club dropped its talent

Cut to the present. The twenty-one-year-old offensive universe did not go to Hana, refused to extend the contract that ended him after the season, the club eliminated him from all his cadres and ordered an individual training plan.

But the situation around Buchvaldk is more complicated. At that time six million years ago, the former co-owner of Sigma Robert Runtak paid the one million crowns. According to MF DNES, he concluded a loan agreement with Olomouc: when Buchwaldek leaves Sigma, he will get a million back. Plus a third of the possible transfer amount.

“I’ve been thinking about it, and with my family and my agency, we’ve agreed to make the best of my career.I did not fight in Olomouc, I did not get a chance and I want to start somewhere else, “says Buchvaldek, whose disappointment from the team disappointed. Do not practice with juniors. “I did not do anything.”

Now he’s waiting for him to run alone. However, when they refused to extend the contracts with Jakub Petr and Martin Šindelář in the past season, the club has been sympathetic to the club.

“But these were quite different cases,” says Sigma sports manager Ladislav Minar. a youth representative, in which the club still sees considerable potential. “That’s why we offered him a new, two-year, improved contract. And that’s why he can go to the host. ”

Coach Vaclav Jilk refused to comment on the situation. “But I had no problem with Luke.He’s getting on, but I was expecting even better performance, “he explains the sporting reasons why he did not fit into the set.

” We fully respect the coach’s decision. But now for Lukáš the club is the best change, “adds Roman Brulík.

Buchvaldek wants to play more. Sigma refused. And on the amount of the option they did not agree with Olomouc. “They suggested her that Sigma would come out. It would only return the investment to Mr. Runtak. We want to be at least half a half. We have been paying players for many years, “Minar explains. “Putting the youth representative as a low option as his agent requires, it would not do any club in the league.”

Brulik stresses: “It certainly is not about how to do it for Sigma to get no money.We wanted to deal with it this summer, we offered the option to host, but Mr Minar refused this amount, being inadequate for Sigma, that they have a clear idea of ​​how much he should cost. But no money is bought for this money. And Sigma undoubtedly knows. ”

According to MF DNES, the option proposed by Sigma would not be three million crowns, but the image of the other party is still significantly smaller. “If you take into account that Lukáš played the last game in the base game on March 19th and last season in the second league he played five matches in the basic league, even knowing that the talent is that he can do something else, this amount is totally inadequate, “says Brulik.

The situation has come to a halt.Olomouc does not want to free the player without profit. “And now everyone will say I’m the bad guy I’ve been knocking out of the young guy. I’m not happy, believe me, but what do I do? Do you come out with everything? I support the interests of the club. “Minar, who has recently extended his contracts with the help of Chorus, Plšek, Radakovič, Houška, Zahradníček and discoveries by Jemelka, Kalvac, and Texl, is the end of the contract, but it is the principle.” two of them are also represented by Brulík’s agency, with Sigma not having a warm relationship after the promising goalkeeper Olomouc Markovich escaped to Slavia Prague.

Sigma does not have a good relationship with Runták, who has not left the club in good.And so concessions can not be expected too much. “It is not possible for a young talented footballer who is properly fulfilling his duties towards the club to be in the selection of a 21-year-old team, so suffered unjustifiably simply because of the hostility between current and former club officials or because Sigma will result in his transfer of some duty, “Runtak said.

“It’s a classic, long-overdue method, when a player has to run wheels with a sports tricycle around the stadium until he breaks and desperates to play and train, signing a new contract. Minar refuses: “Mr. Runták can not come to his money.”

According to MF DNES, Buchwald’s situation should be discussed by Sigma’s Friday board. “I have invited Petr Konečný, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the members of the Board of Directors for the Statutory City of Olomouc, to intervene and arrange an immediate remedy,” Runták believes in his turn. “At the same time I would like to invite Mr. Minar and other officials to stop using these absolutely unacceptable methods in the future against the players.The year 2017 is written and the players are free people, not slaves. I therefore believe that Lukáš Buchvaldek will be back in the next few days in the future. Then it will be possible to return to the negotiating table, and in mutual respect and respect, look for a constructive solution that will be acceptable to all. “

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