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So shit, Kuzma? A new star is born in Los Angeles

Kuzm’s journey to one of the most successful clubs of history has actually begun more than a year ago. When in the early summer of 2016 they signed a four-year $ 64 million dollar contract with the eternal wounded brother Timofej Mozgov in the city of angels.

This was considered to be a poor management step from the start of the season, and fans’ fears were confirmed during the season. The Mozgov was often missing in the set, injured by the injury, and in the modern trend of faster game, the hulk from Russia was heavily enforced.

The Lakers decided in the summer to get rid of him and to sacrifice the other player of the draft of D’Angela Russell.In return, the Lakers won under the Brooke Lopez basket and the twenty-seventh selection in the 2017 draft, of which Kyle Kuzma turned out.

to leave the environment was a success.

“I really did not want to go back there. I wanted to live a better life and discover the world. I needed to know places other than Flint, and it has been driving me to train today, “says Kuzma.

She only cared for Karri mother, a youthful top-of-the-line ball thrower, two jobs. He had moved nine times when he had just dropped her job.For a few months, Kyle and his mother even lived in the cellar with friends to save their living and have enough money to eat.

Still, Kyle’s beloved basketball stayed and he did pretty well, but his Bentley High School High is not a popular site for scouts from renowned universities with a good basketball program.

Before the last high school class, he sent videos of his shooting training to schools all over the United States as he coached Vina Sparacia coach at the Rise Academy in Philadelphia. There, during the season he worked hard for one of the key figures of the team and earned a scholarship at the University of Utah. After the weaker first year, he fought to the base five in the second year and began to write decent numbers.He himself has promised that if he improves his averages in the next year and is able to complete, he will enroll in a draft. When a year later he had over 16 points and nine rebounds and the title of Sociology in hand, it was clear. He was still underestimated and most experts predicted he would not be drafted, but he was getting closer to his dream. When Kuzma shined on the Draft Combine at the training camp, and he had seventeen mostly successful private trainings with the teams, he knew that’s going to work well.

“With us in Flint, everyone thinks they are the best players in the world.I was also self-confident and after successful training I knew I was going to be drafted, “said Kuzma with a cap on his head. Finally, Brooklyn chose him, but he immediately sent him to Los Angeles, where he starred a well- He was in the NBA Summer League, where he teamed up with the more famous young star Lonzo Balle, the unstoppable duo, and led their team to win the preliminary competition. Kuzma helped him with almost 22 points and seven rebounds as he glowed mainly behind the triple arc.He was chosen to be the most useful player in the final of the tournament, and Lakers fans have created a new mod.

The favorite Kuuz has not even stood in preparation matches, where three times out of four duels were the best shooter of his team and scored over 19 points per match. The passionate purple and golden fans see the future of the Lakers and the only one in his home game in Staples Center was his name being called by a fifteen thousand crowd.

The award for the smiling young man is also the NBA general manager poll, second place of the biggest surprise of this year’s draft. All this must be confirmed in the upcoming basic part.Will the fans and managers be so positive?

Freedom in Kometa points. I do not have to figure it out, I’m looking forward to cooperating with the tahun

They are nicknamed the Statue. Last season but Tomáš Svoboda’s career definitely had no stable foundations. On the contrary. The hockey striker was superfluous in Kometa, so he was mostly hoping for a hostage. Vítkovice, the first league Třebíč and last time Pilsen, where the idea that he would probably never be able to shoot a powerfully armed Komet from time to time. “You can paint it, but it will happen otherwise,” he knew 30-year-old forvard. And he did well.

In the spring, after the successful Pilsen hosted, the extralig champions actually heard and Freedom did not hesitate for a moment.Just because the double father wanted to settle in Brno with his family. “Now it’s up to me to do optimal performance and stay here,” the bearded shooter realizes.

Tomáš Svoboda has had a stunning Pilsen jersey.

And confidence in the coaches the season is paying off. With 11 points, he is the third most productive comet of the Martyrs – Zaťovič and Erats “saints”. Last Sunday he contributed to the current league’s extra league with two goals to win in Pilsner ice 5: 4 in the lead. “Points are also a piece of luck,” says Svoboda, who, after the summer retirement of Mark Kvapil, took a place in an elite Brno attack. But he did not collect points in his hand. “We did not manage at five to five. We have moved very hard up and down.From Libor (Zábranský, boss and coach of the Comet), there was an impulse that Martin Zaťovič moved me and instead he managed to do it perfectly, “says the current member of the second line. “If you do not manage, the assembly starts to move, it’s normal. Maybe boys who are not currently playing would belong to the group elsewhere. That’s a lot more pressure in the Comet, but on ice we can see that we leave everything there and we are doing well. “Although Freedom in the offensive hierarchy of the Brno masters fell, he scored points in the last four.It is an integral part of the comet’s special comand, which boasts the most successful power-ups in the extralise – 26.53 percent. “Points are made more simply than when one has to invent himself,” says Freedom of Co-operation with Zaťovič or Erat.

The 36-year-old Erat is the maker of Brno’s numeric benefits. “Martin manages himself more or less. He has full confidence from coaches, “says Svoboda. As a right hand, he moves on the left wing to make the first one finish. “I played a bit lower in a similar place before, but Martin showed me before the season when we were putting the powerups together, where to be and how to move.It’s good to be here, give a clear tone and split the pucks, “commented the five-year-old Kometa shooter who will play the last match in the Main League Champions League at 18.30 on Tuesday at 18.30.

Freedom will cheer on colleagues away. On the Sunday trip from Pilsen the Brno team split. While Barinka, Káňa, Malec and Mallet, who were supplemented by the Brno youths, went to the north of Europe, the Comet supports a looser regime. “Malmö does not have a direct connection, the coaches have decided to save their strength. Additionally, we are sure of the group’s progress, “says Svoboda, who enjoyed his free time on Monday. On Tuesday, he’ll sweat again.Defender of the title awaits a Friday duel against Olomouc after the Champions League.

Memories of Kolar: The medal was just out of his hard work, success failed him

“Karel has achieved great results thanks to excellent training morale,” remembers Joseph Trdla, a 55-year-old contemporary from the athletic section of Liaz Jablonec. “Even after his success, he remained an ordinary man who did not spoil any fun.” Kolar’s stellar moments fall into the dark years, which are now referred to as the era of systematic, state-controlled doping. “But Karel had his medals only out of his trouble,” says Trdla.

Kolar with MF DNES years ago confessed that he was running from a hard concentration of beer but always forbidden anabolic steroids. “I ended the semifinals at the Olympics in Moscow and I was probably the only one clean,” he added.

The native of Jindřichův Hradec later joined his life with Jablonec nad Nisou.He died last week at the age of 61.

“Karel Kolář was one of the athletic legends and he wrote in the history of Czechoslovak sports. He has been troubled by health problems in recent years and we have tried to help him, “said Pavel Benc, President of the Olympics Club in Northern Bohemia. “We will be remembered as a great athlete, but also a good-natured and folk.”

Kolar won at the European Championship in Prague 1978 silver in 400 meters and bronze in the relay at 4 x 400 meters. In 1979 he became Europe Hall of Champions, one year later he won the European silver in the hall.Before the Olympics in Moscow, he was injured, but he jumped to the semifinals and the Czechoslovak relay led to the final and seventh.

In 1981, the health problems were over and Kolar had to finish with the top athletics. He started playing in Mšena football for Elitex Mšeno and trained athletic youth. He played as a football referee and was popular for his fairness.

He also met with Vladimir Mařas, the player of Swim and the later coach Mšena. “At the 1978 European Championship in Prague, Karel made me remember indelibly.When I came up against him in football, I admired that despite his famous name he never hesitated, “says Maras. “He did not like some much less successful footballers who ever tried a league and after the battles they were screaming – What do you kick, you zero ?! Do you know who I am ?! Karel was a completely different, cool and good guy on the pitch. “According to Maars Kolar, he loved sport, and he was one of the exceptions to the rule that athletes are mostly soccer misses. “We were most afraid of his speed on the pitch. Although he did not already athletics, none of us was able to run with football, “says Maras.

Kolář’s time of 45.77 from the 1978 European Championship final remained a Czech record for nearly 33 years.A quarter considered one of the worst but also the most beautiful athletic disciplines, Kolar said: “It’s up to thirty-five meters, but then it’s about something else.” Unlike today’s top athletes, for his medal. “People sometimes say to me – you would be packed today. But I do not take it that way. At that time things were different than money, “Kolar recalled at MF DNES in 2009 when he worked as a masseur. “We looked abroad, which was not the case, and we really wanted to prove something.”

Kolar did not do just sports, but also politics. He also sat in the council in Jablonec nad Nisou. He got there in the “jersey” of the CSSD, but he later left.For his greatest political success, he and his colleagues managed to raise money for the reconstruction of the Střelnice stadium and the construction of a sports hall near the Mšena dam.

Boleslav was against Chance without a chance. We must continue to work, urges Pauschek

The league defeated Brno and Slovácko in the Pribram Cup. After a series of three wins in a row, Boleslav had to confirm whether she had really improved or just managed to get the worst opponent.

The Saturday match with Pilsen set a bright mirror. For the top league teams that Boleslav’s players would like to be close to, the coach Dušan Uhrin Jr. is absolutely not enough.

Defeat 0: 2 was still merciful because the guests were not deemed to be a regular next goal. p> And third of the candidates for the title did not score Boleslav. At the foreign stadiums of Sparta she beat home 0: 1, when she practically did not threaten her cage. She made a debacle at Slavia 0: 4. In addition, 0: 3 also made it from Liberec.

“Pilsen has a winning series, it is probably better for everyone.They see that they have self-confidence, they put it on the ground, want to push and play it. Thanks to the string they have, it was definitely one of the best rivals in the season, “said Tomáš Přikryl, probably the best player in the match in Boleslav.

It was quite incomprehensible what Boleslav demonstrated at the beginning. She was not prepared for Michaela Krmenčík, a player with a good form who pulled the Pilsen offensive.

So much space he could get in fifteen minutes in a small lime before the Boleslav gate would not even get in the district championship.For freedom is thanks to two goals and Pilsen already then in the rest of the match could absolutely still hold the lead and play just exactly what she needed.

“I do not know why there was Krmenčík twice alone, it should not become, “said Lukas Pauschek in Boleslav’s beak. “It is clear that when Plzeň leads 2-0, it is wrong to play against it.”

It was obvious that Boleslav and his opponent were holding the game, but it was primarily due to the condition. Pilsen in the two-goal cushion had nothing to hurt and against the harmless rival could save the forces on Thursday European League.

“In the first part we decided the game in a way. Then, we were quite controlling the development.We did not leave the home team in strictly goleal opportunities, “he said, naming all the well-contented coach of the winners Pavel Vrba.

Boleslav should seriously ring the alarm. She has lost four home games, which is a huge inconvenience. Such a mankind in the truth table is comparatively complicated.

The traditional aspirant on the European Cups is moving in the downhill waters, at the critical fifteenth ramp has a single point of lead. It may seem that time is the same for such scarecrows. But he is not.

Eight of the ten teams that have stood in the last ten seasons after five rounds on the last ball, then wiped the league down.And exactly on that figure, Boleslav was in five matches as well.

“In our situation, we can not look at our opponents anymore, and we have to score in every match with everybody,” said Tomáš Přikryl. p> What’s wrong with that? We have to continue to work and lose points in Jablonec, “says Lukas Pauschek.

But this year Jablonec is definitely much better prepared than Mladá Boleslav this year, but the arrival of the general sports manager and coach Dušan Uhrin Jr has not helped yet. ..