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Me and my dad? Crazy, says Mallet, a Canadian comedian

While his colleagues from Brno have started taking training sessions on ice for the last week of July, Mallet was staying overseas. “What was my summer? Training, family, friends, training. And especially the family, “emphasizes the forvard. At the end of July, he was in the hospital when his girlfriend gave birth to Leo’s daughter. “Fortunately, everyone is healthy, and I’m glad it did before I left,” Mallet says. “Now I’m waiting for a visa and a children’s passport, and the family will come after me. I just do not know when it will be, “shrugs the native of East Quebec, who joined Martin Erat in preparation for extra-league champions last in the first half of August.

“Alex told us he honestly trained.Canadians are accustomed to this, that even though they are alone, they are preparing. His passage was much easier for him, “says one of Brno’s coaches Kamil Pokorny.

Mallet has managed the last preparatory fight against Jihlava, and has also hit all three Comets matches in the Champions League. In Stavanger, who is presenting himself at 13:30 in Brno, he scored a winning lead to 2: 1. Last weekend, Kalpa Kuopio scored a 2-2 win at home, thanks to which Kometa beat Finnish vicemies 3: 2 in extra time.

As if a Canadian striker in the duels against the Nordic people indicated why he values ​​him in the Comet.Although after the arrival of Pardubice in January, it seemed that Mallet’s virtues would include the emphasis, the speed and the play of personal duels, over time he turned out to be an important man who participated in the key goals.

“I think he still can fight. But he is a type of player who wants to be a good team in every direction and that’s what interests us, “Pokorny says. A comet in a plethora of foreigners who can engage extralig clubs at a cheap price hit the jackpot. In the spring playoff he scored four times, he was one of the best scorers in the defeat battles in Brno. The players appreciate that they are trying to penetrate the secrets of Czech. “I do not want to talk about it.It’s a bad word, “Mallet smiles.

“It can be beer and such words,” says Center Lukáš Nahodil, who now forms an offensive line with Canadian and Hynek Zohorna. “We do not fight very much, because we can not even Zohy in English,” he laughs. “How many times when we come out of ice in lactate, English words are missing, but we are trying and Alex is understandable.”

But one of them is in Brno, despite the language barrier – to defend the extralig title! “I can not wait for the season to start,” Mallet looks. “There will be more pressure than last time, but we will try to defend the cup,” says new-born dad.

Best performance at the right moment. Hruban pulled for the win and did not scare the Spaniards

“I hope the life struggle is still coming, but it was my best match for the representation. This is not a discussion. This is how I have never been in the repre, “Hruban smiled in an interview with Czech journalists.

The role of one of the leaders is not afraid. “I’ve been training for young people in the past, I’m probably the third oldest. It’s such a great jump. But it is a natural development. But I do not allow it. If that’s how it’s going to come out of me and I’ll give, I’ll shoot. But if the boys who are in Europe for the first time have the day, I will love to play them. We’re all here for one team.Maybe in the first match, the differences in the experience were a little bit more familiar, but the second one is already going to be compared, “Hruban said.

Believes that the team will lose the tension after the initial win, which will be before the defending champion of Spain need.

“We took a lot of breath. Every one of us has fallen, but it’s just for a moment. This is a tournament every day. Yes, we have won, but we only have the first line. Now we have an extremely difficult Spain, which is the biggest favorite of the whole championship. We do not want to be flushed like today’s Montenegro, “he reminded Spaniards 99:60.

” We will see how the boys compare themselves to such a challenge. But I’m not afraid. The match with Romania showed that we have a strong bench. Everyone who came on board gave the team a new impulse.They showed that even at this level they can play. I hope it will be the same against Spain, “he said.

But it will be an extraordinary match for him. “You do not oppose such opponents every week. So if you do not play NBA like Tomas Satoransky. Of course, it’s all the other big holiday after us. It is good to measure forces with such players, “he added.

The Spanish team’s starvation makes it easier for Czech officials to have 19 hours for rivalry, while Romania has been tuning for tactics for several days.

“But the Spanish players have everybody scrawled from television. Of course, this is a bit extreme compared to the preparation for the Romanians, but if one has the time, he will concentrate on the first match.It was good that it was a match we had to deal with. Now we try to surprise, “he added.

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