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Betting odds

Betting odd says what chance gives the bookmaker to the event. Event means tennis match, football match or horse race. During last few years there also occured such events like president elections, win in talent shows or whether Eurozone will fall or not.

Odds has different levels and it´s usually not easy to say whether the odd is good. Multiply odd by your bet and you have a potential win. If you bet 1000€ for win of home team with odd 1,8, potential win is 1800€. The lower is odd, the higher is chance according to bookmaker.

If you bet more events on one ticket, odds are multiplying. In words of mathematics, odd is inverted value of probability. That´s why favorite always has lower odd (high probability of win) and outsider has higher odd (lower probability of win). Betting is all about finding a value odd.

At the end let´s say that knowledge about odds is key to success. Remember that odd says how high is the probability that the event will come true. And at the very end we recommend to compare odds of more offices, because they may differ. Lot of people say that Bet365, Unibet and Betclic has the highest betting odds compared to the others.


Scheme betting

Betting according to schemes provides you lot of advantages and is not so difficult as it may look. First of all it´s cheaper. Betting offices like Unibet,provides lot of combinations, but it takes the most of your bet and potential win is lower.

Another advantage is system on it´s own. It may be developed by every bettor on his own. Scheme betting is not difficult. It´s one of the easiest things you can imagine. Scheme combines results of several events. This secures win with just a little success in guessing. The Aku bet multiplyes odds and this makes the potential win. So the bettor must take care especially about odd level and number of tickets, because every win must generate income.

For the beginning we recommend using a proved method which is good for understanding entire system. Scheme betting is great opportunity for less experienced bettors who wants to minimalize loses and be in black numbers.




Online betting

Modern technologies offers opportunity to state odds and accept bets quickly online. Online betting became very popular and has lots of fans. That´s why live bets are available in most online betting offices which are competing each other in terms of who will give you better offer of matches.

And some of them also gives you video streaming. Online betting became popular after 1998 and it´s still more popular. Online betting has only advantages. In most of cases you never pay a manipulation fee, and you also get the highest odds. And if you bet with high odds, you get higher amounts of won money.

If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend to read how to begin, where you will see a step by step guide for online betting. Every office offers more options how to make your ticket. Read more on page “tickets.” When Bet 365 betting online you can see lot of terms and words you never heard before.

We recommend to read “bettor´s dictionary” where you will find the most of betting phrases. Online betting also gives you an opportunity to bet anytime and everywhere. Even during your way to work or home. You will never need to go to betting shop in bad Betclic weather anymore.